Resolved bad experience : lost two doll heads to celestialshijt - RESOLVED

Apr 19, 2006

    1. Bad experience with celestialshijt. I sent payment (plus extra since she was doing it for free) and my DoD Too & Bee-A heads to be painted per her post. The heads were completed & should have been shipped out in October 2005! I waited this long to post because I had hopes of still receiving my doll heads back. The account has been accessed as recently as 26 Jan, but no answers to any of my PMs. Now I'm stuck with my DoD Too & Bee-A's headless bodies :(
    2. Oh no!! Did you go through pay pal? Maybe they could help and get her peronal info so you can track her down.
      I am sooo sorry! What a terrible experience.
      What is with all these bad head experiences lately in the feedbacl forums?
    3. That's awful. ><
      Awhile ago, I heard she went to some Australian doll meets. Do you think anyone there could help you get in contact with her?
    4. I saw on that thread that she had your heads down as finished and she had Kuina down as (this weekend) maybe you could try PM Kuina to see if she's had further dealings and may know something more?

      Sorry I can't help further, good luck in your search
    5. Same here! Although my issue is not as serious as yours, but I will post anyway so people know you are not the only one "waiting" for things she's paid for.

      Bought a pair of eyes and a wig from her, mid-last year. Paid in full. I kept PMing her and she kept making excuses. Finally she said her boyfriend had sent my package, after three weeks I PMd her again. She did not respond so I filled a claim with PP but it was too late. She saw the claim and PMd me saying my package was ready to be shipped and she would do it ASAP. She even gave me a bogus cell phone # *snort* (nice touch, this one) I haven't heard back from her since.
      ~And that's all folks~

    6. I was worried when I saw this a month or two back on the Commissions thread and wondered why she "disappeared", since she seemed to always be around. I really hope somebody in Austrailia can help you. :( That's not cool, losing your dolls' heads!
    7. I've been in contact with both Celestia and Elle during late last year... Elle, the last PM I sent to you was roughly the last time I got to talk to her. I've tried calling her (her phone's always off), called her (now ex) boyfriend, even tried calling her parents - no one seems to be able to get in contact with her.

      She apparently had to move university campuses to the one that I work at, and promised to meet up with me, but obviously hasn't. I've been keeping an eye on her student record, but her course has been discontinued to not paying fees or even turning up to enrolment days. She hasn't been to a Melbourne meet since October 2005, she was saying she'd go to our Christmas meet, but didn't, and no one could get her on the phone then, either.

      PM me if you want me to keep trying :(
    8. Elle, so sorry to hear about your heads.

      I did speak to celestialshijt quite often almost everynight on msn but this was ages ago (October last year). I was wanting to get some tattoos done for my 2 boys. I was supposed to drop the boys off at her place but then I found out she lived a fair drive from me. My friend was supposed to drive me that weekend but she couldn't make it. So I told celestialshijt that we'd have to make it another time. So I never actually got around to doing it. And I haven't been in contact with her since then. I don't go on msn that much anymore and she hasn't been on LJ either.

      I've never actually met her cos I haven't been to any of the doll meets but she seemed to be having some personal problems during the time that we were in contact.

      I have a mobile number which she gave me so I can try that for you but I think Sefie has already done that.

      Let me know if there's anything I can do.
    9. Hello,
      Thanks everyone - I can't try to get my money back from paypal (I paid her extra plus EMS-equivalent shipping, so she owes me $$ as well) since I paid her before September of last year. I asked in December & they said I only had 30-days. She did give me a phone number but it is dead. I tried it back in November I think.
    10. Update!

      I just received my heads back almost on their 1 year anniversary of being gone.
      I sent them out & they arrived in Australia 08/15/05. They arrived back to me 08/09/06.

      Thank you to everyone to PM-ed me about celestialshijt's LJ & her being active on the boards again.
    11. x.x i just found this thread.

      Again sorry for the trouble i caused x.x
      Well.. i'm more than sorry but i dont think words or waffling onomatopoeia ; but i deserve what's been said and will shut up there.

      I take full responsibility for everything and in time, hope to do more than just rectify the situation and the grief (more id imagine), if given the opportunity.

      I sent lily's items the same time as yours. So hopefully if she's still around; she hasn't changed address x.x

      I wont be active again for the next few weeks as im in the process of finding new accomodation that won't allow me to have access to the internet; but if i have missed out on anyone.. please please please T_T have them yell on this thread. Ive subscribed to it so x.x

      And it doesnt matter how nasty any of the pms are. i deserve every single one of them. Thankyou.
    12. I actually feel sorry for all of you...
      For your long wait Elle and not knowing what had happened, but also for poor
      celestialshijt, who actually I think wants to make at least please everyone concerned give her another chance?
      It seems that for whatever reason she's been unable to carry out promises, and by the sounds of her post is at least available for contact now...and seems truly sorry.....
      * Hugs* all round I say
    13. Speaking from a totally unbiased view; I was completely and utterly irresponsible. I shouldnt even have to have entrusted parcels to anyone but myself. And if they had gone missing to him; i would have been in an even worse-r off situation; so even if i do get reprimanded; at least they're safe x.x things could have been much worse.

      I can't apologise enough; i dont expect to get off lightly.
      But thankyou for your sympathetic words. It means a lot to me anyhow..especially to come back to the community with so many new faces .. whoah x.x