Warning BeeryCherry - Banned

Jan 7, 2017

    1. Hi,
      I waiting for my Luts Yul ship too.
      Hopefully she is getting better and will ship all the pending items soon.
    2. Still no word from BeeryCherry. I just sent her a PM as well as an email to her PayPal email address. I'm very nervous with seeing so many people in this thread. I wonder of the 20 or so dolls she has marked as "finished" has anyone actually received a doll from her?
    3. We didn`t got any message anymore...after waiting of nearly 3-4 weeks - i opened a paypal dispute to get my money back! I am normally a friendly person , but i am so unlucky right now of the way she seems to act, that i have to make this. Anyway , i hope that you all will get your dolls and Items....or at least your money back
    4. Same here, no response yet. I'm getting more and more anxious about the whole situation. :( I also wonder if anyone has received dolls from her yet. I'll give it a couple more days, but then I may also start a dispute. I know things happen, but the sudden lack of communication does not sit well with me at all (on top of people waiting long periods and still no shipping). I would love to still receive the dolls, but I will not let my dispute period run out.
    5. I'm feeling the same... i really want the doll i paid for, but i dont want my dispute to run out in case this all goes wrong. I will give a few more days.. if she was in communication about it, it would be one thing, but no one really knows what's going on and i haven't heard back from her since mid-December
    6. I would like to join this thread as I have also started a layaway with BeeryCherry only two months ago, and despite the communication being fine so far, I'm getting a little bit concerned as well. She was a very pleasing person to deal with so far and I would really hate to draw back from our deal, and would much rather receive my doll, but this thread is bringing up concern and I'm also starting to get nervous. I hope it goes well for us all and it turns out to be a mix of bad coincidences.
    7. Hello everyone,

      I have also started a Paypal dispute.
      Even if I hope that everything will be fine, I prefer to be honest : I don't think my doll will be sent.
      And if I finally receive the doll, it will be always time to send again the money.
      But asking Paypal for my money back is a precaution.
      If Paypal receive all our claims, they will see that something go really wrong with Cheeryberry...
    8. Hi
      I too with regret, have contacted Paypal to initiate a dispute claim in order to achieve a refund.
      I did not feel comfortable filing a claim - but I also do not want to lose a vast amount of money.
    9. I hope that, no matter how- it will end good for everyone
    10. For those of you who are starting disputes on layaway payments: how are you doing it? Do you just dispute each payment you made separately? I've never had to dispute before, but it looks like it's heading that way.
    11. @CourtneyC

      Is also the first time that i`ve made a dipute. And as i had layaway, i made a dispute for every single payment
    12. I've never made a dispute on paypal before but I went ahead and did it. I feel a bit uneasy about it because beerycherry was so great to work with in the beginning but it's been almost 2 months I've been waiting for her to ship and now tomorrow will be a week since I've pm'd her with no response and the last pm I had with her was Dec 14th with her saying she would let me know when she got home to ship.
    13. @ reitaism

      2 months already? omg !
    14. Yeah, i sent my final payment to her Nov. 17th and it was then she informed me she was in school away from home and wouldn't be returning until December and would ship then.... but obviously that didn't happen :(
    15. I opened a dispute for every payment too ! And I explained that they all were for the same item.
      I hope Beerychery is fine. Maybe she is honest, but maybe not... So I really think that we did what we had to do with Paypal.
    16. I wonder what will happen... on my end of things, paypal said she had until the 22nd to respond. I've never filed a dispute before so I'm not sure how it all goes down. It had said her account was unreachable or something so the dispute was escalated to a claim and they are waiting for seller to respond.
    17. I started my claims this afternoon as well. I think that BeeryCherry needs to respond by the 22nd, or Paypal will judge the case without her input. I got the same message about the account being unreachable as well, except for my last two payments (which were invoiced). It looks like she used two different accounts (three, total), for the last payments, and those did not bring up the unreachable notice like the original payments did. I find that very odd.
    18. I am considering disputing. It could just be that she is sick. But the number of dolls involved and the total lack of communication makes me nervous. Even if she had a friend come and contact it would be better.
    19. Well, for me.. seeing that she's spoken to others since my last communication with her about sending their stuff and never hearing back personally got me uneasy. That and the fact that it wasn't disclosed before that she was in school and away from her dolls at the beginning of the transaction. And i just feel that even if i was sick, there would be some point in it i could gather the energy to let my buyers know.
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