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Negative Feedback Beware of Ebay seller *bohemian*mermaid*/dollgypsy-updated

Oct 18, 2006

    1. I purchased a dress from DollsbyRhiannon over the weekend, the dress was $18.00 and ship was $8.

      I received the dress today..and it is of such poor workmanship I could not believe it.


      Looks nice doesn't it?? well look closer:


      nice unfinished seam


      Oh look holes in the fabric!


      another unfinished seam! see a pattern??


      she was very rude to me, called me names and accused me of stealing her ideas and work....edited

      I have edited this thread, just to show the work that was done on the dress.....
      I have received a partial refund from seller for the price of the dress.
    2. I also had an extremely unpleasant transaction with dollsbyrhiannon.
      Please check feedback for dollsbyrhiannon & ask for references.
      I have always done this before buying before,
      but I was excited about my new BJD this time &...failed to do so. :doh

      Hindsight is 20/20...and here is the research I've found since my unpleasant transaction with dollsbyrhiannon:

      e-bay ID History:

      dollsbyrhiannon Oct-18-05 - Present
      rhiannonsdolls Feb-21-04 - Oct-18-05
      rhiannonmorghaine Mar-12-03 - Feb-21-04
      rhiannonmorghayne Jan-23-03 - Mar-12-03
      rhiannonsenchantedgarbcloset Nov-15-02 - Jan-23-03
      ladyrhiannoncostumes Jun-27-02 - Nov-15-02
      rhiannonart Apr-19-01 - Jun-27-02

      Negative Feedback:

    3. Wow, that is some nasty feedback. I have had one transaction with her, and the dress is fine, not great, but it was only around $20, so no arguments there. FOUR requests for payment in the course of a day, though! I don't think I will deal with her again.
    4. Thanks for this, nearly got snagged as I had something on my watch list. She's changed her user ID to dollsbybohemianmermaid
    5. looks like it.
    6. unbelievable!

      She was Bohemian mermaid on ebay just a few weeks ago. She was illegally reselling numerous photocopies of other designers BJD patterns, (she would photoshop over the original picture). But really, she ripped off copyrited designs of pattern makers as Magalie Houle Dawson and others. Her replys to negative feedback is "liar". as to my feeback on ebay about her selling illegal copies of another designers kimono pattern, she responded that on one cannot copyrite a 700 year old design. if you read the replys to negative feedback given to her as seller "bohemian mermaid", she is pretty nasty.

      Anyone who tries to cover up the picture in a pattern and then sell multiple photocopies of it knows exactly what she is doing. - Barb in MA
    7. bohemianmermaid, all the rhainnon variations, and now dollgypsy are all the same person. BEWARE!

      she is selling copies of MHD patterns. She is also selling copies of Gracefaeire patterns, in particular her corset pattern. She did't even bother to take her own photo - she's using a murky version of Grace's photo.

      besides ebay, she has a website:

      the corset photo comes from this:

      you can see it's the identical photo by looking at the pose, the lacing, and even the visible joint on the model, plus the faded pattern in the fabric.

      She did buy one original of this pattern from Grace and then started selling copies on ebay. Grace spent days reporting the auctions and now it looks like she changed her id instead and is selling them from her website rather
      than on ebay.
      Please don't support illegal copying.
    8. more info:
      Grace of Gracefaerie Designs has obtained a copy of the corset pattern this seller is selling and it is identical. It is a direct photocopy of all pieces and instruction pages even including Grace's copyright marks!
    9. Same for the MHD Kimono pattern. MHD has also obtained a copy that this seller has sold. same thing. direct photocopy with blurs on the cover picture.

      Please do not buy from doll gypsy, bohemian memaid and all her other names. She is stealing the art and designs of others. And she carefully makes it appears that these are "her designs", that she is selling multiple copies of.

      She knows what she is doing. These patterns are owned and copyrited by Gracefaerie and MHD. - Barb in MA
    10. mhdolls, I have edited the thread title to reflect her new username.

      I hope you are continuing to report her to eBay, selling counterfeit items and copies is against their regulations.
    11. thanks twigling for putting the new id in the title.

      Yes, several of us (Grace and Magalie included) are on the lookout for her on ebay to report all auctions of these. And we're posting this info to yahoo groups and other forums too.
      This kind of blatant outright stealing is just intolerable.
    12. This also happened to me a few years back. A person on a list I was on copied several parts of one of my patterns and combined it with pieces from several other pattern publishers and then presented the pattern as "hers" and sold it. I had a very kind person - who had actually purchased the pattern to prove what was happening - contact me to alert me to what was going on. It was most disgusting and I have to really wonder about the sanity (or lack of) of someone who does this. Grace, MHD and any other people whose patterns have been copied should contact her immediately and demand she cease what she is doing or legal action will be taken! It's great that the word can be spread quickly on forums like this one.
    13. I feel overwhelmed by your heart-felt support.
      Your friendship, advocacy, and strength mean the world to me.
      Thank you, dear friends.
    14. Grace,
      You deserve every bit of support. When people do things like this to a hard-working, honest person like you everyone has to step up to the plate and point it out. People who steal from other people need to have their business cut off - and only thru forums and groups can the word get out. It's just sad that even one person had to be bilked by someone like this. :sigh
    15. sorry for the broken links to the dress I bought from this person..I removed them to make room.
      She is a nasty person to deal with especially if you complain about the items you buy from her.
      She accused ME of stealing her ideas, said I was doing this because I was friends with Lady Morghane {at the time I didn't know who she was talking about}, and that I was only buying the dress to resell it..
      LOL that was laughable, I told her I wouldn't be caught dead selling the piece of crap she made...much less steal anyting from her, and that I didn't know the person she thought I was in with.

      She's a mean spirited, small minded person and should be avoided at all costs..
    16. This is unbelievable. The GALL! Thank you for pointing out those, I would never have realized it. I wonder if people realize how much work goes into creating a workable, original pattern -- and how indebted we all are to those of you that sell them. That she has the nerve and lack of ethics to do something like that.. *sigh* thank you. I'll be reporting her too, though usually Ebay only takes it seriously coming from the original creator. Good luck to you guys!
    17. Could you post a link to the other lady she's ripping off? I've never heard of Gracie's stuff before, and her designes look wonderful! I'd love to see the other lady's work.
    18. Gracefaerie is here:
      the pattern copied is #16

      MHD is here:

      "Orientale Moderne" is the one being copied.

      In both cases, bohemianmermaid bought patterns on ebay from both these artists and then photocopied then and sold them as her own. In both cases she merely cropped and altered their photos slightly, not even disguising the fact that they are identical copies.
    19. PayPal has its own ban on selling goods that violate copyright laws. Here's the policy, and a link to alert them. Probably best since she has a website outside of eBay.

      You could also complain to her web host, "Website Pros, Inc." They probably have a similar policy.
      Not involved in this, I just want to make sure that every way to shut her down is known. I'm tired of seeing people taken advantage of.