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Bad transaction with unoa_love/Beatrix- RESOLVED

May 6, 2008

    1. This transaction was back in Feb and i thought it end but not until now.

      Beatrix on DOA/ and unoa_love on Ebay right now. I had transaction with her prior to this one before with no problem.

      In early Feb. 2008, she bought 3 outfits from me. After receiving them, she contacted me saying it damaged her dolls as my dark sleeves left stains on them. She said if i refunded her in full she wont leave me negative fb. I was confuse as i tried them out in White skin Narae before shipping them out and i have sold over 5 sets and all buyers said no problem and great both here and on Ebay. So i wasn't sure what the problem was. After many messages and email she said if i dont refund her the money that she wanted, i need to at least replace the items which i was happy to as i made 3 pairs with different materials for her to choose from. I also told her i was really not sure what cause it as they didn't stain my dolls and i used this materials for over 2 years. After i sent out the 3 pairs i never heard back and thought after 3 months i was over as i never heard back if she got them or not after i told her the day i sent them.

      Not that since Ebay changed the FB policy i found Negative FB left for me instead.

      Since then i have included a warning on all outfits/clothing i made as i dont know what will stain which dolls.

      I would say this is over but a warning. As it's bad for both buyer and seller with this transaction.

    2. Update: Buyer contacted me on 2/26/2008. We agreed there is some misunderstandings and working to see if Ebay will removals any negs. Done and no negative feelings to this transaction.x.