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Bambicrony Fairy & Unicorn Event June 23rd 2008

Jun 23, 2008

    1. Oh boy! The colored elves are back... I LOVE the wigs and that unicorn is wonderful! (wallet whimpers!)
    2. they are adorable!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!
    3. I'm not sure about this one. They are beautiful, but BC has a track record for poorly done colored dolls (tan and colored being sanded? and yellowing lots quickly).
      These new dolls do have a disclaimer about the discoloration, but still.
      Also, isn't it strange how they are sold out of all the old dolls and only have this new model? I find that saddening, and hope they repost the older models.
    4. Dolls get retired all the time. It may be that with the new year they're starting a new line of cuties.

      I do think companies are allowed to make mistakes as long as they learn from them. I think I'm more inclined to buy a second edition colored or tan elf vs. a first version for that reason...
    5. I was prepared to get myself into some trouble today with the new dolls coming out. Alas, when I went to the Bambicrony website there wasn't anything there that I totally feel inlove with. The light cyan fairy was cute, but I just didn't have to have her. I do like the wigs. I was really hoping for some super cute outfits, but they have none :(
    6. the unicorn is ridiculously overpriced for a simple resin figurine- you get unicorns like that from pound shops! I do like the colours of the fairies- but, it's been done before...not overly excited i'm afraid
    7. I wonder if that was done to separate this event from the Pingping one.

    8. I think they might be adding items. I looked earlier and don't remember the doll trunk being there.
    9. I think you are right about that. The trunk is awfully cute :fangirl: and the little suede boots too.
    10. The unicorn looks to have been especially sculpted by bambicrony
    11. I got all excited, when I heard Unicorn, I thought they'd be little unicorn-esque dolls like the ones that... Puki? Maybe? Had out, with a little tiny horn...I got so excited. Boo. ._. They're lovely, but...

      $320 for a figure? O_o that's almost as much as a doll...
    12. The sky blue version of Kiera is something I would consider, but no money for this event. I do hope they make a regular version of her as I like the face more than the others, but it bothers me that all the others are marked as "sold out". It's rather frustrating. And I agree about the unicorn. Sheez that is too much money for something like that, scale to them or not that is way too much to pay for something so simple.
    13. I don't see any sold out except one wig.
    14. Really stupid question, but I can't tell from the description. Do the new colored elf girls come with a wig and outfit?

    15. No, they don't. They come with eyes and wings only.
    16. Mm, thanks.
    17. I do like the neat skin tones, but not enough to buy. I do agree that the unicorn is WAY overpriced. O.o
    18. Okay, everyone is freaking out over the unicorn. No, I would never ever pay that much for a figure like that, but it is actually not over priced. The unicorn was sculpted by Black Crowes, who was the person who sculpted all the older Ciao Bella Bambicronies. The unicorn is also completely hand painted. That is why it is so expensive. You are paying for a piece of original sculpted art by a professional artist, rather than a mass produced dollar store unicorn figure. Just to clear that one up.
    19. I love the Unicorn... especially since I have a OOAK Hand Sculpted Unicorn Tiny! She would look awesome displayed with the Unicorn.... what a shame it is expensive but I would consider it if I had the money for him! I think he is gorgeous :)
      Oh well... just have to look instead...