BEWARE of this Person!!!

May 22, 2006

    1. Please beware of this person, her Id is EYE-SHIELD, she just joined DOA on the 20th of May. Without posting prior she sent me a very weird message that she wanted to trade for my T-too for her U. After some talk back and forth. She said she couldnt trade anymore, then she said she could. So I asked her to send me some feedback and then she said she couldnt trade anymore because now she had promised the doll to someone else. This was followed by an email stating that she hadnt actually closed the deal so she still wanted to trade for my Too? I am letting everyone know this person reeks of trouble and scammer. Please be cautious..if you want to know more email me privately. thanks

      EDIT!!! Everyone this scammer is the same person that scammed Almostangel of her doll...Please be careful. This is not a misunderstanding she is out to steal peoples dolls!!!
    2. HEY! Can I ask you where this person is from? I just got scammed out of my Too girl from a gril in Brazil, she also wanted to trade too girl for her U..
    3. thanks for the heads up, maybe they will try to build a good rep for themselves in the future.
    4. Just PM you!
    5. *in shock*

      And it was supposed to be a Fullset U??? To trade for Too's?? Sounds like this person was only using him to lure innocent traders...
    6. from the sound of it, I think mys cammer and this scammer could very likly be the same person?? I need to find more out about this!
    7. This really breaks my heart..... :(

      It seems harder and harder to find people we can trust in our hobby.... :ablink:
    8. That's so terrible! And really scary too ;.;
    9. That´s sad to hear. We - the Bjd Brazilian Forum - are doing the best to get in touch with yukisou and to discover if she has some conection or is the same person as this EYE-SHIELD
    10. Oh goodness! Thank you for pointing this out!