Warning BeeryCherry - Banned

Jan 7, 2017

    1. Because it's all so clear now, it makes waiting for the paypal claim to go through that much rougher to wait on :(

      And i had listed it on page 4, but I'll put in again, i was purchasing her soom rise of war hyperon in grey skin
    2. Yes! I really hope paypal can get her to pay it back herself.

      Thank you @Biff. This has helped relieve the nagging feeling of guilt that this could be a misunderstanding. "Selling" the same thing twice....
    3. @reitaism Thank you! I'm very overwhelmed right now so I'm probably missing information I didn't caught the first time. I have added you to this list. :)

      Paypal: kamissanny@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #2: kamisanny@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #3: novalu334@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #4: forchaga@gmail.com Любовь Калиненкова
      Paypal #5: dengijdu@gmail.com Дарья Бурлакова
      Paypal #6: natadno@yahoo.com Горгадзе Юлия
      Paypal #7: kamisanniy@gmail.com Калинникова Любовь
      Paypal #8: padishnah@gmail.com Громова Алина
      Paypal #9: carposey@gmail.com Любовь К.
      Paypal #10: koptilniy@gmail.com
      Paypal #11: fiskisi@yandex.ru Дарья Бурлакова
      Paypal #12: dolbikka@gmail.com
      Paypal #13 oporozhni@gmail.com Тупилина Мария @Riku LIN This is from the user on Tumblr, I'm pretty certain this is the same person too.

      Biff (Bought: Lucywen horn split on FB)
      sadaloha (Bought: ?)
      Sleeping Dead (Bought: Soom Saiph Dream Reader)
      reitaism (Bought: Soom Hyperon - Rise of War in grey skin)
      jacty: (Bought: Soom Amber in purple skin)
      CourtneyC (Bought: ?)
      Riku LIN (Bought: Sard WS, Hold: Soom Euclase)
      Sakura-Streifchen (Bought: Iplehouse Mari)
      kevblizz (Bought: Teschen outfit/wig, Sueve outfit, Borol outfit/wig, Ace wig/eyes and Lig default eyes; Hold: Grey outfit/wig & eyes)
      bellaboo (Bought: ?)
      strm (Bought: Soom MD Amber)
      AuryonYue (Bought: Soom Heliot - God Master in cream white)
      crissy (Bought: Luts Yul)
      Tsuyu (Bought: Soom Saiph Dream Reader)
      bellaboo (Bought: ?)
      kailing21484 (Bought: Soom Soul Stealer Breccia)
      Yurikun (Bought: SD Leisette In my Closet Version)
      Frug101 (Bought: Yukidoll Yuki)
      puellarantsol829 (Bought: Kaye Wiggs Laryssa in dark tan via Layaway)
      madhatter! (Bought: Fairyland Lucywen split wings with adapter)
      Ladyuzumaky (Bought: Momo bunny parts (legs, tail, ears) and Lucywen outfit, shoes, eyes and staff)
      kimera (Bought: Lucywen wings split)
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    4. I just wanted to say my input. I was in transaction of a layaway for a MNF Sia Fullset with a woman named Любаня Новак on Facebook (profile: Любаня Новак | Facebook)

      Stopped communicating after my last payment on 12/11.
      Said she would send out 12/23 but it's been weeks and she hasn't communicated with me at all.

      I will proceed to open paypal claims now :(
      Damn, 8 years in the hobby and this is the first time I've been scammed. She seemed legit as I had gotten a photo of the doll and her name and date as well.
    5. @Spiteless I also entered a layaway for likely the same MNF Sia Fullset with a woman named Marina Porske on Facebook, paypal email was oporozhni@gmail.com. After I made my last payment in early December, she did not communicate back with me. I opened a paypal claim and luckily got a refund for all of my money, which I encourage everyone else to do as well.

      Her Facebook page claimed that she was from Odessa, Ukraine. I reached out to the Ukrainian bjd community to try and page her, however none of them had heard of her and were able to determine that her Facebook page was fraud. They even located the page this person seems to be getting all of their Facebook icons from as I've recognized two on the list alone so far. (I'd link to it but it also has images of very scantily clad women in there so I won't link it publicly lol.) I reported her Marina Porske Facebook profile and it has since been taken down.
    6. I can't say for certain that it's the same person, but it definitely seems like it. She had at least some of those same dolls (Heliot, bronze Topaz and the Liselotte I can say for sure) listed here on DoA, but with different photos. She also gave many of us specific photos that we requested as proof. :(
    7. Yea, dang, this is so disappointing.

      The address that I sent payments to is her Paypal #3 so it's most likely the same person :<

      @PurpleCheeseStick That's good to know you got your money back. I just sent in my claims so hopefully Paypal understands the situations and everyone gets the same results
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    8. It's her, I'm certain of it. The names match the other profile and the location is the same. There's a huge web of interlacing elements I've been gathering that are hard for me to explain here, but at this time I have 14 paypals and 8 facebook accounts that all appear to definitely be this same user. This one is one of the more obvious ones actually of the lot.

      @Spiteless on Paypal #3: There's users who were sent that paypal as the payment location for Ludmita Kaminski, and I sent payment to Ludmita Kaminski via paypal to kamissanny@gmail.com which is 1 letter away from kamisanny@gmail.com which is the paypal someone sent payment to on DoA for a purchase from BeeryCherry. :( Hopefully you guys understand (trust me, this is beyond confusing). Right now paypal #3 is the most used account.

      Paypal #14: milllakim@gmail.com

      Known Facebook Accounts:
      Ludmita Kaminski https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013349353450
      Любовь Каленникова https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012622001814
      Дарья Бурлакова: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012314072648
      Дарья Калистратова https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012303152631
      Любаня Новак Любаня Новак | Facebook
      Katrine Kalin https://www.facebook.com/katrine.kalin.5
      Mila Kim Mila Kim | Facebook
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    9. I also got a photo, which I wish I had saved now since it's been removed from the image host, of Heliot with my user name and the date. So I assume she actually does have dolls or has access to some (a friend?). Which really annoys me as it feels like someone who is in the hobby should know how important it is to others.
    10. I'm pretty disappointed about this (if disappointed is really the right word for it). But... I've been in this hobby for 15 years and this is the first time I have ever been scammed so I hope this doesn't make people mistrust more but rather just be more cautious.. though in this case, having requested photos fulfilled, I'd say this was a tough one that unless someone had forewarned you about, you wouldn't know :\

      Did anyone who got money back or knew anyone that got their money back... what was the process that was gone through? Did anyone have to talk to paypal directly to explain the situation further or did the claim just go through in their favor?
    11. From what I've read about Paypal claims, if the seller doesn't respond within the time they're given then Paypal will automatically decide in your favor. I expect that she's dumped all of these Paypal accounts and has no intention of responding to any communications from us or Paypal. I bet that's probably what the issue was when she switched accounts on people during their layaways, someone filed and won a claim, putting the account in the negative so that she had to stop using the it.
    12. I was buying the Soom White rabbit with the smirking head and rabbit legs, fullset. It really is unfortunate she did this. The paypal I was given was one already listed here as well. I really do hope we can all get our money back and she never does this again :/
    13. Those who escalated on the previous issues I found (the ones off DoA) put the item not received claim I believe. Putting item not received then it gives a chance for the seller to respond or ship. On all of the situations I've found, the seller never responded, so it sided with the buyer. I imagine this web of information is difficult to keep up, and they're banking on people not disputing the claim at all. There's 3 people I know of that were in transactions from the other paypals I found that appear to be linked to BeeryCherry. Those 3 were disputed, escalated and decided in the buyer's favor. I opened my claim on 1/12, they said I need to wait until 1/22.

      I think the fact now that it's became pretty clear this was done intentionally makes the case stronger, but it just icing on the cake here. I personally think you guys should submit what you can that shows this person is intentionally trying to defraud people as maybe this will provide reason to force Paypal's hand to handle this situation which in my opinion, is their fault. Paypal should have a better system in place to avoid this issue. :(
    14. I purchased volks Lieselotte from her, just found out she/ he is a scammer yesterday:{ The name she/he used is: Katrine Kalin, email is novalu334@gmail.com
    15. I bought a Fifth Motif Venitu from this person on a different platform. The Paypal she used was: kamissanny@gmail.com

      The last contact I had from them was on the 23rd of December. They claimed tgey just returned from their 'sightseeing trip' which is why they weren't able to ship my package. They promised me a tracking number that day, but never contacted me again.
    16. Not really an update, but I called Paypal today asking to add the information listed in this thread to my claim (mainly, the list of email addresses used, as I thought that was important). They had me email them the list to: ica-na@paypal.com. I'm not sure if anything will come of it, but I thought it was at least something since they requested the list. Has anyone else been in contact with Paypal about this person (outside of the claims, that is)?
    17. I sent a few emails over to review@paypal.com when I received updates. I will try to push out another update list to here soon.

      I'm still getting occasional reports over on Facebook of more scammed users. The German community and Russian community has been informed.

      I also heard she attempted to sell the same dolls on eBay from here on DOA, with the same photos, but I was unable to independently verify this claim.

      Due to the sheer amount of information I had to revamp my organization.
    18. its so sad she removed everything on ebay.
      I asked again into our forum and the only thing we know is, that she used also the name Anna Bogoyavlenceva.
    19. Hi! I'm Sterre, and I was on layaway for her Minifee Chloe!!! I'm now super worried about this, I was in contact with her on the 3rd and haven't heard back since, she was talking about giving me a full refund and then having me send the full amount at one time because it'd be easier for her to ship the doll that way, she had also sent a picture of the doll for me with my preferred text on it. I'm super worried now, I would rather not have to contact PayPal over this, but if she hasn't been sending dolls she's promised then that's really worrying. I've messaged her recently and I'm hoping she gets back to me
    20. She used the email kamisanny@gmail.com for me and the name my bank gave was Kalinnikaova Lubo