Bad transaction with emily00 - RESOLVED

Jun 10, 2009

    1. On May 17th i purchased the couch & loveseat from this thread from the user emily00 at a discounted price. We mutually agreed on $70 shipped for both couches, I paid promptly & she promised to have my seats out as soon as she found a box big enough to hold them both. I was having trouble with another marketplace transaction at the time so i was only half-thinking about the chairs, not getting antsy until about 10 days had passed & i hadn't received anything.

      I was invoiced on the 17th, paid on the 18th, & by the 19th she claimed to be finding posting supplies that day, which made me assume that it would be mailed the same day. So i waited anxiously, bought other things & on the 22nd she PM's me to let me know that she had finally managed to find a box for the chairs to fit in:o. She also asked if all of my paypal information was correct (it was) & once again hinted that the package would be mailed that day.

      so at this point i'm miffed, but then again the chairs are huge so i decide to just be patient, but understandably my patience is running thin. i waited 5 days after that last email before i enquired again, to which she answers with yet another excuse. apparently she had fallen ill & hadn't made it to the post office, BUT, the package allegedly went out on the morning of May 28th. Okay. stuff happens. i wait LONGER with still no sign of my couches, while pretty much everything else i've ordered before & since buying the chairs has long arrived.

      Finally i PM her a couple of days ago to let her know that i *still* haven't gotten the package yet, & this morning, she replies that she charged her boyfriend with mailing the package, & (of course) he didn't do it. She offers to send me back "a couple of bucks" for shipping once she puts more money back into the account & this time there's no mention of whether the box will go out today, tomorrow, next week or next lifetime. I don't want to be seen as a mean person but i've been scammed out of my hard earned money before by people exploiting my kindness, & it isn't a good feeling at all. I'm trying my best to be patient but it has been almost a month since i bought these items. how long am i supposed to sit around & wait for her to make it to the post office?

      has anyone else had similar experience with this or other buyers? how did you resolve it?
    2. hauntednursery ~ We really don't have a forum for airing this kind of Negative Transaction in which you can ask advice of the members. If you would like, this thread can become a Paging thread for the member or you can have it edited to read "Negative Transaction with".
    3. well she's still (slowly) responding to PM's so i don't think a page is necessary, unless you recommend that i do one. In the meanwhile i'll edit this post to a "negative transaction" one.
    4. oop, it says i can't edit the post. Would you mind changing the title to "Bad transaction with emily00" for me?
    5. update 1:

      i've sent emily00 two PM's since i made this post & but she hasn't bothered to log in since the 10th. She's got until sunday to reply with a tracking number or i'll make a paypal claim.
    6. At this point it has been almost a month since I sent a payment for 70cm jeans.
      I was told she did not feel well, which I understod...3 weeks ago.
      However, I keep getting "the boyfriend is going to mail them out".
      I didn't by them from any BF, I bought them from Emily00 a DOA member...I need them sent by the seller.
      Send them out already!
    7. ugh, i think we've both been ripped off, & since she pretty much admitted to me that she's drained her paypal account we can forget about getting ourr money back.

      this was the last PM she sent me:

      she's obviously just stringing me along until the 45 days are up because she knows there's nothing i can do but wait, but this entire situation is really pissing me off.:evil:
    8. This member was on the forum today. She is now in Unresolved Transactions. Please keep this thread updated with any resolutions.
    9. As I told her in the pm i'd be able to send the couches off thursday when I finally got the funds to as the shipping amount was a lot more than was anticipated. Im not stringing along anyone for anything either; the amount for shipping was about 20+ dollars more than what was paid so I had to foot the bill for the extra part which I just didn't have yet until now.

      I don't even understand what stringing someone along for 60 dollars would do me in the first place, and I had not received a message back from her from this weekend.

      Anyways, as I always do i'll have the confirmation number for the shipping as well as the cost posted here for others to see themselves.

      I didn't even know this thread existed as no one said anything to me until I saw the big red banner just now.
    10. And michaels jeans were shippied out and his confirmation # is 0309 1140 0000 5169 3093.

      I'm going to get it updated in paypal as well.
    11. And as I said, as soon as I got my school monies I sent out the sofas. Her confirmation # is 0308 1400 0002 4636 8201. I didn't even know this thread had existed as I don't usually go surfing the forums much anymore since I don't have my dolls any longer. If I knew anyone was this concerned even though I was keeping in correspondence, I would have replied here or period.

      Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention though moderators.
    12. The cost for mailing the Sofas was 24 dollars not including the packaging mats for the doll sofas(that came to 8 something), and the shipping cost for the pants was 6 dollars.
    13. Michael received his pants also, and they were mailed out last week but he hasn't posted that he received them yet for whatever reason.
    14. And Haunted received her items as well, per my exact correspondence with her prior to this thread going where it went.

      So if you both would kindly actually respond here it would be GREATLY appreciated.
    15. That or i'd like the unresolved transactions title lifted from my account since there is (and i'd argue never was) anything unresolved.
    16. um, i haven't actually *recieved* the items yet since the campus post office is closed on saturday. furthermore don't you think your hostility is a touch uncalled for, since your procrastination is what brought this on? & what do you mean nothing was unresolved? you made us wait a month before you mailed anything!
    17. i'd also like to add that if anyone has the right to be hostile, it's me. if the package would've been sent any later i probably wouldn't have gotten it at all. I'm permanently moving off campus this weekend & packages are usually returned to sender or just tossed aside until you bug them about it.
    18. There was no procrastination since I couldn't afford to send the package out. I was sick, then I found out it was 20+ dollars more than I knew it was going to be. And no, people assuming something when i've been telling them exactly what has been going on does tend to make me upset, especially since screwing someone over on here after everything i've sold thus far would be really, really ignorant. I did exactly as I said I was going to do.
    19. Anyhow I've said my peace. Take care.
    20. okay, bull-crap. IF you had actually attempted to mail the chairs during one of the many occasions you claimed to, you would've found out much earlier that the shipping was high, & i would've gladly given you the money to cover it & there would never have been a problem. Instead you chose to string me along with stories (whether true or not) about your boyfriend, ilnesses, etc. Whatever your track record, the fact still remains that you didn't mail anything until you got an Unresolved Transactions stamp.

      I'm not going to apologize because i wasn't wrong, & neither was the other person who replied to this thread. when it all boils down to it i didn't pay you to get semi-daily updates about your life, i paid you for two chairs.