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Beware of Ebay member catlok2212

Mar 29, 2007

    1. Just a warning>>>

      This buyer purchased an item (clothing set for SD girl) in Jan 23, paid on Jan24. Asked to be shipped to her friend in France as a gift via airmial. Item shipped and custom released number provided for check up. Then waited 59 days, filed a chargeback saying it was an unauthorized use of credit card (on March 23). So her friend got item in France and she got her money back in Germany (dont' have her address on paypal). At this pointed I also lost the fees from Ebay cuz it's past 45 days of filing a dispute.

      Do beware and proceed with caution.

    2. Thank you for the heads up!! Sounds like my old scammer again.
    3. Thanks for the heads up, this person sounds like they are probably celyne22/nounours2212, a person notorious for scamming people out of thousands. I wouldn't be surprised if the "friend" in france is actually her. I'd let the people involved with the celyne22 problem thread know about this person, possibly give them the address in france to find out if it is celyne22?
    4. Apparently a seller on Ebay also contacted me that he is going through the same thing with paypal right now fighting a chargeback from this buyer. Both her and her friends' addresses are in France according to the paypal transaction. thanks for helping out.x.
    5. Apparenlty she is the same cammer. She is banned here, but not on Ebay and i have contacted them and other victims. The victims responded and helped out but Ebay apparently don't care since they got their money's worth. Thanks to everyone who contacted about this person.x.
    6. You still have her friends name and address, I would use that. Her friend is also a scammer then and helping her.:( Very Sad..:(
    7. Yep, the paypal was under another name not listed here by the mods, But i was asked to send to Celine instead in the message. The friends name and address is different but also in France.x.
    8. WoW.:(
      But you have that address and its proof to back you up.:sweat
    9. Yes, i opened this thread and it leads to the DOA member "catlok" and all info forwarded to some members/ebay members/mods. Thanks