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Bermann resin color vs. new Dollshe resin

Oct 24, 2011

    1. I'm lucky enough to own an SA Shingumi Kurogatu Bermann. While his body is in good condition I'm thinking of ordering a DSAM32 body that I could put his head on once in a while. I'm not sure which color resin I should order Fresh skin or Oriental?
      The Bermann's resin color is a lovely cream with a definite pink tone to it, completely different from my normal skin original Saint. I'm at a loss as to which color to order.
    2. Dollshe oriental skin has a tan undertone to it. I have a Dollshe cast Dollstown freshskin doll and she matches my DO Bermann almost exactly. It's a pale pinky-cream color. I have the Hu-die-meng version.
    3. Thanks a bunch for the information!
    4. Agreeing with linakauno, I also feel that the new Dollshe fresh skin tone would be the best color match for your Bermann.
    5. I have the Valentino SA Bermann release myself. The normal skin of the first two Tensiya releases Shinsengumi and Valentino are paler than the other Bermann NS releases. He can almost pass for a slightly pinky WS though compared to WS he is a warmer color. Let me go take a look at my Dollshe/Dollstown OS and FS and see what it looks like next to my Bermann, I'm sure FS is the right answer but I want to double check.
    6. Thank you earth.spirits and idrisfynn.