Resolved Bad transaction with rykaan

Feb 1, 2006

    1. I purchased a Tan El from rykaan, and he arrived yesterday.
      He was carefully packaged, and there were no marks on the shipper to indicate he had been bustled in shipping.
      As soon as I unwrapped the bubble wrap from his face, and removed the face protector, I saw scratches on both cheeks (that look like fingernail marks, perhaps made by grabbing the face to turn it) and a diagonal scratch near his eye, well into the eye makeup, where the color is gone.

      This pic was taken as soon as I got the box open, and you can see the mark near the eye. (This actually looks worse IRL, as the reflection sort of washes it out).


      This second pic I took tonight.....maybe in daylight tomorrow I can get a better pic, but you can see the scratches on his cheek/upper lip area, and the place near his eye where the color is gone. The spot near his eye, I will say once again, is much worse than this looks, because he is darker than he photographs, and it really stands out.


      I immediately PM'd rykaan to request a refund, and was told no, and that it must have occurred in shipment (unlikely, as she had wrapped him very well), or, perhaps *I* caused this when I opened him. She offered me $30 to have the faceup "retouched" by one of our DOA makeup artists. I told her that the reason I bought *this* specific El was because of his faceup.....I like him JUST as he came from Luts. I then once again stated that I would feel better just returning him, and maybe she could have him retouched.

      I then received this reply.....

      "I have never represented the doll to you as anything but used. You have even seen my pictures of him out of his box in a variety of poses, with different eyes and wigs. So, even if there were minor scratches on the doll itself, that would be a natural condition of a used item, even according to Paypal. And, in this case there are no scratches on the doll itself by your own admission, rather, you claim there is an issue with the doll's faceup. As you well know, faceups are removable and can be reapplied and fixed like new as is commonly done with these dolls.

      It seems you have now simply changed your mind about wanting the doll and it is very unfair and unreasonable of you to ask me to accept the doll back."

      And, I will say that in none of the poses she shows on DOA, can you see the area under his eye, where the paint is missing from the faceup.

      Now, when does a "used" doll mean one with a defective/scratched/ruined faceup?

      I did not "change my mind" about this doll......
      I had planned three Angels,
      an "Angel of Light" who is my present El, Acheron
      an "Angel of Darkness" who was to be this El (for his dramatic faceup), and
      an "Angel of Chaos" for a Breakaway that I am currently pursuing.

      I then just wanted to be done with this, and told her I'd accept the $30.
      Then, I slept on it, and said no. I don't want to be taken advantage of, and her insinuations that I caused this damage myself actually hurt my feelings.
      I PM'd this message this morning.....

      I"ve slept on this, and I am not happy.
      I am not taking the $30 for the faceup "retouch".....I have no clue how much you think faceups are, but it would be a minimum of $50, plus shipping both ways to have him redone at Luts. Plus, "talented" DOA artists are in the $100 plus range, so you obviously have no clue how much good work costs.
      I have had many many deals here on DOA, as a seller, and have an excellent reputation, that I am sure can take whatever damage you think you can do by not giving me good feedback on this transaction. I also have never had a problem buying a doll, even a "used" one.
      "Used" does not mean "flawed".
      You, however, have only sold one other doll head, and just maybe you are not experienced enough to properly look over the items you are selling beforehand. Which is ok and understandable, but sellers need to stand behind their sales.
      I would have been SO embarassed to have sold a doll with this faceup rub, that I would have done whatever to make the customer happy....including taking the doll back and refunding the money.
      That is the only proper thing to do, and since you have refused to do that, I am going to file a complaint with Paypal.
      And as far as wanting this transaction "finished" it is."

      I find it totally unacceptable that she will not stand behind this doll.
      Most of you "know" me, but for those who don't, I have bought/sold too many dolls to count (actually I have an exact count on my Palm), and have never had a problem as a buyer or a seller.

      Paypal may or may not pursue this with her, but I think everyone has a right to know.
      *Pleeease, don't flame her*, that's not my intent, I just want to warn you all that rykaan is not an experienced seller, or one that you can expect to stand behind a deal.

      Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry this is so long.
    2. After exchanging a few mails about shipping and such, I agreed to sell my tan el to celticgeekess at a price which was only $20 more than what I paid for him. I was not trying to make any significant profit off him because I just wanted to buy another doll, not much liking being without one, as I was quite fascinated by these dolls the moment I saw them. You see, I was actually a little disappointed with how dark the tanning was; it seemed lighter on the Luts web site. Once I got my El I realized I would have been much happier with the lighter skin.

      Due to the above-stated disappointment with his skin color, consequently most of his time was spent in his closed box.

      When the time came to ship I packaged him very well and I carefully inspected him to make sure he was in perfect shape.

      He was.

      There were no scratches on his makeup or anywhere else when I closed the box and sent him on his way. I will not deny the fact that the possibility remains that I might have missed seeing the scratch, but I had examined him many timese before, and saw nothing.

      Then, after he had been delivered, celticgeekess PMed me and said she wanted to return him because he was scratched. I explained to her that he was definitely not scratched when he left me. And I suggested that perhaps his makeup had gotten scratched during shipping or even during her handling of him. One of these has to be the reason since he left me in perfect shape.

      But I felt really bad that she was unhappy so I offered her $30 to have someone touch up his makeup. She accepted this offer and actually told me to go ahead and put the $30 in her Paypal account.

      Before I put the money in her account I asked her to confirm that she was accepting the doll with the $30 for makeup repair and would not complain further, if for instance luts refused to touch up the faceup, or the fix wasn't up to her standards.

      The next time I heard from her, in quite a sharp PM, she had changed her mind and did not want to keep the doll. Then she filed a complaint with Paypal, but after a review Paypal dismissed her claim without further action.

      I had not planned to post any negative comments about celticgeekess because she seemed so sincere and I wanted to think the best of her. But due to this thread I feel I must defend myself.

      I'm sure everyone here will form their own opinions on this and maybe because I'm relatively new at selling/buying dolls you may think I am at fault, considering the fact that celticgeekess has more feedback than I do. But I can assure you, the doll I sent to her was beautiful and in perfect condition. Had the doll had any visible scratches or marks at all I would have alerted her of these before our transaction.

      Someone here mentioned that sellers should stand behind their dolls and I completely agree with that. However, should a seller automatically provide a refund when the doll left in perfect condition and then the buyer claims he arrived scratched? It seems that would allow buyers to make any claim they like or even to intentionally damage the item in order to return it if they changed their mind about it after receiving it. I am CERTAINLY not suggesting that celticgeekess did this, but the possibility exists that it could easily be done by anyone. I think when you know the doll is perfect and you take every reasonable precaution in packaging and shipping it, you should not be held responsible for something that happens during shipping or handling by the buyer. But, as I said above, I offered to pay for the makeup to be fixed, not because I felt it was my obligation, because it certainly was not, but because I wanted celticgeekess to be happy.

      She mailed me once saying that the 'affecting his value' aspect was a big part of her disappointment over the scratch. To this, I must say that I suspect this transaction will infact end up being a very profitable one for celticgeekess. She was able to purchase a tan El long after Luts had stopped making them. And she got it for little more than a $40 markup, even if you don't include his wig. Touching up or even replacing his makeup will certainly raise his resale value, which is probably already higher than what she paid for him.

      I have definitely learned from this bad experience. In the future I will take a multitude of closeup pics and publish them with my offer to be able to prove beyond a doubt that the doll was perfect before being sent. I even plan to take shots of the doll in the box before closing it just to be sure.

      I suppose in the end it is her word against mine. I'm in no way trying to 'win' an argument here, or change anyone's minds, I'm just stating my side of the story.

      I apologize for the length of my post but I felt it would not be fair to let celticgeekess' comments go without a response. Interpret as you will. Thank you.
    3. Rykaan,
      I'm glad you did speak up.
      I still feel you should have stood behind this sale, and I certainly did not scratch this doll just to get him returned......I have waaay more important things to do in life than that, and if I didn't like him, I could have just resold him. After having over 60 bjd's in and out of my home over the last few years, I certainly know how to handle the dolls carefully.

      I highly doubt there will be any "profit" in this if I do resell him at some point, as you had him for sale for quite awhile before I bought him, and besides, the scratches would seriously affect his resale value.

      Like I said in PM's, maybe you honestly did not see these marks, but knowing I did not cause them, leads me to wonder if they were there all along, even from Luts.
      Also, the reason Paypal has dismissed my claim is not because they decided it was without merit, it is because the item was not purchased through eBay, and I didn't buy the extra "buyers protection plan" with it. The dismissal was a form letter, based on boxes I checked off in the complaint process. They are following up with me via email, but I really don't expect them to pursue it, for these reasons.

      I learned a lesson, too.....that it is worth the extra money spent through Paypal when you do not know your seller.

      Good luck with your future dolls, I sincerely hope you find the right one for you.
    4. At this point, the transaction is considered closed by both myself and rykaan, so there really isn't any need for more discussion.
    5. celtic- Ok, thankyou for letting us know. If either you or the seller wishes to reopen the thread, please let one of the moderators know and we will do so.