Negative Feedback Bad Feedback for Timchener

Jun 7, 2007

    1. I ran a group order for Dollmore last month and everything went pretty much smoothly with the exception of a little hiccup.

      Timchener placed an order, and didn't pay. That wasn't a problem really in the beginning since it was early in the order and lots of people didn't send money till closer to the order date.

      I'll just copy and paste the PM correspondence since it'll be easy and I won't mix up anything.

      Originally Posted by timchener 04-10-2007
      Hi there!

      I was wondering if I could hop aboard your Dollmore Group Order. :3 If so, here are the items I'd like to order!

      Model Man Shoes Basic Sneakers (black) - $24
      SD Shoes - Le Coq Red: $8
      SD Casual Shoes (Black) - $22
      SD Skinny Washing Jeans (Deep Blue) - $29

      Subtotal: $83.00

      Thanks tons and tons! :3


      Originally Posted by yoon 04-10-2007
      You may hop aboard the order~~~ n_n.
      Shipping will be $6 dollars, making the total $89.00.

      Originally Posted by yoon 04-20-2007
      Just checking to make sure you are still wanting in on the doll order. n_n/

      Originally Posted by timchener 04-20-2007

      Yes! Absolutely. :3 Did I not reply to your PM...?

      So yes!

      Originally Posted by yoon 04-21-2007
      XD!! You might have 8D~~ but I didn't receive it. -punts DOA-

      I was going to send you an invoice, but I couldn't find an email address to paypal it to XD;;;

      Originally Posted by timchener 04-21-2007
      You can send it to: *******


      //At this point I sent her an invoice via PayPal//
      Apr. 21, 2007| Bill| To| Kym ***** |Pending |Details| $89.00 USD
      Originally Posted by yoon 04-26-2007
      Uhm, I'm making the order right now and I was just wonder if you were wanting in this order actually. Since my little sister is running the AnotherSpace order and you got into contact with her, and paid tonight. I'm making the order this morning before I go to work so I'm not exactly sure.
      I will be include you~~ anywho this is just a note n_n/

      Originally Posted by yoon 05-07-2007
      The order has arrived; and all your items are here.
      I was just wondering when you were going to paypal the funds for them o.o;


      Originally Posted by timchener 05-07-2007
      Oh my gosh! I can't believe my payment never went through! Now that I go back and look at the history, it certainly isn't there. ;___; Ahhh. Stinking computer and stinking me for not hitting confirm payment!

      I get paid on the 14th -- would it be okay to pay you then?

      Ahhh...I feel so horrible for not having paid you!

      Let me know what works best for you.

      Take care,

      Originally Posted by yoon 05-08-2007
      I was like oh noes cause I thought my things weren't going to you or something T_T;! Glad a pm made it XD

      That works just fine~~ n__n.


      Originally Posted by timchener 05-08-2007
      You are the best, darling. *loves and loves* The PM system is so evil -- especially at that Magical Witching Hour when the entire forum goes down!


      Come on, payday! *grabby hands at May 14th*


      Originally Posted by yoon 05-19-2007
      I feel like such a bother when I PM me /)_(\;;;, but yes just sending a note since it's past the 14th now and stuff~. Your items are sitting on the table just waiting to be sent.

      Originally Posted by yoon 05-21-2007
      I'm going to resend this in the hopes that you just didn't receive it by fault of the DOA PM's fail system XD;;

      I feel like such a bother when I PM me /)_(\;;;, but yes just sending a note since it's past the 14th now and stuff~. Your items are sitting on the table just waiting to be sent.


      Now after all that I left a post in Timchener's feedback thread just in case the messages were not going to her since I have heard about missing PM's and the such, but there has been nothing in the area of responding to me so I'm left a little upset over it all. Especially since I have never had a problem with people on DOA T_T;;;

      Hopefully this will be resolved.
    2. She has been online: Last Activity: Today 06:25 PM
    3. Yes, she has been online everyday. Just chooses not to notice PM's or my repsonse in her feedback thread ._.;
    4. I also had problems getting timchener to pay; I don't make the order until I have all the money from people, so I emailed, pm'd, and added into the thread a notice that if she didn't pay by a deadline, she'd be dropped from the order.

      Two hours before the deadline, she finally responded, and dropped two items from her order, requiring me to recalculate and issue shipping refunds to the people who had already paid.

      Suffice to say, it was irritating.
    5. I purchased an Ipplehouse courdoroy jacket from Timchener on the 6th of June. Though we live realitively close and she was going to drop it by on the 9th Timchener has completely quit returning my PM's. I have pm'ed her 3 times w/o any response though I see she has been online daily. I have even requested that she simply send it. I have no tolerance for games. I will pm her ONE more time before I contact paypal.


      She has returned my last PM in which I ask for the jacket to either be mailed to me, or my money refunded lest I contact Paypal. . She has stated
      "already done", as in the jacket being sent. I will update once I return to town on the status of this transaction.
    6. Oh my! I do hope that you get you jacket in the mail soon!
    7. Issue resolved after sending a final PM today. :3!
    8. I just got back in town and the jacket was waiting in my mail box. Thank you