Bambicrony Ciao Bella 27cm Discussion Part 3

Apr 27, 2006

    1. hi,

      havent seen this posted so thought id let everyone know.. so cute 2 new littleones 27cm , so leeke sort of size at Luts if you scroll down the page the link down te left hand side...

      awe they are lovely... now know ive found a friend for my leeke girl....


      now the question is which one...

      EDIT: ok lol bought the top one Roko.. so cute cud not resist.. my poor bank balance...


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    2. Hiyas

      here is my girl she arrivived a week ago.. the faceup is by me :) I love her to bits... brilliant to pose, resin is lovely... and love the waiste joint.. highyl recommend




      will post better pics after weekend...

      Hugs Maz x
    3. Are the fangs molded on or painted on? I can't tell...

      Also, Sisely reminds me of Interview with the Vampire's Claudia.
    4. Are the teeth molded or are they stickers like on the lati vampires? I can't seem to get access to the Q&Q board - it doesn't seem to like my password even though it lets me sign in.
    5. I think they are molded. They already answered an email I sent this morning, that is strange. Try just emailing them smudge.
      Well, I went and ordered Toto, she was the one that really tugged at my heart. Wallet. Whatever.

    6. i'm wondering too. they look molded...but then Kumi's teeth look a little odd, like maybe not. *but, Lati vampires have molded teeth, not stickers ;)
    7. I love BC tan as it's a lovely shade, but the teeth are throwing me off. If they are molded, then that's cool... I was hoping to sand them off just so I could have a tan Kumi.
    8. I'm with you, Stella. I'm happy people can get them without fangs, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of a limited edition Ozzy's Children thing. :)
    9. Oh, but they still have wings and tails and horns! Actually, that may have finally sold me on getting Sisley. (Like I needed much more selling - well, except to sell a couple more neglected dolls to pay for her!) She can look so innocent (well, no, not really - Sisley has a sly look about her no matter what) but if she goes around without the horns and all, no one will know what a little menace she actually is!
    10. They have a new type of ear as well, so the head sculpt is still distinct from the elf and human versions even without the fangs!
    11. I received my Gun today ! She's wonderfull, Bambicrony are really great ... But I wanted to try her optional hands, so I puted the S-hooks on her hands. And they are too big ... I think that is the same for all the Bambicronies ? So, what can I do ?
    12. Congrats on getting your Gun! I adore Guns I have twin Elf Guns myself. :3
      You need to make your own s hooks to fit into bambicrony wrists. I'd suggest getting some "piano wire" from Dollmore:

      It's really strong and thin and I've made a few s hooks for SDs out of it, planning on making some small ones for my bambicronies to replace the string in their hands and feet.
    13. Hmm... S-Hooks came with my doll, but I suppose they're the ones Patchy was talking about? I haven't used them yet.

      And my Sisley still has no face-up.. silly sickness getting me on a weekend.
    14. BC always includes extra hooks for the heads, but none for the hands. That's why they won't fit in their wrists. ;)
    15. Hmm Mine are much to small for the head...
    16. The head s hook is quite small, have you checked the head to make sure it's the same size?
    17. Yes, the head S hook is about 2 cm and the two extras are 1cm