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Resolved Bad Transaction with Chibimazoku

Jan 8, 2006

    1. Since it's been two months without solution, I will post here.

      My roommate (amethystduckie) and I went in on a pair of luts glasses (post here) from Chibimazuko.

      Duckie put the money in my account and I paypalled her on 11/17.

      We heard no word for a week. We PMed to no avail and emailed. She eventually replied and said she would ship out soon.

      A month later, almost, 12/14, we both PMed her and emailed her to find out what had happened with the glasses. We did a little research and while she had not been active on DoA she was updating her livejournal regularly. Duckie left a comment on her livejournal, which was ignored.

      A week later, we emailed her and got a response. She claimed to have already shipped the glasses out priority with signature confirmation, but offered us a refund since they had not arrived.

      We waited another week, saw no refund and emailed her again. She was still posting in her livejournal and we recieved no response after reminding her to send the refund to the paypal account.

      I filed a paypal claim on 1/5, but unfortunately the 45 days had expired and we're S.O.L.

      No glasses, no refund and we're out $45.

      Anyone else had bad transactions? Or maybe know her IRL and can bug her into sending our glasses or our refund (prefferably the refund since I'm buying Duckie a new pair of glasses from the Leeke group order) or has some sort of contact information for her? PM me or amethystduckie please.

      EDIT: As of 1/24/06 we were refunded the $45.
    2. My thanks as well if anyone can help.
    3. Update:

      Recieved an email. Seller claims glasses were returned to her as undeliverable. We find it hard to believe that she put tracking/delivery confirmation on the package and never checked it to let us know it was waiting for us. We had recieved multiple packages, both forwarded from the old house, and to the new house. She also never gave us the tracking number so we could see for ourselves that she mailed them out, though we have told her last month we did not recieve the package.

      Offered to resend. We declined and asked for the refund (since I bought Duckie a new pair of glasses for her birthday from the luts order). It's been a week, still waiting on the refund.
    4. Thank you all for your bumps and support.

      It's a little hard because Traian is my first doll that is MINE I bought and I was desperate to have him all ready to show off at the Baltimore meet this weekend. It's my first meet owning a doll. ;_; I'm sad Traian will be blind on his first meeting... he's so socially anxious. Maybe not seeing people will help? *optimistic* ^^;;
    5. That's awful.. And you're such a sweetheart too, duckie! *hug* I hope things work out well for you! *sends love and support*
    6. @ amethystduckie - sorry I didn't realise this was happening to you when you said you were waiting for a refund. hope it works out for you soon.
    7. At long last, we have recieved a refund on the glasses. Thank you everyone.