Warning BeeryCherry - Banned

Jan 7, 2017

    1. Got it. I'm informing people who were scammed on Facebook as well. Thank you.
    2. I have sent my PayPal to natadno@yahoo.com
      Name: Горгадзе Юлия
      This is more than concerning. At this point I just hope we can get our money back.
    3. I purchased soom soul stealer- Breccia form BeeryCherry.
      I set layaway payments agreementon Oct 20th.
      I paid and asked her to check it, she was nice everytime she received. Dec 27th. I noticed that her account isn't able to receive money. And she did gave me explanation.
      Hello! :)

      I'm sorry for the wait with the reply, unfortunately I got sick right before the New Year Holiday.
      I'd check the PayPal and ask them if there's something wrong - so far I've only heard from them that I have to be a "shop" and treated as a business (while I'm obviously selling my personal items, the collection of dolls with a single one of each sculpt...) and have been discussing it with them via emails - but not being able to accept money is a new thing for me.
      Also there was an issue with some of the buyers sending the payment for dolls from some business accounts (which totally isn't right by the PayPal rules) - because of that I've been asked about tons of documentation for thetransactions and probably it could make the PayPal want to turn my account into a "shop" account, but from what I understood it's not a reason for some negative actions towards my account, just the massive amount of questions etc.

      Perhaps as the Dealer you may be familiar or have heard about similar issues with PayPal, honestly speaking it's all rather new for me so I'm acting basedon the actions I'm asked about - I wouldn't be interested in setting up a shop obviously as my sales are one-timefor each doll and I don't plan any reselling etc. in the future, and I'm working on persuading them that I'm not a shop and that I am selling my personal items.
      I'd update you with the new information as I get it, hopefully there would be someprogress rather soon. At least I should get a clear reply why your payment isn't able to get received, and if there's anexplanation to it I'd also try to get a solution to get it fixed.

      Thank you!

      BeeryCherry, Dec 29, 2016
      I'm still waiting forher to fixed account...
      And til I saw a person reporting an email Just similar like hers.....

      I'm going to report it and get my money back...im so sad I can't have the doll I truly wanted....
      But I'm not going to let bad people exist in the doll world!!
      Sorry, I'm opening the case
    4. Another is: carposey@gmail.com
      Name: Любовь К.

      I am escalating my claim. All of the different paypal addresses and names... I'm not used to dealing second hand but this is surely abnormal for a normal selller?
    5. She sent me Paypal invoices for my transactions.
      The paypal address she used on the Paypal invoices was
    6. Just for an update: I've collected now 10 paypal accounts linked to this user. Normally someone has only one paypal, so this is very concerning. I feel bad for Paypal. :'(

      Also a friend of mine was able to get their money back from them in December who was also scammed. Hopefully this provides some reassurance. I am so sorry for everyone involved. I am sending an email to Paypal with this list and the information I've gather and am still gathering info.

      Btw what linked me to this, is I sent a payment to kamissanny@gmail.com Name: Любовь Калиненкова. Someone messaged me and told me they bought a doll from BeeryCherry, and sent payment to paypal. This is the email they gave them: kamisanny@gmail.com with the name: Любовь Калиненкова

      Paypal: kamissanny@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #2: kamisanny@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #3: novalu334@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #4: forchaga@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #5: dengijdu@gmail.com Дарья Бурлакова
      Paypal #6: natadno@yahoo.com Горгадзе Юлия
      Paypal #7: kamisanniy@gmail.com Калинникова Любовь
      Paypal #8: padishnah@gmail.com Громова Алина
      Paypal #9: carposey@gmail.com Любовь К.
      Paypal #10: koptilniy@gmail.com
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    7. Wow. What a mess. I hope everyone gets their money back.
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    8. This is horrid... i wanted to believe the best. I was given one of the pp addys listed above but noticed in the claim it said the seller's email was carposey@gmail so i thought that was odd.... well, I'm glad i put in my claim... i just hope i can get my money back because i sent her over a grand total...
    9. little mistake ;)
    10. Thank you so much, hope all of us can get our money back!!
    11. This one is one my friend sent a payment to for Soom Amber. That was a layaway. She disputed it in December and was able to ge all of her money back. I am sure now this is the same user based on various consistencies.
      Paypal #11: fiskisi@yandex.ru Дарья Бурлакова

      Thanks! :) I didn't think there was going to be name variance initially, clearly was wrong there (lol).
      I am also pretty upset about this whole thing and am sending hugs to everyone involved. So sorry. T_T
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    12. I have only just come to notice that all of BeeryCherry's sales post have been marked as finished, which they haven't been before. Does it mean that she was online and did it, or was it a moderator?
      Either way I am deeply sorry for everyone involved, yet I believe that with all our claims escalating, the issue will become pretty obvious. Thank you all for all these informations!
    13. BeeryCherry was last online January 4, 2017.

      The Moderation team removed the rest of CheeryBerry's sales threads so no other transactions could be initiated.
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    14. Ahh, thank you very much, @CathyM ^^
    15. I think it will be very good if we all spread her info and +pictures of that dolls, I saved her pictures and I have a lot of dolls which I asked from her. Guys if we will post on all social networks, maybe we will help somebody, who doesnt know.
      I saw another user have the same, but with girl from Ukraine, but I read her description it looks like our BerryCherry. Look - Searching for a Ukrainian BJD Collector!
      And pict from her FB page took from here Photo contest - Female boardgamer 2012. Russia. | Board games of Russia and Ukraine | BoardGameGeek , like in the case with person from Tumblr
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    16. Hi. I also had a layaway with CheeryBerry. I only made one payment to her because I didn't want to spend another until I heard from her. Do you think I could still file a dispute with PayPal.
    17. Well for me, I was purchasing Soom R. Hyperon - Rise of War in grey skin
    18. Soom Heliot - God Master in cream white. She did originally say that it was on hold for someone else but a month or so later she said it fell through and asked if I was still interested.
    19. Mine was the Volks SD Leisette In my Closet Version. I really wanted that girl so badly.