Resolved **Bad transaction with dreamsofyou** Kept double payment - RESOLVED

May 11, 2006

    1. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, please let me know. I double paid her for something and haven't gotten any response to the messages I've sent requesting a refund on second payment.

      It's $104 dollars, so my account could use it!
    2. I tried to get a refund with Paypal, but the seller responded to them saying they refunded it (now there is nothing in my records that shows a refund or anything added to my account) so then I get a notice from Paypal saying there is insufficient information so they were closing it, they advised I should work it out with the seller. So at this point, it's looking like I spent $208 on a Unoa bust.

      My fault for double paying, but I really don't think I should have to just eat a $100 over it. To be fair to the seller, I don't know if this is a Paypal screw up or if I'm getting yanked around on this.
    3. Has the seller confirmed to you that they re-funded it? Or are they only telling paypal that?
    4. They told paypal that in their response that I could view, but paypal couldn't "confirm it". Yeah, I know they couldn't confirm it because it's not in my account! When I look under refunds - nada, I look under payments to my account - nothing.

      She said she could have sworn she paid it back to the account that sent it to her on the May 8th, but there isn't anything and Paypal is saying there is insufficient evidence to do anything further.

      So someone is jerking me around. I just don't know if its her or them.
    5. Ask her for a screen cap or print out of the transaction she sent through- under her paypal account it should say if she has made a re-fund.

      If she has, and can send you a picture confirming it, then you can kick paypal's ass and demand that they sort it out- cos she sent it and you didn;t get it.

      If she refuses.... well....
    6. Thanks for the info, I'll try that! It's been like pulling teeth just to get responses to my emails. She said she was having computer problems, but you know...I see that way too much when someone is being taken for a ride with a seller so I am just feeling really cynical at this point.
    7. I don;t blame you for feeeling cinical- I would be too! Good luck with it.
    8. Best way is to call paypal up directly, do not talk to the reps, but ask to speak with their supervisor. All the ones that answers you are the reps and they dont' care at all....get the free number and call. If she refunded, it shows up not only in the refund but also in the original transaction. Paypal just don't want to deal with you and save them time, that's all.x
    9. Talking to Paypal now - they are saying there has NOT been a payment to my account from hers. Not a direct payment or a refund and nothing from another account in that amount or for any amount close to that.

      Been on the phone for 30 minutes...weee.
    10. Good luck getting your money back. That's not fair to pay for something twice and only get one @_@
    11. UPDATE: Well, it looks like she gave a bogus paypal transaction number. They looked into both of our accounts and she DID NOT initiate any kind of payment to me.

      They are issuing a letter to her to refund the second payment if she wants her account to stay in good standing with Paypal. They told me a few other things to do as well, which I'm going to look into if she I don't see that payment this week.

      I can't believe someone would just keep a double payment like that. I'm so miffed right now. I believed the "computer broken" story....what a sucker.
    12. That is SO dirty of the seller! I hope you get your money back soon because this is so WRONG!
    13. Oh my, that is horrible!! How could anyone do that?

      I hope you get your money back.
    14. Unfortunately it is becoming more common to see things like this in the feedback forum in the marketplace... The usual excuse is "computer problems"... which is why I don't buy it. If I had problems with my computer you can bet I would be at the library getting online to let people know that there was a problem. However this is also why I keep excessive records OFF of my harddrive as well in case anything happens....

      There is no excuse for "computer problems", or really anything else when it comes to doing a business transaction with somebody. If you take money from somebody else they should be getting their items, end of story.

      However I am rather irked with Paypal after this as well. Why weren't they able to verify that it was a bogus number? Sorry but it used to be that they actually checked those numbers. What are they doing now? Just accepting that you threw up any number on the screen on your broken computer and that is enough? I really wish there was another option to Paypal in this world because they have just gotten more and more lazy and pathetic throughout the years.....

      At least if you call them and raise hell they do something. I really hope that this gets sorted out. Please keep us updated.
    15. Paypal knows it's a bogus number. They could also see that she had not attempted to put through ANY kind of payment or refund. But, they told me that it was because of my wording when it was first submitted as a "duplicate payment" - it took them out of the loop of responsibilty to get it back for me. Basically, you made the mistake you work it out with them. So never ever say duplicate - you need to claim nonreceipt. If they can come up with two items to give you, well at least you can resell the second thing.

      However, a more helpful Paypal guy told me what to do so they can help me.
      I don't want to give away too much in fear she'll read this and figure out a way to worm out of it.

      When I have the money back (or if) I'll let you guys know how I was able to get it. It's sort of stretching the rules, but the guy was really pissed off that he could clearly see I was being ripped off and they were lied to.
    16. This is the message I rec'd from her on Monday and no payment is in my account although she claims once again that it has been sent. Her name is Sara Lucas if she tries to buy through another account or name. How can money be "on it's way" to me through Paypal. I mean you hit a button and it's a transaction...

    17. Ive seen your issues on several forums, about this seller, and theres only two conclusions:

      -Paypal fucked up. They sent her confirmation but did not process the transaction. She might have accidentally deleted an e-mail telling her Payment Failed or it went into her Junk Mail box. However, as she gave a transaction number that proved to be false/mistyped, that seems unlikely. Paypal usually inform you of accounting errors etc, even if they DONT check transaction numbers.

      -The seller is trying to fob you off. She really has no idea that the Internet is not as anonymous as it seems-you put your bank details on it, and your jaded customers WILL get their refund, wether you like it or not. The seller used an incorrect transaction number. Her attitude seems to have begun as dismissive, and trying to blame you (sho plaw: if a customer accidentally gives you a £20 note instead of a £10 you are not obliged to keep it, if the customer returns they are entitled to their overpayment back. No exceptions) and now she is desperately trying to make you pity her, and NOT give her bad feedback.
      I dont see how she can avoid it-taking money from customers for no goods in return is NEVER good practice.

      I think you've already drawn your own conclusions, though....
      I hope you get your money back, let us all know what happened (across the boards). And stick her name into iTrader while you're at it, hehehe....
    18. Incredible.

      I don't really have anything of value to add to this, but I am so glad that people are feeling more confident about posting their porbblems with sellers and buyers on this forum. It just makes us all so much more aware of the kinds of ways we could potentially get burnt and the steps we can take to protect ourselves from having problems

      I just think that is the lousiest meanest thing someone could do, to keep a double payment and shrug it off as being your mistake, your problem.. did she think the overpayement was a tip or something? sheesh
    19. Paypal resolved it for me finally...

    20. Glad to hear you got your money back :)