Resolved Beware of gottabegenki

May 1, 2006

    1. My story is pretty similar to this one:

      With the small exception that I haven't had any resolvement as of yet.

      On March 20 I saw a sales thread by gottabegenki (the thread itself is deleted now, as far as I can see), with a Tender Too, which I have been looking for. I jumped on the idea, and paid her on March 31.

      A while later I got a mail saying that she had been delayed with some personal stuff, and that he'd be sent out soon. Then, on April 20, I got a PM saying she had lost her Internet and couldn't get my address, but that he would be shipped out the next day.

      I have not gotten any confirmation that he has been shipped, and I have sent several PMs on here as well as e-mails to her -- without getting any response, despite the fact that there's been activity on her LiveJournal.

      I'm giving her a few more days to get back to me, and then I will have no choice but to file a dispute claim with PayPal and hopefully get my money back. This is the first bad experience I've had in all my buying and selling online, and if this turns out to be nothing but I scam I would be terribly disappointed.

      Edit: I'm filing a claim with PayPal today - despite sending more messages and mails to gottabegenki, warning her that I'm going to file a claim, she has not gotten back to me. I've sent her mails and PMs since the 27th of April - her LiveJournal has been updated three times since then, so she is obviously online. This leads me to conclude that she has scammed me, and that I won't be getting my doll.

      I'm incredibly disappointed -- should teach me not to be so trusting.

      Edit number II: Quite a bit later now - but the issue has finally been resolved, so I wanted to edit this post. I filed a dispute claim with PayPal, but got a mail a week or so later saying that the money was gone, so there was nthing they could do. About a week or two after that again, I suddenly got a refund from gottabegenki.

      I still haven't heard one single word from her, but at least I did get my money back in the end.
    2. Bump for edit. *is not pleased with the situation*
    3. F*cking b*tch - how dare she do something like this to my friend *scowls* I hope the claim goes through alright and you get your money back.
    4. This is the second complaint against this seller on page 1 of this section. The whole "no internet" situation and yet LJ updates is just shady or utterly irresponsible. You'd think having one complaint against you would be enough to put you on the straight and narrow, but apparently not.
    5. amelie: I hope so too - I've pretty much given up on getting the doll, but I do still have a slight hope of getting my money back.

      Darkrogue: Sadly I saw the other case after I had already paid gottabegenki, otherwise I might have changed my mind promptly. She has even been on DoA after I sent her PMs, so it's clear she's just ignoring me and nothing else.
    6. I'm very disappointed with this situation.... I'd like to talk to her personally about all this yet I feel like maybe I shouldn't get involved (friendship and business don't mix or something) but I just feel like this hurts zenfu and also damages gottabegenki's credibility :(
    7. Good grief, I can't believe this scum is putting someone else through this as well.

      I am so sorry you have to deal with this.
    8. This is the first I saw of this thread when my friend, Gayle, linked me to it.

      Zenfu, I PM'd you. So sorry this is happening to you.

    9. It would be so much easier if people would just COMMUNICATE with each other. :[ I wish, I wish that simple concept could be adhered to.

      I suppose it's different with everyone, but if someone comes to me and says 'I'm having some difficulties. Is it okay if it takes a bit longer?' then normally, it's perfectly FINE. Because I know that (a few times, actually) I've been put in a situation where something has come up, and it takes me a little longer than I expected to get people what they paid for. I promptly explained my situation, and people have always been okay with it.

      zenfu, sorry this has happened to you. I'm sorry it's ever had to happen to anyone.
    10. Did this issue get resolved? She thought it would be nice to comment on my LJ accussing me of things but wouldn't take the time to contact people she owes things too, she's since deleted her comment to me though, and, funnily enough, renamed her LiveJournal (not that it matters because her old one redirects to it).

      Not sure if this has been resolved but was just curious after that little fiasco she decided to pull on my journal.
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