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Jan 7, 2017

    1. Oh wow, after reading here further I think I will actually end up making a case for my payment I made too. I hope she is okay, but it's sounding even sketchier now...
    2. I now have also opened a paypal dispute on both layaway payments, because this situation starts to appear alarming. If everything turns out to be a misunderstanding, I will re-send the money, but until then, better be safe than sorry.
    3. I agree. Maybe I am just being a little too hopeful... I had the same thing but am a little confused because I requested a photo of the doll with my user name and date and received it on Dec 10. But now it cannot be found or has been removed from the image host.
    4. That's kinda weird.. but if she knew you received it already and was satisfied, she could have deleted it. I dunno. I don't want to think the worst, but like others have said, the dispute is to be better safe than sorry since there's been no communication
    5. Yeah I understand that. Especially for people with layaways. It is very weird though. Since it means she was home with her dolls from Dec 10th but didn't send any before Dec 24th? She also did say that she hadn't been able to ship Heliot due to tax reasons between the confirmation of payment and loosing contact.
    6. Tax reasons??? Also looking back she told reitaism that she wasn't home from school yet on Dec. 14th, but she was obviously able to send you a personalized photo on the 10th. Uhhhh... this just keeps getting sketchier.

      I filed a dispute yesterday, but I think I'm going to elevate it to a claim and let Paypal decide after seeing everything here. I'm so disappointed, but I've pretty much lost hope of receiving this doll. :(
    7. See-- that makes me suspicious too that on the 10th she had the photo for proof but the 14th she told me she wasn't home yet. Tho I'm sure she could have had someone back home take the photo if that was really the case. And not able to ship because of tax reasons? Just sounds like too many things going on...
    8. I hope it's okay. I would like to quote exactly what she said here, since it will give a clearer idea.

      I had figured since the dolls were expensive and she was selling a few that this was relatively normal?
    9. It sounds understandable what she's saying, but why didn't she contact anyone else about this issue she encountered? Her excuses to me were just her not being home to ship.
    10. I went through and checked my conversation with her carefully and there was no mention at all of her being away from the dolls. Even though it was finalised on Dec 10th (payment and address + phone for ems confirmed). The next contact I received was on the 22nd after I promoted her about news. Which is when I received the information that she needed to do an invoice.
    11. Here are the last two PMs I received from her, the first being the one I got after paying, the second being after I contacted her in December when not having heard anything for awhile.

    12. I still want to think that there's been a legitimate issue on her side. But I am a little nervous. I paid in full and since it was around holidays I did figure things might be hectic. But the last reponse we have is the 24th and some things are not adding up. She never mentioned being away from home to me, even though she said to you on the 14th she was. She never mentioned being sick to me, which again was said to someone else? And I appear to be the only one who she had to juggle money to get an invoice from?
    13. Yeah, that's what is creating doubt for me now to have filed the dispute :(
    14. I will now too, having heard from everyone here. If it turns out to be nothing then I will repay. But...yeah...
    15. This is what I heard on Jan. 3rd.

      If it weren't for this thread and seeing how many other people had come forward I probably would have been patient and waited the two weeks. However 12 (pretty sure I counted that many) people coming forward with issues is just too much for my comfort. If she shows up and sends us our dolls then that would be amazing! I would probably cry tears of happiness! But I feel more comfortable letting Paypal resolve this now.
    16. I never received any such news and it seems several others are in the same boat so...yeah. It's I think best to let paypal handle it now.
    17. I found it weird that her communication was really great untill all was paid, after it no longer communicative...
    18. This person is scamming people on Facebook as well. Here is everything I have on her. All responses stop after payment. If you have another paypal you paid to, please let me know. At this time she has used 3 known different paypal accounts.

      I paid for a piece in a split on 12/22 for Lucywen's horn, last response to her to me was 12/24. I know of 3 other people with open claims from Facebook. I escalated my claim yesterday due to the fact she would stop responding after the full payments were received.

      My friend Ally also was scammed by this same user and has already received her money back. She bought the Soon Amber from her.

      Facebook Names: Ludmita Kaminski, Любовь Калиненкова, Дарья Бурлакова
      Paypal Name: Калиненкова Любовь
      Den of Angels Name: BeeryCherry
      Paypal: kamissanny@gmail.com
      Paypal #2: kamisanny@gmail.com
      Paypal #3: novalu334@gmail.com
      Lives in Łódź, Poland or Borispol or Lipetsk, Russia
      Birthday: February 28, 1986

      Facebook accounts:
      Ludmita Kaminski | Facebook
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    19. Here's the one I sent payment to.
      Paypal: dengijdu@gmail.com
      Paypal Name: Алексеенко Виктория