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Warning Beware of buying from comicbookartistboi

Aug 25, 2006

    1. I'm currently in the processes of filing a claim with Paypal for this transaction.

      comicbookartistboi was selling his Soo Ri FS, I inquired about the layaway plans out of interest and he took that to meaning I was definitely interested in buying and was going to buy regardless.

      He added me on MSN and I was basically forced into the sale, he wouldn't take no for an answer and me being a stupid push over and not wanting to upset anyone, because he kept going on about flakey buyers and how he hated them, I sent a $50 deposit plus $1.90 for paypal fees.

      I just recently (Aug 7th) sent $400 + another $20 for paypal fees for that transaction.

      He bought Elfdoll Red from Luts with that money.

      The thing is, I couldn't and can't afford him, I was interested but the plan didn't suit me and I just wanted to say NO (well, I did, but I guess I wasn't forcefull enough) and be done with it, but I felt threatened if I said no to him because of the way he used his words.

      So I've basically sent $477 to him already, with a further $350+shipping+paypal fees to come that I can't afford....

      When he was selling his Tender Bee-A he also tried forcing me into buying her, and got very moody when I kept refusing, he wanted me to trade my Sooah for his Tender Bee-A, but I don't even like Tender Bee-A and kept telling him so and he didn't like the fact I said no to him.

      He has discussions with me on MSN and everytime he does he always mentions leaving bad feedback and how my name will be known all over the board if I back out of the sale. He then goes on to saying how nice I am and how we're friends...I wouldn't eactly call that friendship.

      I did have one way of getting out of the sale POSSIBLY (though it wasn't definite that I could have got out of it without bad feedback anyway).

      I was promised a Pirate outfit as an extra for my Full Set Soo Ri if I made payments on time, I sent my the next payment of $400+$20 for Paypal fees a day early, and it wasn't until I told him "I've sent payment early" that he mentioned he'd sold the pirate outfit to someone else at a meetup and "forgot" it was part of our deal (which, is unprofessional)

      I was going to back out of the sale, since he was changing terms and I didn't want to go through with this transaction as I felt VERY uncomfortable, but he said this:

      "My friend told me to wait until AFTER you sent the next payment to tell you about the outfit and to tell you that the money is non-refundable if you don't want to carry on."

      And the thing that bothered me was? He did wait to tell me AFTER I sent my payment, which makes me think he was going to take his friends advice, so I just agreed that it was fine because I didn't want to lose $471.90 of my money AND the doll and I basically though if I said no, that he would have just said "tough" and kept my money. He offered to suede Soo Ri instead and I just said fine, though I would have rather have had the outfit since that was part of the original deal, and it was a cute outfit, and I like piratey stuff, since I can suede the dolls myself anyway and would rather suede my dolls anyway. I don't want any of his leather looking outfits, I wanted the pirate outfit we agreed apon...

      Now everytime I have a normal discussion with him, I always hear about bad feedback and what-not, a few weeks before sending the $400 he kept telling me how upset and angry he'd be if I didn't make payment on time or if I changed my mind, because he wanted to order Elfdoll Red from Luts on August 7th so he could get a free NaNuRi head to practise on, if I was delayed or changed my mind, he'd be "very upset and angry :)" and yes, the smiley face was included....

      Also, I got a refund from anneguish, as soon as comicbookartistboi found out I got my money back, he started saying I can buy an extra outfit from him for my Soo Ri, he didn't even SUGGEST it, he made it sound like I had too, when I told him no he said:

      "Well, I just thought that because you got your money back for that doll that you could afford an outfit from me"

      I told him I couldn't and got a "oh.." reply, when I explained that the money was needed for personal things such as bills and what-not, and I even APOLOGIZED he didn't reply. He gets upset too easily if he doesn't get his own way and this is why I feel forced into the transaction.

      And I'm sorry, but other transactions with people have got nothing to do with him, yes I got my money back, but how I spend that money is up to me, not him.

      I hate flakey buyers, but I really don't feel anyone should be bullied into a sale, as much as I love Soo Ri, I couldn't afford him.

      So this is a warning, if you enquire about any sale or even compliment him on something he will try forcing you into buying, I was stupid and gave in because I'm a pushover and didn't want to upset anyone and have my rep ruined, but I don't think I should let people push me around anymore.

      I've filed with Paypal to hopefully get most of my money back, since he changed the terms of the sale.
    2. I have to say that I have been subjected to pushy selling from comicbookartistboi too. I never actually agreed to buy anything, but I spent a good few hours recieving PMs from him about an item he was selling, all of them very insistant that I should buy it becuase I showed interest. It was not a nice expeirience and I have since limited my contact with this person to areas that do not involve anything he is selling.

      I know people have had good buying and selling expireinces with him, but I think this is worth taking note of.
    3. ok, WTH?????
      why is the FIRST time i'm hearing ANYTHING negative about this????

      you have NEVER came to me about a SINGLE complaint!!! in FACT, you up till THIS point have made ME believe you WANTED to finish the sale of SOO ri!!!!

      i was informed of THIS complaint by SOME ONE ELSE!!! I did accidentally sell the outfit, but i TOLD you i'd make it up to you by sueding the doll, before he shipped, and HERE he sits, PERFECTLY sueded, awaiting the rest of payment.

      You have been NOTHING but nice EVERY time we've talked....why all the sudden have you TURNED on me??

      i was JUST informed like TWO seconds ago about this thred, and had NO clue about anything bad!

      I in NO way bullied you about buying Soo Ri....in FACT, i turned down another buyer, just so YOU could purchase the doll....

      You have not IMed me to tell me u were upset about ANYTHING.

      I felt that i was more than willing to help you.

      When you begged and pleaded with me about the "import" charges, i even was willing to work on that for you.

      I agree i made the mistake on the outfit, which BY the WAY, i was GIVING you for making your payments on time, it wasn't part of the sale. My feedback was ALWAYS flawless. On ebay AND here.

      no one "bullied you" into taking the doll. I'm totally utterly SHOCKED at your lies, and attempt to drag my name thru the mud. ANYONE who has EVER EVER bought anything from me, would tell anyone that i'm HONEST, and caring of people's needs.

      NO one can "bully" you into buying anything. In fact, we had conversations about how OTHER people had backed out of sales, after "changing" their minds. "WHat JERKS people are, " you said.

      what has happened here is that someone wanted to BUY a doll, ONLY to find that they changed thier mind and wanted to back out. NEVER ONCE was i notified that there was a problem. ANOTHER DOAer just asked me if i "got my situation with "that girl" worked out.....and i said "What girl"....and they posted this thread.

      After how understanding and KIND i was to you how DARE you try to do this to me.

      I should have known something was up when you told me that your boyfriend would be FURIOUS at you for buying a doll......but that you were going to do it because you NEVER see SOO ri online.

      I can't believe you have the odacity to sit here and try to CONVINCE people that i REACHED thru the computer, and FORCED Your hand to SEND me 400 dollars.

      You paid 50.00 to get me to HOLD the doll for you to SHOW me you were SERIOUS!!! THEN you paid again on the 7th in the amount of 400.00 you did pay 20.00 for fees.

      You were TOLD before hand that once you started there was no backing out and THIS is why you'r doing it this way....to attack me and try to FORCE my hand.

      anyone who KNEW about the transaction KNOWS i didn't do these things of what you speak.

      If you wanted to cancel the sale, you SHOULD have emailed me and LET ME KNOW...you have my name and we talk all the time on MSN.

      If you want to cancel the transaction, then you need to let me know CORRECTLY, instead of trying to FORCE me to do it this way.
    4. my FINAL words on this are THESE EXACTLY....you wanted your money back, all you had to do was TALK to me. It's positively SHAMEFUL that you would do this. YOu never even SPOKE to me. INSTEAD, you dragged my name thru the mud. AND as far as "GUIDE" goes, i've never even SPOKEN to you outside of threads, so don't go there.

      I never said we were friends. I just can't believe that u'd come HERE to get your money back, INSTEAD of talking to me thru our messages, and letting me KNOW there was a problem.

      NO ONE can force you to BUY anything...........I don't go to a car dealership and let a sales person HAGGLE me into buying something that i don't want. YOu have come here, and manipulated the situation WITHOUT letting me know. You didn't even have the GALL to post this in my FEEDBACK area so it could be seen by me!!
      WHY couldn't you have just come to me and say "LOOK", we have a problem, i can't do the sale"
      instead, you typed all types of "Smilies' about how glad you were that you were getting him!!!

      and just for the record, this girl WAS told ahead of time that the money is non-refundable!!!!! (I do this because i've been burned by people) the ONLY reason this thread has even POPPED to my attention is because SOMEONE ELSE told me there was a problem!!!!

      I was still in the assumption that the sale was going thru on the 7th!!!

    5. i did NOT change the terms...i ADMITTED my mistake, and actually OFFERED to SUEDE the doll in exchange for my MISTAKE!!! This girl isn't telling the WHOLE story, and everyone's ready to JUMP on me for it, instead of hearing my side too. I'm sorry that she's upset. I'm also sorry i ever TALKED to her. If she had COME to me originally, instead of LYING on this board, then i'd not be upset, and we could have worked everything out. I only found out TODAY.

      I won't be selling on DOA anymore. This is INSANE. everyone who has bought from me has been HAPPY with me.

      SO, if she's so upset, and has all these "pushy" ims from me, where's the proof?

      and just FOOD for thought, why would i "BuLLY" someone into BUYING a doll, if i ALREADY HAD A BUYER!!!???

      ANOTHER GIRL was interested in the doll!!!

      the ONLY reason that Rinoa GOT the doll is because she agreed that she could pay it off FASTER!!!

      i actually SENT an email to the other girl letting her know that she coulnd't buy the doll, because another individual was interested, and could pay him off faster!

      She never mentioned the fact that i offered to Suede the doll for my "outfit" mistake. She also never mentioned the fact that she has NEVER IMed me to let me know there was a problem. the FIRST bit of knowledge i have that the sale wasn't going thru was THIS thread....
    6. I apologize for my cap typing....its actually a bad habit that i can't seem to break.... (trying to emphasize words on the net is hard) i will try not to do that. LOL
    7. My last words on this are these. Even tho i told her that she would not get her money back way ahead of time, and even tho these are LIES, i will save up the money in the next couple of weeks and pay her the money. I know i look like the bad guy here, and it was stupid to spend the money before it was paid off, however, keep in mind, i had told her it was non-refundable. With that said, i was assuming she had the intelligence to understand that. She doesn't feel "Trapped". People who feel trapped don't type with "^__^" faces at the end of their senteces in IM land. THey also don't try to tell you how desperate they are to avoid import fees, and feed you sob stories about your transportation and the like, because they are too cheap to pay their countries exuberant import taxes. (well, ok maybe they do sometimes LOL) but the bottom line is, (Stating this calmly here) that I was the one taken advantage of. Not the other way around. ALOT of people are so quick to assume that the person creating the thread is the victim. Sometimes, people are unable to be adults. And they'd rather go about things the childish way, instead of being a mature, capable adult. THey'd rather blame others, and make everyone take their side (Power in numbers) rather than to try to talk to an individual. I'm sure that Rinoa is not a bad person. But i am also sure that she did not take the mature way to deal with this.

      As i've said, as soon as i build up the money, (should be about two weeks or a little over) she will get most of her money back. Paypal fees, and deposit NOT being part of that.

      I also will no longer be selling on DOA

      This entire situation has made me feel i cannot trust online sales any longer, so i will be keeping myself out of making any outfits or accessories other than for myself. I will not sell to anyone, if i have a feedback that is negative, as i don't want anyone having doubts about my skills as an artist, and my moral as a seller.

      To those of you who have supported me in this debate, i thank you, and you are wonderful, kind people to come to my defense.

      i will no longer be even reading this thread. If Rinoa will contact me personally, and give me her paypal name, she will get her money back. I'm done argueing about this crap.

      just for the record....the "50.00" was to HOLD the doll....to prevent me from selling it to the OTHER individual who also wanted the doll. I did tell her LONG in advance before any money was EVER sent, that any monies sent would be NON-refundable. SHe agreed, and said she understood this. she agreed to it BEFORE she even sent the original 50.00 to hold the doll. She even bragged about how the money being non-refundable wasn't a big deal, because she had NO intention of backing out of the sale, because she "had very rarely seen" a Soo Ri online for sale, in his complete FULL SET.

      As far as the fees go, most just knock the cost up to cover the fees. I was actually HONEST and let someone know what i expected. it was ALSO stated ahead of time.

      The money being non-refundable is NOT a new deal. if you buy something on Ebay, and it states AHEAD of time that it is FINAL, then u are stuck. I just didn't want someone "not being sure" they wanted the doll, and then STARTING to pay something on it, then deciding MONTHES into it that they changed their mind. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as i tell the person ahead of time. WHICH I CLEARLY did.
    8. This thread is being locked. Both members have presented their sides of the transaction. At this point, the dispute needs to be resolved between the 2 members privately.