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Be wary dealing with Keicai_Ayan

Aug 2, 2006

    1. I purchased a blond wig from seller Keicai_Ayan on the 13th, paid promptly and was told it would be sent out on the 14th, I waited for a week, then Pm'd them on the 21st, I got a response saying that they had been out of town and that they realized it never went out on the 14th that it had went out on the 20th.
      I waited a week Pm'd them again, that I wondered about the wig and if there was a tracking number, no response and yesterday the 31st Pm'd them again and let them know that I had still not received it, I was concerned that it was lost in the mail and I wanted a refund, I finally received a response that it didn't go out on the 2oth like they thought, and I could either get a refund or they would send it out today.
      I wanted a refund...I never heard back....I didn't hear back today but they were on early this morning...
      this afternoon they were on the forum again so I Pm'd them again asking for a refund in case the Pm got overlooked..still no response...so I went to paypal to open a dispute figuring that would get their attention.
      They finally responded that I had been impatient with the refund and that they had things to do during the day...and that they sent a refund.
      I responded that I also had things to do during the day like a full time job, but that I made it to the PO to deliver items, Pm people...
      I then got the refund and then PM'd them to thank them for it and that i would close dispute.and said that it could have been avoided if they were better with communicating through PMs.
      they responded that they had been out of town and that they didn't drive as they are a student, and getting to the PO was difficult and that they had been busy planning to go on another trip tomorrow....and that I had been impatient. and what if they were in the hospital??
      I think waiting nearly 3 weeks for an item that conveniently doesn't make it to the PO, is quite patient...even though the seller has a way to go out of town but not make it to the PO.
      All in all a frustrating transaction, but I thank Keicai_Ayan for my refund, just be wary with dealing with them.
    2. I had the same thing happen to me.

      I purchased two pairs of Enchanted eyes for $60 each on September 13th. I sent her payment the same day she told me her paypal address. She told me that she would send them out right away.

      On September 19th, I PM'ed her about the progress of my order with her. I didn't hear anything back from her. So on the 20th I checked to see if she had been online since I had sent my message the day before and she had. So I PM'ed her again. I received back an email saying that on Thursday (the 14th) that she had surgery and had been recovering. So she hadn't been able to send them out yet. I asked why she had told me that she was going to send them out right away if she knew she was going to have surgery. Even if she did have surgery, why couldn't her father take them to the post office. She said that she didn't know that she was going in for surgery, that it was a routine exam that ended up with her having surgery. She also said her dad wouldn't help her.

      Anyways, she said in this PM that she sent the eyes out the 19th. So I was looking forward to my eyes by the 26th.

      The 26th rolls around, and I still don't have the eyes. I get pretty upset and tell her that if I don't receive the eyes by Friday the 29th, I was going to open up a paypal claim. Afterall, it had been 2 weeks of being promised something that my item had been sent.

      She PMs me back and tells me that if I don't received the item by Friday that I should tell her and she will refund the money as long as I send the money back. But she swears that she sent them on the 19th.

      I received the package today, the 28th. The postmark on the package was the 25th. So she obviously lied to me twice about what day she had sent them out.

      Now, I agree that I had gotten a little heavy-handed with her at times, but I was being lied to repeatedly.

      I'm just glad to finally have the eyes I bought. One set was supposed to be a gift for my husband who is just getting into BJD collecting. So I am pretty upset that it was so late.
    3. Well, I am glad that my transaction was completed successfully---after a two week wait!