bad experience with s2kitty

Dec 29, 2006

    1. Was : Sort of a what-can-I-do-to-get-my-lost-packages ^_^ Please help me brainstorm! :)

      Okay, I'm not sure where this should go. Please let me know if anyone can figure out if there is anything I can do on my end. I can't think of anything & I am getting upset that my packages (the original & a replacement) are somewhere in limbo on the east coast. At this point the seller can not do a tracer on the first package because 6 months will have passed by the time they get home (they are away for the holidays).

      Please note that this isn't meant to do anyone any harm to their reputation or anything, I just want to receive my package (either one :( ). The customizer doesn't really have an official threadback thread, but is well-known on DoA & well trusted from what I've read during my research. I tried to keep the entire events factual & non-biased. So, here is a semi-timeline of events from my side.

      A customizer called B (Anna = A, so Customizer = B ^^;) opened slots for a project. I secured one. It involved a faceup & a detailed outfit. According to B, 1/2 of the payment was due up front, the other half when it was finished.

      06/13/06 -> I sent partial payment (I think it was more than 1/2, but I'm not sure - 100.00$). I also arranged to buy a doll head & hands from different sellers on DoA.

      06/30/06 -> B PMs that ½ of the outfit is already finished.

      07/10/06 -> I mailed the head & hands via insured priority mail & sent B the insurance/tracking information.

      07/12/06 -> B finishes the original outfit. According to the USPS site my package arrived today, but B said it arrived on the 14th.

      07/14/06 -> B asks if I am going to the Volks tea party in New York or Otakon so B can give me the outfit then. Sadly I wasn't but I told B I wasn't in any particular hurry.

      09/06/06 -> I hadn't heard from B for awhile so I sent a PM asking for a status.

      09/15/06 -> No response from B so I sent another PM asking for a status. B replies back that B mailed my doll & outfit out 3 weeks ago & assumed I had received him. However I had never received a request for the rest of the payment (1/2 was due upon completion) so I had no idea it was ready. B said that B PMed me when it went out, but PMs were going missing at this time. B said if I didn't received him soon, B would use B's own spare head & hands & make another set for me at no charge.

      09/18/06 -> B said B had delivery confirmation but didn't know where the slip was. B would just make the doll again & mail it with insurance. And if the first one showed up, asked me to send it back. From other PMs I thought B didn't have enough material to make another outfit. B replied that B would just buy more materials & that B really wanted to make this doll for me. B also said B had a trade going to obtain another head & hands for the project. I asked if there was insurance as well as the delivery confirmation.

      10/02/06 -> I replied that it seemed like a lot of work but I would appreciate it. I also mentioned that I went to the post office & they said that any tracing of the package had to be from the sender's end and that nothing had arrived as of yet. B has obtained another set of heads & hands. The outfit is almost done except for the embroidery & B estimates that everything should be done by the weekend after next.

      10/16/06 -> I hadn't heard again from B for two weeks so I sent another PM asking for a status. B replied that everything was finished except for a few minor touches on the outfit. The faceup was done & photos would be up the in the next few days.

      10/26/06 -> No response from B so I asked for another status since 10 days had
      passed since the photos were scheduled to be posted. B replies that B was out of town, then sick & then lost wallet which B needs to buy batteries for camera. B gives me email address since B thought B PM-ed me last week but I never received anything.

      continued in next post....sorry it is so long!.....
    2. 11/20/06 ->B replied that this PM was copied from the third email that B had sent in the past two weeks & that B hadn't heard anything from me until today. B sent 3 PMs to me, but never received a response. B said that since my package was confirmed as delivered but I said I hadn't received it B went out & bought another head & hands for me, which was painted & ready to go. B also said that pictures were sent & that B offered 40$ as a partial refund, but couldn't do more since B already spent 150.00$ on the replacement head & hands & B had electricity, phone, water, gas, etc. bills. B said B would attach all the emails that were sent to me over the past 2 weeks.

      I responded that my package was never confirmed as delivered since B never found the delivery confirmation number to my knowledge. The delivery confirmation number that I quoted in the previous post was my delivery confirmation number from June when I sent the original package to B for customizing. I also said that the last PM I had from B was that B needed batteries for B's camera. I asked to be sent the past emails & PMs. B was quoting my email in the PM so B had my correct email address (i.e. I didn't type it incorrectly when I sent it to B through a PM earlier). Regardless I sent my email again & asked for the copies in case there was a problem with my ISP.

      I asked again for a delivery confirmation or insurance number. I said I didn't want a refund if I could get the original items (this was before the second package was sent). I said I didn't understand why a trace wasn't performed on the first package, as the post office told me that they could fill out a form & that form would go the route the package went (even without the delivery confirmation or insurance form).

      I then asked which address the original package was sent to. The zip code was wrong, but everything else was correct. B said B would mail the second set out the Friday after Thanksgiving & B was just waiting to hear from me. I corrected the zipcode & asked that the package be sent.

      11/23/06 -> B tried attaching the pictures to the email but their network died, so B would try again. Also B had a family emergency & was going out of state. B said that the package would be taken with B & would be mailed there via 2 day priority with insurance of 150.00$

      11/24/06 -> I PMed B to let B know I received an email version of the PM (referred to above) but no pictures were attached. I also asked that delivery confirmation be put on the second package since it only costs .50$ it is a good investment.

      11/30/06 -> I asked B if the package had been mailed & what the delivery confirmation number was.

      B said the PM I quoted was not the last PM B sent. After talked to other members & mods B said that PMs were disappearing & that was probably why I never received anything & vice versa.

      12/08/06 -> PMed B again for a status and tracking number since I had sent an email to B's home & work email with no response.

      12/10/06 -> I was looking for a feedback thread on B & saw from B's profile (no feedback thread link) that B was on today. I asked if B had received my PMs & emails asking for the status of the package & the delivery confirmation since B was going to mail my package the Friday following Thanksgiving.

      12/11/06 -> B said B just got back online that day since B's cable provider messed up & B had no connection for a week & a half. B was also sick for most of the past two weeks & asked one of B's relatives to mail the package out for B on 12/01/06. B didn't receive my request for delivery confirmation until the previous night. B isn't able to contact B's relative, having left messages on their machine for the past 5 days. B asked if the photos ever arrived & suggested uploading them to B's server so I could see them.

      I replied that I hadn't received the photos yet, or the package. Since we are both on the east coast 2 day priority should have definitely reached me within the 10 days that had passed. I suggested sending links to the photos on B's server since emails & PMs were a problem.

      12/12/06 -> Viewed the images on B's server & PMed B that I had seen them & that they looked good.

      12/14/06 -> Still no contact with B so I sent another PM, this time giving my phone number. Also, I just noticed from the previous PMs being quoted that B said the head & hands were packed up & ready to go, so I asked if the outfit was in the package as well.

      12/15/06 -> I sent B a PM quoting the last PM I had from B mentioning the outfit, which said that it was done save some embroidery, and asked what was going on. B replied that this morning B told me that her pet had destroyed the outfit. B can’t make another outfit because old fabric & silk were used & aren’t easily replaceable. B gave me B's phone number (I haven't called it because I wasn't comfortable calling). Still no answer from B's relative. I asked again if the original package had been insured & if a tracer could be placed on it.B replied back that the package just had the head & hands in it & that is why B offered a refund of 40$.

      12/16/06 -> Sent B another PM asking to keep in touch & to let me know when B hears from the relative. I also asked if the entire outfit was destroyed or just part, since the head & hands don't really do much good as a character without the outfit.

      12/18/06 -> I hadn’t received any of the PMs were a refund or destruction of the outfit was mentioned. And B still hadn't heard from the relative but was going to visit tomorrow since B knew that the relative would be home there. B hasn't had a chance to go to the post office to put trackers on the package/s.

      12/27/06 -> Still no word from B so I sent a PM asking for a status & asking if the first receipt was ever found. I mentioned that since December was fast closing a tracker had to be put in soon to avoid the 6 month deadline.

      12/27/06 -> Sent another PM because if the second package was insured we could at least get our money back for that.

      12/28/06 -> B is out of state & won't be able to get to the post office until Tuesday after New Years.

      Is there anything that you guys can think of that I can do? The post office says I can't do any trackers on my end, it has to be the sender of the packages. I am out 275.00$ total for the head / hands / faceup & B is out however much was spent to procure the replacement head & hands (150.00$) & to make the second outfit.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    3. Well, it sounds like you are at a stand still. IF you didn't pay via paypal then You can't file a claim. You should let the mods know about this also. As for what you can should call and find out whats going on. IF you don't feel right about have your mom call or someone close to you and listen in. If you can get the sellers real name see if the post office can track it by that or if they can get in touch with the other states post office. Or Ups, all in all after the deadline you're going to be S.O.L so you have to do something. Even if that means leaving bad feelback for that person. Check the Feedback thread because they may have one but not put the link it their profile. I hope that helps! Good luck!
    4. Hi V chan,
      I did pay by paypal, but on 06/13/06. After 45 days you can not file a claim with paypal. And moderators no longer step in for disputes. Do you mean just to notify them as an fyi?

      Anyone here work for the post office? :D

    5. I hate to say it, but I think you got scammed. Maybe I'm wrong; I don't know who you're working with. But as soon as I read that "B would use B's own spare head & hands & make another set for me at no charge", an alarm went off in my head. Seriously, who does that with heads a hundred a pop? Most people would start harassing the post office to find the original. Then you get into the outfit. Thought B didn't have enough material to make another outfit" -> B'll just buy more -> B's pet destroyed it and its vintage material that can't be replace. That's a heck of a change. And no batteries for the camera? These are classic excuses I've heard in story after story from someone who's gotten scammed by someone else who never made or sent anything to begin with.

      I hope this time is different and there's really just been a serious of unfortunate events, but it doesn't read that way to me.
    6. Hi Jinnayah,
      Normally I would think so as well, but B is very well known in DoA & has sold at least 2 other sets like the one I purchased. I'm really hoping that one will turn up. B sent me a Christmas card & that arrived ok, so the post office does know B's house to mine :D

      It does read like that movie though, doesn't it? :D
    7. I agree with Jinnayah, I think you are being scammed. If B cannot produce your completed head and a satisfactory outfit, she owes you replacements of the head and hands you sent her and a refund of all fees you paid her. It does not make any difference if you file with the post office or not, she bears the burden. Unfortunately she has your money and your doll parts. I wouldnot be too concerned about how much she is out as she does not seem to be. You might want to report this as internet fraud, and if you have proof you sent the head and hands to her postal fraud. I would certainly not want her to get away with this. This may sound harsh but that may be your only recourse.
    8. I'm inclined to agree with Jinnayah and mybluecat, you have been scammed. Just because B sent sets to other members doesn't mean that she hasn't gone "bad". It happens all the time. The excuses she is giving you are completely ridiculous. I know this is not what you want to hear and that you just want your items back, but it's time to face the reality of the situation. B strung you along just long enough so you have run out of time to file any complaints. This is really crappy, but standing on the outside looking in, it is pretty clear this is what has happened here.

      You need to take steps NOW! As mybluecat suggested file for internet fraud, file with the Post Office for postal fraud. Post comments whereever you can on DoA to prevent this from happening to someone else. Unfortunately that may be your only recourse, to prevent this happening to someone else. It is time to let the rest of us know the identity of this person so we can avoid doing business with her. Who knows, maybe she has scammed other members too. Protecting a person who has scammed you is not the right thing to do, no matter how bad you feel about exposing her.

      I hope somehow you do get your items back and then we can all give B a big fat apology for thinking such mean things about her.
    9. I would also like to know who this is, because I was considering commissioning outfits in the near future. Unfortunately, there have been a couple of incidents in the past where well known members have disappeared with peoples dolls/outfits. The most recent one being vanillashine. In the case of vanillashine, a few people had had problem transactions with her in the past and had not spoken up. I'm not bashing those people as I know from personal experience how hard it can be speaking out about problem transactions, especially when the person is fairly well known and/or respected. Sadly, the result of not doing so is becoming rather predictable.
    10. Wow.

      Sounds like a line of excuses to me. I'm with the others here- sounds like you got scammed. If this is the case, perhaps you should divulge the name so the rest of us can be aware? I recently dealt with a very flakey customizer who was supposed to make me an outfit. Though they are well known and their quality is superb, there is no excuse for these kinds of mistakes.

      PS: Is it huntedrose? Out of curiosity. That's who I dealt with and there is a large thread on the dissapointments of commissioning her.
    11. Please add this and the name to the feedback section, it's so helpful for the community to have this sort of information going into commissions or sales.

      So sorry you've been jerked around so much on this. =/
    12. It's been 6 months... No one is nice enough to just "replace" things like expensive heads and detailed outfits 2 to 3 times. Excuse after excuse should tell you that you're getting strung along and they aren't even good excuses. If this person was truly committed to getting you your items they would have backed up every claim with a tracking number. I have a feeling your outfit was never made and your head is not coming back to you. You need to contact the proper people to get your money back and soon.

      DO NOT let her talk you into waiting longer for ANY REASON. This is ridiculous. Make your communication with her short and sweet and repeat that she either needs to give you your money back or you will be taking action to do so. You are being scammed.
    13. I agree with everyone else, pretty much. You need to email her and demand that she refund your money. And don't leave it open, letting her take her time or claim internet problems, etc. If she was really concerned about getting you your items, she would have found a way around these problems months ago. Email and tell her clearly that you will give her 1 day, 2 if you're feeling generous, to provide a resolution to this problem. If nothing has changed, immediately take action everywhere you can. It's really the only option left at this point.
    14. I'd have to agree, it sounds like you were scammed. "B" used classic scam excuses (post office lost it, i'm sick, no batteries for camera, no internet, etc). Sounds like she took your money/head/etc and ran.
    15. I would ring her - see if she answers. I find actually pinning people down on the phone is a pretty good tester, if they are genuine then they'll answer honestly and if there is some kind of problem she'll come clean, if you can never get a call answered then it confirms the suspected scam.

      If you do get her on the phone make it firm to her that you are not happy and that you want your stuff back immediately, another good tester is if they are polite and helpful, any switch to sarkiness or downright abuse also confirms the scam. Scammers hate to be disagreed with.

      Do you know anyone at all in the area of this person who could go round and collect your things? the head at least.
    16. First, I would contact the mods with all of this information, plus B's address, provided phone number, and her username and email(s). Even if you do not decide to take this public, the mods have at least limited power to control B's access to the forum, which may well force B to come clean with you.

      Secondly, call the number B gave you. If you are not very strong on the phone, and you have a parent or sibling or friend who is more comfortable talking to strangers on the phone, have them with you, or have them call for you. But call the number, even if just to see that it's legitimate.

      Thirdly, do not protect this person. You have supplied us facts as you have them, and other people who may commission from this person-- well known or not-- need to know what has happened. The way we protect and help ourselves and each other in this community is through sharing information. Withholding information will do nothing to help you or anyone else.

      I understand your hesitance to reveal this person. I would personally be afraid of being hounded by this individual's fans or friends. That's why I suggested giving the information to the mods, who can put the information out there without it being too directly linked to you, or even help you resolve this without bringing it to the public.
    17. I second, third, and fourth the posts here, especially breatheinmysoul's. I understand people being concerned about drama, but we've all *got* to leave honest feedback, good or bad. I rely on it and search feedbacks before entering into even the smallest transactions.

      I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. There's good advice in this thread - good luck, and I hope it all works out.
    18. Hello!
      Thank you everyone for your comments. They are very helpful! I was actually going to call her today, but I just got a PM from B (or just read one). B's relative has been tracked down & the package was never mailed. So B will mail it tomorrow & send me the insurance & delivery confirmation numbers then. I told B I would update this thread immediately.
      A very hopeful New Years :D
    19. I really hope your package ships out tomorrow :) it would be a great ending for this dilema!
    20. Elle,

      It sounds like "B" is responding to your potentially "outing" her. Isn't it amazing that she just found out today that your package wasn't mailed. Don't believe her until you have your head and outfits in hand and you are satisfied with them. I would still make sure you leave appropriate feedback about your experience so others are warned about her behavior.