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Warning Bad eBayer -- shining_polaris

Sep 23, 2005

    1. Just an FYI.

      The doll in this auction is a Konji doll.
    2. This just makes me SO angry! I have contacted the seller. I hope they will remove this auction. or at least say whay it really is! Scammers =( I know this name of the seller. Have they been in trouble before? I think for money gouging
    3. Judging by the seller's feedback (s)he seems to lie about things like stains, damage etc. not good at all.
    4. She's also selling a DD HEAD for $99.00.


      This seller seems to be one that's frequently warned against -- she's the same one who b ought a Dollkot Leaf and then resold it claiming not to know who the maker was. (I think it's a she, I'm just assuming, though.)

      I think this is definitely a Seller To Avoid, given the number of negative reviews I've seen here on DoA, and her evident willingness to mis-mark and randomly price items.

      -- Andi :/
    5. Arrrgh, why am I not surprised it's shining_polaris? Given her habit of frequently listing items as over-priced and giving out misleading information and "accidental" wrong labels...mrgh.

      ...also, I notice that it says in the body of the auction that USA shipping is $8, but international shipping is $40. :x Good lord, what a scammer!

      Also, her feedback is very, very unprofessional. She responds to negatives with slander and name-calling, and it ALSO looks like she gives retaliatory feedback--if you negative her, she negatives you, if you give her a neutral, she gives you a neutral back.

      And yes, I noticed that DD head too, as Ashbet pointed out. Pardon me, but that faceup doesn't seem to justify the markup on that head. She's also selling an Aga Fairy head, and keyword spamming while claiming that it will fit a Pocket Fairy body...and I have to wonder if it really will, or she's just trying to make a quick buck. :|
    6. :| she's the same girl selling "spot the fake" books.
    7. OH THE IRONY!

      It's usually the case with scammers and it's not even a book, but an Ebook! x_x;
    8. . . . does this woman's gall never end??!?

      Honestly, it looks like a Rasendou body with a Sleeping Ryung head, to me.

      The sad part is that she could probably sell this stuff LEGITIMATELY, but she chooses to put in deliberately obfuscatory descriptions . . .

      Somebody should report this auction for keyword spamming -- in fact, I think *I* will ;P

      -- Andi (disgusted!)
    9. I wonder if the person who bought the Konji might read this just a bit too late.

      I kinda want the Rasendou body boy...
    10. That's exactly what it is! :| This seller is beyond dishonest; what a load of sh...
    11. Oh dear, maybe somebody could contact the person who bought the "Elfdoll" Konji and make sure s/he knew what s/he's getting?

      xberryjam if you do decide to brave the possible storm and bid, please make sure to post after and tell us how the transaction went and what condition the body was in. I'm highly suspicious of the seller and the quality and condition of her items.

      EDIT: Good lord: she bought this Aga Fairy Cherry Head that she's selling for $49 (she had it listed at $99 before...but now I notice she lowered the price) in this auction for $30...when 100% of that auction went to the Red Cross to help with Katrina.

      And I think Ashbet meant to put that this was the Konjidoll that shining_polaris bought and resold. :evil: And another edit to add that the original Konjidoll auction was another 100% donation to Katrina.
    12. That's a link to someone purchasing it off her.

      However: The poor buyer.

      EDIT: saw the post before mine, & how can she be so awful, she bought a head that money was donated to and makes a profit from it! Disgusting!
    13. I'm scared now. Her feedback...pen marks and super dirt and worn items? And she's so immature, she reminds me of some of my classmates. I want a Rasendou body, but this is just too iffy for me. I don't think I'm bidding.

      That Ryung head is gorgeous too though...*sighs* Patience is a virtue.
    14. I know first hand that she know what the hell that body was when she bought it. -_-;;
    15. Anyone know if "kramey" (the buyer) is a member here or one of the other popular boards? Looking at her feedback she should be familiar with BJDs, she's bought a number of outfits from Violet Fern and others. Maybe she just didn't read the description thoroughly?

      Edit: Actually, I take that back. A large part of the problem is the description. :| Well, I hope she realizes what's up before she sends payment.
    16. That really sucks for you! :( I'd tell you to go for it, but who knows what kind of condition the doll's in?! It's too bad she can't be more honest, since that doesn't seem like a bad price.
    17. Sorry, you're right -- I corrected the link!

      Gahhhh. $20 for hurricane relief, $70 in her pocket -- just lovely :/

      Wish somebody could put a WARNING: SHINING_POLARIS sticky at the top of this forum!!

      Mods? (I realize that a careful line has to be drawn in terms of slander, but if the auctions are listed factually -- $20 doll purchased as a KonjiDoll, resold for $100 as an "Elfdoll" -- I think it'd be perfectly acceptable)

      It's really unfortunate that she gets away with scamming people like this :(

      -- Andi
    18. I contacted the bidder through ebay and reported the hybrid Rasendou auction. Rasendou bodies are NOT the same quality as other makers and should not be misrepresented.