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Bad transaction - ennicjessy on ebay (Magic Tailor)

Nov 5, 2006

    1. On Oct. 16th I placed an order for 2 pairs of SD shoes through ennicjessy on ebay. I asked for an invoice including combined shipping and paid on Oct. 17th after I received the invoice.

      I ordered some other things from people in China through ebay at the same time, and have already received those items, so I emailed ennicjessy and asked if they had shipped the shoes, and if so if they could give some sort of proof.

      This is the response that I got:

      This sort of behavior from a seller is not tolerable at all. If they thought I was having trouble paying, they should have contacted me instead of waiting for me to contact them.

      I don't really know what to do at this point. I'm really upset because I was expecting the shoes to arrive before the photoshoot I did last week. I don't know if I should ask for a refund for the shipping, or contact ebay/paypal, or what. She said she's shipping the shoes ... but if she fails at doing that again, it will have been over a month before I find out and I won't be able to file a paypal complaint.

      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    2. File the paypal claim before your deadline is up. If the shoes arrive, you can cancel it. If not, you have some insurance.
      Assuming the shoes arrive, I wouldn't ask for a refund or anything. It may not seem like the best course of action, but the seller may have had a reason for it. For instance, waiting for the buyer may be the usual course of action in their community, and they didn't think about it being different in yours.
    3. I'm not sure what the problem is.. He/She seems very friendly, they just made a simple mistake. I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.
    4. Just want to say I ordered a doll sweater from EnnicJessy and it never arrived; however, once I contacted the seller, they said it must've gotten lost in the mail and they'd resend it, which they did. I received it and it is beautifully made and all is well.
    5. Ebay/paypal has a glitch every so often where things don't show up on the myebay page or the listing as being paid, although they are, or the seller doesn't get an email. Maybe she just checks email, or just checks her sold list on her Myebay page This happened to me with two other vendors too.

      I've ordered from the above seller a couple of times and she's always sent my things along. Personally, I'd rather deal with a seller who gives the buyer some slack, rather than the sellers who call out the rabid dogs if you haven't paid the same day and flood your email box with reminders every few hours.
    6. I've bought from this seller several times and it's always gone very well. Her things are well made, and she's always been very nice to me.
    7. I bought a pair of shoes from this seller and they arrived within two weeks. She is a really nice person and I'd definately buy from her again.. but indeed, I do know how you would feel upset. -nodnod-
    8. I have had the BEST service from this seller, no problems at all, in fact, with one of my orders there WAS a potential problem, which she saw and fixed, THEN told me about, which saved me MUCh time and effort.

      I don't think its necessarily magictailor, I have had numerous ebay dramas with emails not getting through their message system, sort of like the PM system here acts up for me sometimes.. I am unsure if its because the databases are SO large that, well, things just sometimes glitch, or if its because I don't use IE (firefox is my FRIEND), but I certainly wouldnt' condemn them for it.

      I am definitely ordering from magictailor again, and if they stocked MSD stuff, I would order MUCH more often.

      Seek peace

    9. Yep, I agree with the above,I've had good dealings too...
    10. Paypal states in the resolution center:
      "Your claim must be filed within 45 days of payment"

      So you have time to wait to see if the items arrive. I suspect that, based on the testimonials of others, it was a simple mistake and your shoes will arrive soon.
    11. Sorry to hear about that :(! I've always had great service from them at amazingly fast speeds for international post.
    12. Re: ebay FYI - I had an email from a seller that arrived THREE DAYS after he sent it. He sent me a reminder on the 11th, it arrived on the 14th, after subsequent emails between us. Ebay said I'm the only one (in the universe, apparently) who has had such a problem.....
    13. i've bought from ennicjessy before...

      i purchased a pair of *hound* sized boots... when they arrived (fairly promptly) they were only SD-sized. I contacted them, and in about 2 weeks I had a correctly sized pair. I even got to keep the wrong pair, which my girl has claimed.

      It seems they don't pay attention well with order-filling or bookkeeping, but if you have a complaint they are eager to make things right. I will be ordering from them in the future because I'm satisfied with the product.
    14. I just made a purchase from this seller, and everything went fine. At first I was worried because I didn't get a shipping notice, but then the shoes arrived in the mail! They only took a little over two weeks to get here from the time I purchased them. So, I have a good opinion of magictailor. ^^

      I've had email related snags on ebay before, so you're certainly not the only one, hobbywhelmed.
    15. i'm having problems with this seller as well. after over two weeks from the day i paid, i didn't receive anything, and contacted her. in the initial communications (which happened within the same day), she promised that if the items didn't arrive in 5 days, she would send out a new package. due to a busy schedule, i notified her later, several times, and have never gotten a reply.

      i've also noticed that the personal account under the magic tailor shop on ebay has been changed.

      i filed a paypal dispute, and am still waiting from a reply from her. i will file a claim when the deadline approaches.

      i really do just want the shoes i paid for, because i like them. but if not, i want my money back. what are the odds of paypal deciding in my favour if i have to file a claim?

      EDIT: the end to my experience: filed a claim on dec 6th, paypal decided in my favour on the 7th and i got my cash back.

      really disappointed with magic tailor. D:
    16. does anyone know how i can contact this seller??
    17. Kazzii, psyence and I ordered from her a while back and she was brilliant. I love the items I recieved. Kazzii however. She bought a pair of boots and within days the zips broke off :|
    18. To elaborate on dope_hat's post above - we did a group order, and I purchased a pair of boots, and a pair of sneakers. The package arrived promptly, but the sneakers were not in it. psyence asked MT what had happened, and she said that she'd forgotten to send them, and would do so immediately.

      In the meanwhile, I recieved my boy, Rooster. The same day that I put his boots on him, the silver guard at the top of the zip of one broke off. Within a week, the same thing had happened to the other boot. I am extremely unhappy about this.

      I waited for the sneakers, and they did not come - ennicjessy said that they must have gotten lost in the post. She resent them, and they are now here. However, I'm not really happy with the fit of them.. and they're completely smooth on the bottom x_x; So he can't stand up at all.

      I am seriously considering sending it all back and requesting a refund.
    19. I had an issue with Magic Tailor where they sent me shoes instead of the boots that I ordered, but it was eventually taken care of; they sent me the boots when they got their next order, and then I shipped their shoes back (I offered, they didn't ask) and she reimbursed shipping.

      So it all worked out and I was happy, I just had to wait a bit longer. (I know that is not good if you need something in a timeframe, but I didn't need the boots at a specific time; in fact, if I am ordering from another country, I expect it to be later than sooner :sweat)

      It seems they have had some mix-ups, but I found that they were friendly and truly tried to fix the problem.

      *note: if the zippers are breaking on the boots, you should tell them so that they can get on their manufacturer for using cheap hardware. So far my zippers have been good and I was happy with the quality of the boots.
    20. I ordered a couple of pairs of shoes from this seller on the 12th of November, and had no problems at all with the transaction.

      - Liz