Back to Basics

Apr 15, 2017

    1. The DoA tutorial section has become amazing and I just like looking through "how-to" stuff. Every so often I pop in to see what new content is up. But lately I feel it is lacking. I have been in hobby for a while but I found myself craving simple and clean instructions for the basics. Things like cleaning, storing and protecting, and transporting your doll is not really put out in the tutorial section so I figured that collectors are going about it through other discussions, dolly friends, or in some cool cases, company manuals (I've always thought those were cool). When you guys want to get back to basics, where do you go?
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    2. This links thread is my basics go to. it links to a lot of handy tutorials and info pages. Whenever I'm stumped on something or have a new to the hobby friend asking me questions its the first place I check. Feet Of Clay Dolls: BJD Newbie Links List!
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    3. The BJD Wiki in the reference section here on DoA is where I usually go. Or I just search basically what I'm looking for and basically always find it; I don't mind sifting through a few things, and reading multiple posts and threads helps me sort out what I think I'm most comfortable with or what would work best. :3nodding:
    4. I was thinking it would be cool if someone started a basic care pictorial. I looked at wikihow and thought their set up was pretty neat. It's something to look into.
    5. We do have something like that, I think. If you look at the three "stickies" in the top of the Customization and Maintenance section, you'll see a One Stop Shop for Main Topics, and a Customizing Thread Index, which is all about care and aesthetics of resin.
    6. Thanks for the link! Really helps me out a lot as a newbie here. Everyday is a discovery day as I get to know more of my daughter.
    7. Oooh this is great :) Checking it out :D