Bad experience with Nanyalin *Update*

Apr 17, 2006

    1. *There is an update on page 2*

      I have never brought a complaint before and never said anything bad about anyone. I have bought and sold numerous times on the DOA and have never had a transaction this frustrating or this delayed before. I know mods no longer arbitrate in marketplace matters, however, this has been weighing on me and I’m not sure what else to do. I feel that this experience needs to be posted.

      Please forgive me, this is very long and very detailed, but I wanted to make sure all the facts were on the table, and the severity of the incident was explained. I also did not want to be accused of leaving anything out. I do understand that the mods no longer have anything to do with transactions. All I wanted to do was inform the mods and the other members of the DOA of what has happened and what actions I had to take to try and rectify it.

      Is all started back in October of 2005. I have known Nanyalin for a while chatting back and forth online, she had contacted me after seeing one of my posts in the gallery and we started chatting and emailing. She also became good friends with one of my roommates Kari, known as Miki-chan on the DOA, they also MSN messenger-ed and emailed.
      After several months she told me about her ability to make and mod resin ears. I was planning on modding Vwyn, my Isao I, to be an elf and was a little new to the modding scene. So after several weeks of talks about it, she said that she would rather cast a whole new head because she did not feel comfortable modding a Volks Limited. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that since I would keep both the heads anyway. That was before I learned about the copying problems. She set a price for the mod $100 and I also asked for a faceup, since I was having trouble faceup-in him at the time, so $50 for the faceup. I would pay shipping to her, EMS to Spain, and she would let me know what shipping back would be when he was done. At the time she said it would take about 2 weeks once he got to her.
      I shipped him out and sent payment shortly after and while he was in the mail.

      ////I sent payment on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 1:59 PM
      Amount: $150.00 USD

      Transaction ID: 8MN975247D802680N

      Subject: Payment for Isao mod////

      I’m not sure the date I shipped him. For some reason, I don’t have the exact date. But according to a PM I got from Nanyalin:

      //// Private Message: Isao Arrived safe ^^
      10-17-2005, 11:27 AM

      Isao Arrived safe ^^

      Here he is! I'm ready to work with him!


      Marta ////

      Also, unknown to me for some time Nayalin and Kari had been talking. Kari told Nanyalin about some hard things I was going through at the time and Nanylin offered to help cheer me up by doing elf ear mods on my extra El head for free. She said it would be a surprise and not to tell me about it. So Kari did not tell me. She offered to pack my Isao head up and ship him, and she included my extra El head at the same time. Also at the same time as the shipping of these two heads, Nanyalin saw one of our outfits that had scrap booking eyelets on them. She said she could not get those in Spain so she asked if she could trade Kari a pair of Souldoll boots for several packets of eyelets and an eyelet tool. We also sent off those as well.

      **(The trade has never been made good on, Kari never got the boots. However, I have also not inquired about the boots because of later problems which I will explain. I feared that if I asked about the boots it would only annoy and anger Nanyalin and further add to the problems that will be explained below.)**

      Sometime after my Isao head was shipped I learned about illegal casting, when Nayalin brought up that another person on the DOA wanted her to recast a Unoss for her. We talked about it both agreed that it was not right for her to recast my Isao. Neither of us wanted to do something illegal. I had already sent the money and the head to her so she said that just ear mods would be $60 and that she would refund me the remainder of the $40 difference once we found out what shipping costs were going to be when she shipped him back.

      The waiting started and I talked to her a little here and there about the head, but not much. And when I brought it up she would say very little and change the subject. I didn’t want to be pushy so I didn’t press. It was taking a long time, well over the two weeks promised but she just kept saying one thing or another would come up. So, I let it go, not knowing anything about working with resin. I would ask and she would say it was coming along, one or twice she said he would be ready for shipping shortly. I waited, nothing. Kari would also ask for me and Nanyalin would say the same thing and change the subject. Neither of us wanting to be rude, just let it slide. Then she said that she was going to ship him around the beginning December. I do not have the exact date, my MSN messenger did not carry over for last year. I only have Kari’s logs for last year and mine for the current year. -_- I know however I did send her a PM on 12/17/2005:

      ////Private Message: Hi
      12-17-2005, 11:38 AM

      Hey Marta,
      I'm hope you're feeling a little better. Last I talk to ya you were't doing so well.
      However, the reason I'm writing it to let you know that we are moving at the end of the week (friday) and I need to know when my Isao head is going to be shipping out. I'm sorry to press you, but I really need to know.

      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Take care,

      ~That was never answered, Kari ended up having to contact her via MSN to get another false shipping “maybe”.

      She gave various excuses over the last 3 months, including all of the below:
      -that she was having trouble at home with her boyfriend
      -no inspiration
      -she got depressed
      -she was having trouble at work
      -she got sick
      -she was stressed out
      -maybe she didn’t think she could take commissions professionally because of the stress
      -having trouble matching the resin and making the molds
      -had too many commissions piling up
      -she was having trouble faceuping him and had to redo it 4 times
      -her airbrush broke and she had to use the one at her office and it didn’t work very well
      -that she was about to ship him when she saw a droplet of gloss on his chin and had to removed the whole faceup and try again.

      I waited and then I finally PM’ed her on the 1st of January 2006. She did not respond so I sent another, late that night asking if she had not received it. I asked because another buyer I was having problems with, Krambear, had claimed she was not getting my PMs. So I asked if maybe Nanyalin had not gotten them. When she still did not respond on January 2, 2006, I sent her another PM that was more to the point.

      It read:
      ////Private Message: ....
      01-02-2006, 10:34 AM


      Hi Marta,
      I don't know why you haven't responded to my PMs. I saw that you were on last night and PM'ed you then but you still didn't answer me.

      Are you avoiding or ignorning me? I really need to hear from you, please PM or email me.

      ~Bard ////

      I also PM’ed Kari to check if my PMs were not working. Kari received my PM just fine.

      It had been 3 months now since I mailed him to her, so I was worried and annoyed that she was not keeping me updated and there was one excuses after another. I wasn’t sure what to do.

      Kari ended up Pming her once also, to which Nanyaling got annoyed and responded to her:

      ////Private Message: Re: Looking for Nany
      01-02-2006, 11:26 AM
    2. However it was during this conversation that she made a very morally wrong offer. When Kari asked about the El head, Nanyalin said that it was not finished and that there had been a problem with the resin and the ears had gone soft. However, she was doing a free gift ear mod for another DOA member Rynn007. Nanyalin said that Rynn007 had been hounding her with PMs wanting updates and that she was annoyed with her for constantly PMing her. She said that Rynn007’s head was finished and if we liked she could faceup Rynn007’s head like my El head (which has a Luts custom faceup and very special tattoo) and ship us Rynn007’s head at the same time she shipped my Isao. Kari said no and that we wanted out original head back, with faceup in tact. She promised that his faceup was still intact and she said that she would try to finish him in time to ship him with my Isao the following week, since there was some kind of Holiday in Spain and she could not ship him until then.

      She did also finally send me a picture of him finished. However, to add insult to injury without informing me she posted him in the gallery before she shipped him. I did consent to allow her to post him on her personal webpage in her commissions gallery, but I expected to see him first, or have her ask before she posted him in a public gallery. It maybe seem unimportant, but it burned me. I said nothing to her about it.

      Finally my Isao arrived on the January 13, 2006., 3 months after she had received him. He came in the tiniest box I have ever seen a head in, it was amazing he didn’t break he was stuck inside so tightly. I did not, however, send a negative email. I just mentioned the good parts and not the bad I was feeling. Though he was very nice, the transaction was not to my satisfactory, but it an error on my part not to say anything. I was not happy with the faceup, so I altered it a little, but was still grateful for the work she did on him. We didn’t talk much after that.

      However, when Kari saw that my El was not in the box, she told me what had happened. I realize that it was a gift, however, I had apprehension since it had taken so long and so much to get my Isao back. I decided to let it go and see how it would turned out and give her the benefit of the doubt, not saying anything to see if and when she would tell me. It did burn me since she opened a thread for commissions right after my Isao arrived home though…

      A month went by and I contacted her on MSN to casually talk. I did fib and told her that I had been looking for my EL head and couldn’t find it in the unpacking. She confessed and told me what she and Kari had planned to do. I thought by telling me now would be enough incentive to finish the head and so I was very nice, thanked her profusely for the gift and told her I looked forward to it. She he would be finished shortly.
      Another month went by, she told Kari that the silicon mold had broken and that the ears would have to wait for her to make a new one. Time went by, then she had to wait for delivery of more resin. The excuses went on and on,
      -work wasn’t going well
      - there was a death in her extended family
      -she was depressed
      -too many commissions

      She finally talked to Kari on March 21, 2006 and said she was sending my El the following Tuesday and that he was finished. Kari asked how she was sending him, she said via Air mail. One the 10th of April, I contacted her via PM to see if she had really sent him If she had, when and how she had sent him:

      ////Private Message: Hello
      04-10-2006, 01:22 PM

      Hey Marta,
      I hope all is well with you. I have just a quick question for you.
      Do you happen to know what date you shipped out my El head? Last I head you were shipping the head out around 3/27, am I wrong? If that's the correct date, it's been 15 days, is that normal of Spain's air mail? If so, can you tell me how long it will be until he arrives?
      I was just wondering.
      I am not trying to annoy you, I would just like to know when to expect him.

      Thank you for youi time!
      Take care,

      She received my PM, I sent it with receipt, and was online and logged into the DOA when I sent it, but she never responded. I sent another the following day and another late that evening. She has not claimed or responded to them. She also has not had any activity on the DOA or MSN messenger as soon as she received my PM. She has logged into MSN almost every day for the last 3 months on MSN until I send her a PM and then suddenly she’s gone for 2 days. She avoided me last time I tried to contact her about my Isao head shipping, she had removed me from her MSN messenger until she and Kari talked about it and he was finally shipped. She said she was hurt by my distrust o fher. If it’s just a coincidence, than that is what it is. However it looks bad and suspicious and made me nervous.

      Also on April 10th, I posted in the thread titled. “Desperately Seeking Zevchan” because I simplified with a post by Sher. I left out the details and names but wanted to see if I would get any feedback from others as what I should do after such a long wait and what they had done in the same situation.. My posts and posts and other members’ responses can be viewed here:

      I sent her this email/PM on April 11, 2005 night:

      ///Private Message: I need you to contact me
      Yesterday, 09:43 PM
      (I have also sent a copy of this to you MSN mail in case you are not getting my PMs)

      I have sent you several pms over the last few days. I need you to get in contact with me please. If you do not I will have to assume that you are avoiding me. I am unsure of your reasons however, all I want is information on my El head. I would like to know if he has shipped, when and by what means, airmail, EMS, or whatever else you might have sent him. If you have sent him, I would like to know the date which you sent him. I don't know why you feel you have the right not inform me of something of mine that you have had for over half a year. It is not that I am unappreciative of what you tried to do for me, however, even though this was supposed to be a gift it does not give you the right to hold on to it for nearly 7 months. I am well with in my rights to ask what is happening. I am sorry it has to come to these harsh words. The last thing I wanted was this to come to me having to say these things. I thought we were friends; however, you are pushing me to do something. You have made promises before about shipping that has fallen through, I don't know if this is one of those times. If you could just give some information, I wouldn't have to feel this way.

      If I do not hear from you soon I will post a paging thread in the marketplace and give you another change to contact me. If I still don't hear from you I will have to post you in the bad traders forum on the DOA and I will contacts the mods. I don't want to do that. I really don't want to say anything bad about you or this situation, however, ignoring me is not a responsible or mature way of dealing with this and ties my hands. I don't know what else to do. I want to believe that you are not scamming me and that there are reasons as to why this has taking so long, but you leave me no choice now. Please, lets not make this into something neither one of us can take back. I just want my head back and I would like to know when you shipped it, IF you shipped it.

      Thank you for your time.

      Though none of my PMs had been answered, I made a decision that I had waited long enough and that I needed to so something, even if it incurred some disfavor on the DOA from other members who were friendly to her. The reason this had gone on as long as it did was because I had done nothing and because I had not pushed and been demanding about it. So, on April 12, 2005 evening, I sent copy of the incident so far to some of the mods.After receiving responses from them and since the Mods had been notified and said they would be following closely I (as I said I would) posted this paging thread, which can be viewed here:
      I also emailed/PM’ed her to let her know what I was doing.

      Miki-chan, my roommate also tried to let her know by sending a PM the same day, hoping to be a peacemaker between he two of us. Nanyalin never responded to it.

      It was the following day from another member’s post on the paging thread that I learned that she was on holiday and had left for vacation without answering my PM. I also got another PM on April 14, from the same member passing along a little more information. I PM’ed member and thanked her for the information and I waited to hear back. However the information the person gave me told me that they thought she was still working on the head and he wasn’t actually finished, like she claimed he was on March 21. I said nothing and waited. The next day more people posted in her defense and then she posted and PM’ed me.

      ////Private Message: Re: Paging thread
      Today, 05:51 AM
      Re: Paging thread
      I was on vacation, it is holidays at Spain. Sorry for not telilng you all the details of my personal life. Your head is on the way, please, be patient! I don't want it for ANYTHING, as you can imagine.



      I did not expect details of her personal life, I had just expected that since she received my PM she would have answered me before she had gone on vacation.
      She still had not answered any of my questions and seeing as she had said she had shipped him, or would ship him several times before I sent her another PM in hope she would answer my questions:

      *continues in next post*
    3. ////Private Message: Re: Paging thread
      Today, 06:32 AM
      Re: Paging thread

      Thank you for getting back t me. I would like the tracking number, the date you mailed it and the method which you mailed it, please.

      Thankyou for your time,

      Even after all of this, it was the Pm from Nanyalin below that ultimately made me decide that I had to post this. I have tried to handle this in a non-adversarial way however when I did take some action she attacked my character and sent me a very nasty message:

      Private Message: Re: Paging thread
      04-14-2006, 04:13 PM

      Something else about this: I've also told the moderators the terms you have been referring to me were totally unaccurated: You are not a comissioner, you did not comission me for the el's head, but I did it for free and as a gift. So there's no reason to put that on the marketplace, since this was not a buyer/ client relationship, but a friendly arrangement, done totally for free and that should have been kept private. That I could not reply you, as I ALWAYS do because I was not at home to read the emails, and was your paranoid illusion of me wanting your head (for what? I have enough Els of my own, why on earth would I want yours?) what made me think of this, it was you bumping and bumping the paging every two hours and pm'ing me nonstop when I was not at home, even after another of my customers told you that I was away. I was on vacations, in north Spain. She knew and told you. But you always prefer to think that people lie.

      Why on earth would I run away with your head, risking my reputation for a FREE job? You are very wrong. After Rynn and you, I've learnt what happens when you offer something on good will. I can't believe you are so hypocrite to tell me that my work on Isao was 'fantastic and worth the time' and then write around that it was an 'unsatisfactory transaction'. I can't believe you tell me one day that 'Is hard to believe that people like I exist' and the following go and make public innuendos of me being a robber. I'm totally and absolutely disappointed for such an amount of ungratefulness, cowardy and mean behaviour, and I must say now I understand all you said about yourself repeated times.

      The doll was modified for friendship, not for money. People are more valuable, believe it or not. I do believe. I hope you enjoy a lot the doll you valued more than my reputation. What I only regret is that my two El works, wich I said I would never do, went to people thjat obviously did not deserve them, and both times offered them with a total good will. Yes, some people do that, like offering help for those who consider friends. And excuse me if your El doll was placed after the payed pending comissions, but I honestly consider they were first, and my work is SLOW. The more when I'm with a fully painted head, trying to sand and not touching the face up.

      No, there are no secret reasons. No hostage, no machiavelic plot for me to have your doll. Just good will. I suppose is hard to believe for someone like you.

      It was a gift, not a 'comission'. Your comission was finished months ago, and I really believed you when you said 'thanks, he's wonderful' repeatedly. Was it a lie?

      I don't know what you won with all this, but I know what you lost. Even if you obviously don't mind a shit... I am but words in a screen ^^U.

      Oh! And about the '7 months waiting', hm... how long it is since you know I have your El? So now tell me, how long have you been waiting?

      I have no more to say. No tracking number for mailing other than EMS (that sorry, but obviously I was not going to pay with my own money the most expensive of Spanish postal services, when even you did not do it when you sent me your heads. That, btw, apparently you forgot that they needed almost a month to arrive from Anchorage/ Madrid on prior airmail). The rest of data you asked for will come when the person who sent the package emails me (did I mention I was on vacation?) And that, hopefully, will be the last I will read from you and you from me. Byes.


      Most of what she said, I did not do. I have never said to anyone that I paid for this El. I did pay EMS to ship my heads to her. I have been completely truthful with the Mods and everything I have presented in this thread can be backed up with PMs, MSN transcripts, email, shipping receipt, and paypal records. I have never stated she was a thief or attacked her character.

      *continues in next post*

      While I did receive my Isao head, the transaction was not satisfactory and it was great source of stress and frustration. However, I did not convey this to Nanyalin in an effort to keep things between us smooth. I now feel that was a mistake on my part and was not completely honest of me. I should have been straight with her and told her that the wait had been too long and lack of communication was unacceptable. I have yet to receive my El head and are still waiting for not only the head, but the information of when and how he will be shipping, though I have asked multiple times.

      I also realize that many people, who are friendly with her, will not like this thread. However, I have tried hard to present only fact and have this serve as an example of the experience I had. I have tried to remained professional, patient, and understanding, and keep my emotional feelings about it out of the “report”, however I had to draw a line somewhere. Going on 7 months now, I had to take some action despite what might happen to my reputation on the board and as the incident was sever for me I felt I had the right to share it as it happened as Nanyalin’s practice, in this matter, has been unacceptable to me, despite her early good intentions. I am not saying she wanted to steal my El. I have tried not to attack her character in anyway, seeing as I cannot know why she handles things the way she does. However, even thought I am grateful for the act of kindness I do not believe that excuses the tardiness, lack of updates, evasive answers, and the general run around she has given, and finally the vicious PM she sent me when I did finally take some action.. Even though El was a gift this long a wait is not acceptable and even though I did not pay for him doesn’t mean she can handle it this way. And I do not believe I have been out of line in wanting updates and having expectations for her to follow through with what she says she will do.

      Thanks everyone who took the time to read my lengthy account.

    4. Nanyalin had at one point responded to my thread about trading a BW Juri head for my NS Juri head. We set a tentative date, but I never recieved a confirmation from her that she would be shipping her head out - so of course, I never shipped mine. I haven't heard from her since, and this was back in February, I believe.
    5. This exposition was partial and unaccurate. I just want to say that:

      1- I always alert about the time I need to finish my comissions.

      2- My customers are aware of it, or I try so. If this was not the case, I apologize.

      3- Nobody forces you to hire a slow modder. There are plenty of people who can do the same in doa, and faster, so I suppose that the people who works for me is aware of this, as I posted. People who tried to comission me and were rejected because the lack of time know this well. I do just accept a comission when the previous is complete. I need from 1 month to 4 to clear my lists and finish my comissioned works (face ups are faster than urethan resin modifications), and the people who work with me know that well. Times are elarnt with experience, and I've learnt it also myself with practice, trial and error. But I've always tried to manage the best results I could achieve.

      4- My comissions are one thing totally apart of the works I do for my friends and on good will. Even if I enjoy working just on goodwill, payed comissions go first. I hope you understand this.

      5- Achsfan's delayed work was not a comission, but a goodwill offer. Was sent secretly by a common friend in order to give him a surprise.

      6- His comissioned head was an Isao I worked in according to my regular time schemes for full urethan resin ear replacement and face up. It needed several tries for the face up, because I was given concrete photo reference and I wanted to made it as accurate as I could (it was a satoko ohno's face up, so it was not specially easy). His words about the finished work were that 'it was totally deserving the time' and he expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the work done. Even if he now thinks or says otherwise.

      7- Kurosakura's has been officially my last accepted comission, before I stopped modding for private customers. I was considering Arvanah Modray's to be next, but didn't accept because I was still working on Kurosakura's.

      PS- Achsfaren's comissioned work has been at his home 3 months, he even has used him to model his handmade stuff, I really regret that suddenly now he feels compelled to open a thread to complain about how unsatisfactory was it all, instead of doing it on the proper moment: when he recieved it.

      I have nothing else to say. I can reply to all questions, if needed. Feel free to ask, and I will answer as good as I can.
    6. Nanyalin has one of my limited edition heads and has done for several months now. But I AM NOT WORRIED. From the start she explained that she only works when she is at her best and only when the light is good. As an artist, I understand how important both of these things are and sometimes how rarely they occur, particularly in the fall/winter when there is never good lighting and when seasonal depression settles in.

      I have always completely understood that she would have my head for at least a few months, particularly as she had other paid commissions she was working on at the time. Her communication with me is great, she always replies, and she has been nothing but completely wonderful to deal with. I am really looking forward to the return of my head and I can only hope she allows me to commission her again in the future.
    7. Thats horrible, I highly doubt that your reputation will go down, and if it does i'm sure that it won't go that far down.
      I hope that this ends well for everyone!
    8. I'm sorry, but if I don't have the time to take on a free job for a friend due to many commissions or prior sales orders needing to be filled I do not take on extra work.

      I have dealt with Bard on several occasions as both a seller and a buyer and have found him to be fair, honest and pleasent to do business with.
      If he has taken the time to post this lengthy thread, then I take it he was pushed to what he felt were his limits of patience.

      At this point, simply stop making excuses. Save your reputation and send him his head back, finished or not. Whether or not you had good intentions, the head is not your property and the owner would like it back now.
      Just send it back for peets sake.
    9. Oh Bard, how awful!! I can honestly say that being new to all of this, I would never commission work from someone who had any negative feedback. I just got my first doll and just the thought of sending her somewhere to be sueded gives me chills. To be parted from her for any length of time would break my heart. I have only commissioned one thing on DOA (a spider backpack by Suppi) and It is not going well..... It was only 10$, but my faith, being my first DOA requested commission, is being shaken. Now I'm not sure if I should trust my faith in humans. It just hurts.
    10. uh, when I do commissions, I may try to do my best, and work when the light is good, but a commission should never EVER take more then a month.
    11. i think in all honesty, nanyalin should not have taken the el head to modify if she already had a commission from someone else. not only that but i personally think that after having a few pms from achsfan as to the state of the head, she should have asked if instead achsfan would like to have the head back.. and not to lie about shipping the head when nanyalin obviously didn't.

      it doesnt matter how long it takes you to finish a commission, good communication is the key to any transaction. and its the sellers responsibility to inform the buyer of any changes of plan, holidays they will take and to allay the fear that buyers have due to so many scammers on the internet at this point. its only common courtesy,and "personal life" shouldnt factor into it... if you go on holiday, its your responsibility to inform those it matters the most to.

      these dolls are our babies, and if someone takes your baby and doesnt tell you where they are taking them or what you are doing to them wouldnt you be worried?
    12. I know that I had to wait 4 months to receive my DoT Lahoo and lord knows that was making me mental! I honestly can't imagine sending one of my boys over seas and having to wait so many months to receive him back.
      Slow commissions due to the difficulty of working in resin is understandable, but whether or not you have a long list o' waitin', you should keep each person informed of the status of their items. It simply saves the hassle of negative emails based from worry on the customer's fault.

      Now I understand that Bard wasn't 'technically' a client, but he was even more. He was a friend who trusted. Trusted until he was lied to several times.
      Friends do not lie to friends and he has every right to be worrid AND upset at this point. She deffinately needs to send the head back, and if she did clearly state that she would return them via EMS, she should stand behind that and do so.At this point, the least she can do is pay for the head to be sent home and if nothing more, salvage what is left of the friendship.
    13. Nanyalin, it sounds to me like Bard is more upset by being lied to about the head(s) being shipped and having to beg you for updates than he is upset about the the long waits. You've tried to defend yourself on the latter point but haven't really touched the first two, and that's a shame because that is what the problem really seems to be about.

      Moreover, I got the impression that he was calling the Isao transaction "unsatisfactory" not because of the quality of the work, but because of how stressful the experience was without good and honest communication from you.

      Business lessons are sometimes hard to learn. You may not have had any "evil intentions," but a lot stress was caused here, and it could have been avoided with only the simplest of communications.

      P.S. The offer to switch Rynn's El head for Bard's, if true, is very disturbing.
    14. I recieved an email from Nanyalin yesterday.

      It is my hope this will be over soon. Thank you everyone who took the time to read.

      ////Sent : Monday, April 17, 2006 3:18 PM
      To : [my email address]
      Subject : more data

      No tracking number
      Goes on prior airmail
      Taken to the mall of post office (box in the wall) tuesday 12 of this month by another person, as all my other prepared packages (I was on vacation), with this adress provided:

      [My address]

      For your info: in Spain, the week before easter is national holiday. All but bigger markets are closed until the following monday.

      note 1- Your own words about Isao's comission, 'It was deserving the time' and 'your work is fantastic'

      note 2- El's head not a comission, but a favor. Have that in mind.

      note 3- My message to the moderators was but a clarification that you were complaining about a private arrangement, not a comission or work done as a comercial arrangement, so was out of place on marketplace.

      note 4- Private messages should remain private.

      I hope all your questions are replied. ////
    15. I have nothing else to say than already said. I've always replied to his iquieres, told the truth about the prowess and difficulties. Only lack of communication occured when I went on vacation. His head is shipped, and yes, the certified airmail I payed as I compromised, with the work done.

      My comissions take the time they take, no less. Glad for those who do faster, I don't. Because of that I announced I quitted accepting them -4 months ago-. Kurosakura's was last, and bard's was done as an exception.
    16. I'm horrified at the fact that she wanted to send you someone else's head as if that would make up for it. I hope your El arrives safely!
    17. Yes, this whole issue with wanting to send off someone elses head is very unnerving.
      Please touch on this as it worries me and probably other members. To hear both sides would be nice.
    18. It seems like the buyer was not informed that there would be that long of a wait. :[
      So, if you say that something is going to be done in two weeks, if it is going to take longer you should keep the buyer updated... and, as gifts, it's understandable that they come after paid commissions, but you shouldn't take on gift modifications when you have so many paid ones, because it will take so long.

      So my issue with this is that someone buying from you, Nanyalin, should be fully aware of how many months it could take, and you should keep them informed of the status of their commission at all times, even when it is a gift. You have accepted to work on the doll head of your own free will, and it does not belong to you, so you have to take the full responsibility for communication.
    19. Hmmmm This is an odd situation and I just want to say what I know.
      Nanyalin has always been a kind person to me. When she Riddel's leg broke, she offered to fix it for free, it was a sweet offer, but I just didn't want to send my baby over the ocean and I was a little suspicious of a free offer. But as time when on she was still friendly, so I had no worries, when she knew I was looking for an elf el, she would let me know when ones were sold and wish me luck if I was bidding.

      However I have not heard from her recently.

      on the other side of things a while back Ryan007 was very upset about a transaction that he was in with Nanyalin. I asked him to tell me about it and thought he was over reacting, because even though I had no basis of proof, Nanyalin seemed nice and had a good rep. and I didn't think she would ruin it over a little head. Also Ryan007 had sent the head only a week before and hadn't received any word. I figured the danged thing was still in transit. He claimed Nanyalin was ignoring his Pm's. So I emailed Marta and asks

      "what's up"
      I forgot what she said, but it put my mind at ease and she pm'd Ryan007 back.

      Basically that's not helpful but all I know. But Basically Nanyalin I'm sure you didn't mean to be mean, but I hope this has been a learning experience for you in terms of dealing with buyers and on taking more then you can handle. I hope everything works out and Good luck. And the same wishes to Bard also :)

      I have to mention that I would find a commission involving an actual doll taking over a month longer then specifed unacceptable and unless someone is pming you everyday or other day, PM's from a paying customer should never be annoying, if you don't have time to do a quick response, you probably don't have time for the job anyways.
    20. Nanyalin, I'm sorry, but your responses haven't really done anything to put me at ease.

      Mostly it is the following:
      - The claim of shipping it several times when you didn't
      - The promise to refund $40, which it seems you never did,
      - The offer to send him SOMEONE ELSES HEAD.

      I understand your feelings that paid commissions should come first over something that was a 'gift' (though with the lack of refund, it seems you got paid for it anyway), but if you really felt that way, why weren't you upfront with him? "I have to do commissions first, I'm really sorry", I'm sure would have been understandable, rather than continually lying and avoiding contact. ;_;

      This whole issue saddens me, because I like your ears and hoped to commission you in the future. I am greatful of this thread for that purpose, and thank you for your courage, Bard.