Beware of Seller - Oriale

May 20, 2006

    1. I purchased two dolls from Oriale in mid-March. She e-mailed me about a month later telling me she had been in a car crash and had been delayed with delivery. Since that time I have emailed her multiple times, contacted paypal, etc. and still no word. Does anyone have any information?
    2. Her profile says:Last Activity: Yesterday 10:22 PM

      hope you find her

    3. i am not a thief.
      with aol,no emails from usa arrived for me!!!!!
      the package is on a way,so today it arrived at home because you have not seach it at your post office.
      i goes at my post office and return it for you.please see at your postal box because it is not my faute.
      sorry for this inconvenience,i want not keep money and dolls,i am not a thief,just have a probleme with the french post.
    4. I checked my post office yesterday and there were no packages from Oriale. Plus, I have sent emails through the paypal email and through DOA, many, many times. Do you have the tracking number for the package, because I have NOT received anything.
    5. I just counted messages sent to Oriale - 9 private through DOA, 6 through paypal email. I ordered two dolls in March - Chiwoo and Persia, and paid through paypal $650 for each dolls. No communication, no dolls.:...(
    6. don't worry i am not a thief,just have a probleme with the french post office.
      so,you take yours dolls quickly.
      thank you and sorry for alls inconvenients.
    7. hmm. not sure what method you sent it by.lf it's EMS, there should be tracking. if not and it got returned to you so fast, your post office must be pretty good. Buyer is out of 1300 and over a month is pretty long. just saying don't worry and blame on post office over and over again is not going to solve anything.
    8. did this get resolved?
    9. Issue still not resolved. No dolls, no money back. I am still waiting. And I am hoping that she will send the dolls soon as she has said, but still has not send me tracking numbers or any information except to continue to wait.
    10. Did you start a Paypal claim? It may be too late now.
    11. Yes, I started a paypal claim, but I am so disappointed because I am new to DOA and have trusted the process. What surprises me is that Oriale still continues to check DOA, yet she sold me beautiful (per the pictures) and has not delivered. I purchased in mid- March. I have also contacted internet authorities.
    12. Another week has passed and still not dolls received from Oriale. She continues to claim she will post them to me but still I have received nothing.
    13. Now Oriale has blocked her email so she will not receive messages. If you note above, she has said again that she mailed dolls ------- but I have received nothing. $1,300 gone because of a very bad transaction and false seller.
    14. So sorry to hear this! I know the feeling...I'm out over $500 to a seller in the's making me re-think transactions to overseas sellers. I hope your issue gets resolved! Please keep us in the loop!
    15. I'm not sure how much information (name, address) the board allows to be posted, but you might want to give a little more information so that no one has the same thing happen to them.
    16. Still no word from Oriale. I purchase two dolls from her in March, paid $650 for each doll immediately through paypal, and nothing.

      Today, as I was looking in the marketplace for face-up commissions, I saw the exact picture of one of the dolls that I purchased! I wonder if she also is using pictures for the purpose of selling dolls she doesn't even own?
    17. Oh, I am so sorry for both of you having problems like that....
      If there truly was a problem that the seller had no control over, that's one thing, BUT as you say there should ALWAYS be some PROOF of postage....Even if you just ask for a receipt from the pos office when you post something, it isn't difficult at all.......
      It really upsets me to hear of things like this happening, because when you put your faith and trust AND money in/to someone...and get shafted like this's quite honestly like being the victim of theft( except it's also like you've welcomed them in to do it too)...
      Why oh why people can't be honest is just beyond me, especially when we all have the same interest and should certainly be helping each other...
      'Treat others as you yourself would want to be treated' is really what it all boils down to , and hearing stories like this really makes you lose your faith in humanity sometimes, and is such a shame that a few very bad apples can spoil it for others....
      I REALLY hope this issue gets resolved for you soon....:|
    18. Has the situation been resolved yet?
    19. Still not resolved. And no communication. I understand Oriale is reputable, but she has not proven that she shipped the two dolls ($1,300) nor has she communicated. Another DOA member has agreed to try to help me with this though. If anyone has had contact with Oriale, please ask her to pm me.
    20. i hate being shafted... mine wasn't as large as yours but you remember how much trouble i went through with my corbin... Didn't have a problem with buying the Pitts head though. *shrug* Did you ever get your money back for this hun? Or some form of closure?