Warning BeeryCherry - Banned

Jan 7, 2017

    1. I have a layaway arrangement with BeeryCherry but when making a payment on 29/12 was unable due to her paypal not accepting payments. I instantly messaged her but have not heard anything since, which is surprising as her responses have previously been prompt - it is the holiday season so I do hope this is just a mix up and that she is ok.
      Last time I received a message was 2/12.
    2. I am also in a transaction with BeeryCherry so I'll add my info to this as well. I paid for a doll on 12/20, and on 12/22 she let me know that she would try to ship that week, but it may end up being the following week. I thought this was understandable due to the holidays. I didn't hear back from her for a bit (sent messages on Dec. 29 and Jan. 2nd), and then received a message from her on Jan. 3rd. She said that she is currently having health problems and would have my doll shipped within 2 weeks. Hopefully she is recovering and can get our transactions cleared up.
    3. @BeeryCherry was last on the forum 4 January and is now being paged.
    4. I hope she is okay... I'm waiting for her to ship a doll I purchased as well. I sent her the final payment in our layaway agreement on Nov. 17 and she said she was in school until December, then I messaged her again then and she replied Dec. 14th saying she still hadn't made it back home to ship and I'm still waiting to hear back but I messaged her again today.
    5. Hello,

      I have bought a purple Amber from Beerycherry with a 4 months layaway,
      and I have the same problem...
      I hope it will be ok but I am pretty nervous...
    6. I am also in a transaction with BeeryCherry so I will add my info along with everyone else. I finished up a layaway on Dec. 29. The last I heard from BeeryCherry was on Jan. 3, in which she confirmed my final payment. The same day I asked when I should expect shipping, but have not heard back yet. I do hope things are fine and these transactions can be cleared up.
    7. hello guys!
      I wait for ship my boy. I talked with BeeryCherry at 4th Jan and she had a temperature, but she said she will ship my parcel when she will be in normal condition.
      And yes, she had some troubles with PP, but now is OK with new PP adress.
      In Russia have long new year's holidays 1~10 Jan usually.
      I hope we will receive ours dolls soon.
    8. Hello everyone!
      I also had a doll on layaway. I payed before 23 December and she told me the same day, that she will send it out into a week...
      Well, then she never ever replied anymore, untill I wrote her a new message with the title- Important. Then after a few days later she wrote finally. She claimed that she has health issues, thats very bad for her and i hope she will recover...but for me, that isn`t a reason, not to ship the doll out. It was a expensive doll and i know feel scammed about her because she always says she send it out, but I never got a message that she did send it out nor a trackingnumber etc I wrote her again today. I will wait untill tomorrow, when she don`t answer I have to contact paypal to get my money back...at least what i can get back, because it was a layaway....TToTT I am very sad right now
    9. Hi
      I am also awaiting several items from BeeryCheery.
      I had sent her several PM to find out when she was going to ship the items. I did not hear from her for several days, which is unusual, as she always responded promptly previously.
      I did have a PM from her on Tuesday 3rd January - she explained that she had been unwell and was hoping to fulfil her shipping obligations soon, but was unable to give a specific time scale. Hopefully she is getting better and will ship all the pending items soon.
    10. I don't want to feel like I was scammed, she's been super pleasant to work with on the layaway... it's just the shipping issue. I'm a week short of waiting 2 months for her to ship the doll I paid her over a grand for and if I have to ask for my money back, I'm afraid I won't get it through paypal because it's been too long :\
    11. When did you start your layaway? I believe Paypal gives you 6 months to file a dispute/claim. My payment to her from Dec. 20th says I have until June 18th to file a dispute.
    12. Does anyone know how Paypal handles disputes over multiple/layaway payments? I truly hope it does not come to that, and everyone has their dolls shipped soon. But it is very discouraging to hear how long some of you have been waiting for shipping. Two months is a very long time. :( My dispute period will close in a little over two weeks, and I will be watching where this goes very closely for the next couple of days. I just really wish it won't have to come to that.
    13. I started my layaway July 26th... I didn't realize there were dates on there for how long it says you have to file a dispute. I guess I have until January 22nd.
    14. I hope it's okay to add here as well. I have a layaway going and I am not able to make payment to her, with no reply on her end yet. I hope everything will turn out okay and we all get replies.
      For more information- I started my layaway, or first payment was made on Dec. 4th, 2016. My second payment was due on Jan. 4th, 2017 and I am unable to make it due to her account not taking payments.
    15. I waiting for my MD Amber ship too, I am pay in full.
      I do also hope things are fine.
    16. may anybody knows if she was online ?
    17. hmmmm... and why so long time to ship? It makes me worried so much! How she explained why she didn't ship?
    18. She said she was at her university and would be home in December to ship. Then when we spoke mid-December, she said was doing exams and hadn't made it home yet. I haven't heard from her since.
    19. I have purchased Soom Heliot from BeeryCherry. Last message on the 24th of Dec saying she would ship it soon.