Bad experiece with ebay seller 'salad605'

Jun 2, 2007

    1. Ugh.

      On March 5, I ordered (and paid for) two pairs of shoes and one outfit from salad605's ebay store.
      They were new and had a reasonable amount of positive buyer feedback (and the only seller with the X^2 shoes I wanted...) so I bought the items.

      Communication was great throughout the first part of the transaction, and I opted for registered mail. Seller informed me my things would ship in 10 days.

      Fast forward to the first week of MAY. Still nothing in the mail. I gave it plenty of time, because Canada Post is notoriously slow...
      I send a message to the seller asking about my order status.

      Seller responds with this on May 7:
      "I'm sorry that I've delayed so long. Beacuse supplier has made a mistake this goods (1/4 boy outfits 0805) , this goods will send in 17/5/07. I will send two pair of shoes tomorrow. One pairs of 16mm eyes to give as a apology present, it will be send the outfits0805 together. Thank you very much, have a nice day."

      Fair enough; the supplier made a mistake. But, um, WHY was I not informed of this sooner?

      I wait for the shoes to arrive, and on May 18, they do! ....... along with the outfit that apparently could not be mailed until May 17, and no "apology present", either. :/

      Now, here's what miffed me the most about this:
      ALL the contents of the package REEKED VERY STRONGLY of wood smoke. It was so strong that I had to open a bunch of windows to air-out the house, seal the boots in an ice-cream tub of baking soda for one week (then air them outside for 2 days... they still smell a little funky). The smell came out of the outfit after a light tumble in the dryer on 'low' with a dryer sheet.

      I'm... really puzzled by this transaction, and a little upset with how long it took to get my things.

      Aside from the smell, the shoes and outfit were -beautiful-

      ...and if anyone can tell me where else I can get X^2 clothes/shoes, please let me know. I like the quality ;_;
    2. Salad605 I believe is the ONLY place to get that stuff. I too ordered an out fit and boots from them but it was more recently so I haven't gotten them yet. They did tell me it could take up to 20 days to ship...meh...not much I can do about that since I was stuck between a rock and a hard place on wanting the outfit.

      I will let know what happens with my transaction hun.
    3. I ordered from them twice, first time last year and I had no problems then I ordered in march, 1 set of eyes that supposedly they had 9 pairs of. I did`nt hear anything contacted them 20 may and was told its coming straight from manufacturers and they run out of stock but it would be shipped 22. I did recive them yesterday so at least I got them!
    4. I know I'm a little late to this thread. But I've been having problems with them as well. I ordered a pair of x2 boots and an outfit back in april... its now june and I have yet to recieve any communication from them at all.

      I have since filed a claim with paypal :(
    5. Ah I remember Salad605 (me being Magickatgaia). I had bought a suit and a pair of boots. There was no communication until I had nagged. I bought the item in April, and didn't recieve it until just late may. This seller claimed that they had delays and it couldn't be shipped on time. This was after a month of waiting, after I had asked that very day when I bought the item "how long does it take to ship out?" and expected maybe a week delay at most. I was getting angry. The tracking number was finally given after I was ready to report this seller, but it wasn't stated what service it was shipped under or anything. I searched but couldn't figure it out and forgot to inquire about it. Finally I had recieved my items, in a bubble envelope, both items in the same thing. Shipping charges on each item was $6, so I paid $12 (later it was updated of a small price change per extra item). The two items are lovely, though smelled a little off but aired out well, fit my boy perfectly, but I was stressed and nearly thought I was out of roughly $74 that I had saved for the reason to get him clothing in the first place. I left neutral, and don't plan to buy from this person anytime soon again.

      In other words...When you buy from this seller, you must be a very strong willed, strong patiented person. I'm not sure if perhaps there's just a little lag with this seller, or if he/she is doing it on purpose, but from the feedback, doesn't seem like many never recieve their items.

      Edit: Also, here's a rating from sellers, only 13 of them, but shipping time was rated lowest (though some may be a little nice). It is from may 2007