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~*BEWARE OF YUKIYOBOY12! Help! Where is my body?!!*~ ( RESOLVED)

Aug 25, 2007

    1. Where do I begin? It's been such a long drawn out transaction... I just can't stand it anymore.

      It all started when I agreed to do a three way trade with Yukiyoboy12 and slvrdrgn for an SD13 boy body on July 5th. I wanted the SD13 boy body which yukiyoboy12 had, slvrdrgn wanted the Luts NS boy body I had, and yukiyoboy12 wanted the Dolkot boy body that slvrdrgn had. So we all agreed that we should do a three way trade to help everyone's situation.
      Everyone did an even trade, including shipping.
      I asked Yukiyoboy12 when she would ship the body, she said Monday, the 9th of July. She also asked me if It was okay that she de-assemble the SD13 body to save on shipping, and I said alright. At the time, slvrdrgn said she really wanted me to ship her body, and she was planning on shipping hers for the trade the next day after we all agreed to do this, which was Friday, the 6th. So, I saw no harm in shipping my body for the trade the next day, and I shipped my body out on the 6th, knowing perfectly well that Yukiyoboy12 was going to ship her SD13 boy body for me on the following Monday like she said.

      A little time passed and I hadn't heard anything from Yukiyoboy12 after the Monday that she was supposed to ship out my body. So I PMed her to see how everything was going. I asked her if she shipped out my SD13 boy body yet, and she said;
      yes, it was shipped, but she had her friend do it for her and that he shipped it out a different method then she had hoped, and that it wouldn't get to me as fast as she would have liked.
      I PMed her back, asking which method this was, because she didn't even tell me. I asked if it was shipped out by surface which will take a good three months or so, and she responded with a simple, yes, it was shipped out surface.
      At this point I was already upset because I had done my side of the bargain and shipped my body out promptly the next day by Xpresspost(faster than EMS), which cost me $30, but I willingly shipped it anyway, expecting to get my body shipped out EMS like she said she would.
      I figured there was nothing that could be done about it and so, I waited. I waited a month and PMed her during this time to see if she could possibly track the body and she said she would contact the post office to find out some information. She never updated me with any information regarding what happened with the post office, and it was always me who had to initiate the communication.
      All this waiting really wasn't (and still isn't) fair to me since I shipped out my body for the trade the next day, by Xpresspost. So I PMed her, asking her for a refund on the body, and I told her clearly, that I would ship the SD13 boy body back to her once it arrived to me. I just wanted a refund so that I may buy a replacement body for my boy in the meantime.
      She PMed me, not addressing this issue at all, telling me that her father died.
      I apologized to her, and this is the PM she sent to me:

      So I waited for her to find out what could be done about it at the post office once again, to get some sort of information. I waited for about another week, then PMed her again. She just told me the same thing, that she will see what she can do. She told me she was waiting for the post office to call her.

      I waited and waited and still heard nothing so I sent her another PM because nothing was really being done about the situation, and she still hadn't even adressed the issue about giving me a refund. I was fed up. This was the PM I sent to her;

      Her response was this:

      Then I wrote back to her;

      And her response;

      That was the last PM I ever recieved from her and it was on the 12th of August. I sent her two other PMs, one asking for a scan of the receipt to proove that she shipped it, and the other was a kind of "are you there?" PM. I recieved no response to either. Apparently she was last logged on on the 18th.

      I've waited close to two months now, and I'm starting to lose hope that the body will arrive at all. All I would like from her now is some sort of contact with proof that she shipped the body at all, and a refund on the body so I can get Haylee a replacement one in the meantime (and when the body finally does arrive, I will ship it back to her). I don't want to walk out of this with a giant loss of $500. What should I do?
    2. I hope you get this resolved and I just wanted to point out, as of May 14, 2007, USPS (United States Post Office) eliminated international surface mail service:

      Which means she can't possibly sent it out by surface mail in July...
    3. Yumi said what I was about to say. :/ Sounds like you've been scammed. I'd report her to the moderators, and you could probably file a police report against her for theft of goods. That usually gets peoples buns in gear.
    4. Hey guys,

      Are you serious? *Holds in anger* I don't even know what to say to that... Now I most definitely need to call her. I will be PMing slvrdrgn to get her address, and then phone number. I hate this so much >< How do I go about filing a police report? Is it possible to do even if we didn't do the transaction through Paypal?
      Is it possible for me to try and reverse this transaction? For example, if I asked slvrdrgn to ship me back my body and if she were to ask yukiyoboy12 to ship her back hers? Ofcourse, I'd wait for her to get her Dolkot body back first from yukiyoboy12 before she would ship me back mine.
      Do you guys think this is right? I mean, It seems only fair.
    5. Your best bet might be to try and contact her first. Call her, and if she doesn't answer write her a snail mail letter with a return receipt attached. The return receipt can be used in future court cases if it comes down to it.

      What country does she live in, or rather what country was she in when this transaction took place? Also, do you have details of this deal anywhere in writing, including digital? You might need to prepare a chronology of the tale, from the beginning agreement until her repeated insistance that it was sent via surface mail.

      Who knows? Being confronted with the fact that surface mail was discontinued in the spring may be enough to get her to confess and refund you.
    6. If yukiyoboy12 intentionally not sending the body to you, I would have doubts she will send back the dolkot body to slvrdrgn.

      Like Zully Quirke said, get her address, phone number to try make contact with her directly first. If no response by phone or physical mail, and if she is in the US or the transaction is taken place in the US, I suggest filing a complaint with ICS, I believe after they review the complaint, they will work with the local enforcement agency(police) at her location.
    7. Oh, Thank you so much guys for all that information and helping me out.

      Yumi- I will definitely file a report with IC3 if nothing works out in the end. They sound very helpful, and I just want this to end.
      I have PMed slvrdrgn asking her for Yukiyoboy's address three days ago, but she never responded. I PMed her again today, so we'll see what happens.

      Zully Quirke- I only have details of this transaction in digital unfortunately. A snail mail letter sounds like a good idea. I just hope that Slvrdrgn responds to me so I can get her sddress already. I informed her about surface mail being stopped as of May 14th, and she never mentioned it in her most recent PM she sent me (which is the only PM I've gotten from her in a while):

      If what she is saying is true, then I am the most relieved person in the world right now. But if she's still just pulling my chain and having me hang on to false hopes, I'm ready to file a police report ASAP. I guess now all I can do is wait until Friday and find out if she actually did ship out a new body with a tracking number and a reciept. *holds breath*
    8. Whose idea was the swap anyway? Sounds like the other two people got dolls and left you holding the bag. I hope it works out for you. You might also have a mail fraud case Good luck.
    9. I'm really sorry that this happened to you, I hope you get this all straightened out! I thought I would just like to let you know, though, that slvrdrgn is currently on vacation and hasn't been able to get any internet access. She left the 22nd and won't get back until the 4th.
    10. Hey Belladonna! I'm sorry to hear about all of this!

      [Edit: opps! amaranth beat me to it! lol]

      I know Slvrdrgn and I think she's on vacation still... :) Good luck getting this all straightened out!

      Best wishes!
    11. I'm mighty suspicious about this story of buying a second body. Odds are good that she either:

      1) Didn't have the body in the first place.
      2) Hadn't bothered to mail it out and is using this as a cover to just now mail it.

      Either way, I hope she gets you that shipping info, and I hope you get your body!
    12. Not to defend Yukiyoboy or anything, because I think between not responding to PMs/email and you not having the body yet, this is really inexcusable, but surface mail was only stopped in the Spring from the USA. It's unclear from Yukiyoboy's profile whether the body to you was shipped from Japan or the US. Surface Mail was still available from Japan to the USA as of May 11, 2007 That is post when it stopped in the US and I know surface mail was still available from Japan because while on vacation I shipped myself a small box surface. (containing aerosol MSC containers which is why I used surface.) I'm pretty sure one of my best friends sent herself things via surface mail from Japan at the end of July when she moved house.

      Did Yukiyoboy mention in any of the PMs whether she was in the US or Japan?

      If the body was shipped surface from Japan, it is still possible you might get it, but what shape it will be in.... ~.~ (All of the boxes I have ever sent surface from Japan have arrived damaged, the items inside were not, but I've heard from other people where they were.) Even if the mistake for the shipping was caused by her boyfriend balking at a higher price or just not realizing, it was her responsibility to mail out the body and to get it to you in a timely fashion.

      Good luck with everything.
    13. This girl is really getting on my nerves. Not you Belladonna, but Yukiyoboy12 ^^. I have tried to get back to her for bellas sack and she has only gotten back to me once, gosh! I warened her that bad stuff would happen and she is making this thing worse then it is. I pmed her again to get this point threw.
    14. hi all,
      i went and bought another body from my friend and i sent it directly to her via priority mail with insurance! When i first agreed to the swap i was going to mail it out myself but do to the fact that i was working i had my friend send it out and he sent it the cheapest way possible which is not what i wanted. He didnt even insure it and i was upset over that fact also. I thought hopefully it would have gotten to her but it didnt! I apologize to all that were involved and i am very sorry for this mess that i should have taken care of in the first place! I did send her another body and i sent it out today so she would get it fairly soon. I have never had this ever happen to me and i am just sick over this mess!
    15. tracking number?
    16. i have allready sent her a scan of the reciept and all the slips i was given at the post office! She told me in an IM that she was very happy and things were ok now!
    17. Thank you guys for all your suggestions and help with this situation. Yukiyoboy12 did in fact show me pics of the new receipt and gave a tracking number for the new body she sent out. I'm very relieved to be finally getting a body. When/if it arrives, I'll let everyone know. *crosses fingers*
      As everything stands right now, we're on good terms. It's just that this has been such a long long transaction, and it shouldn't have taken this amount of time for something to be done about the situation. For that reason, I'm dissapointed, but I'm very thankful that all this will finally be resolved.
    18. Just one final update:

      I did actually receive my new SD13 body in the mail which I am completely satisfied with. I'm just amazed at the amount of time it took for her to actually send me a new one and take action.
      I got what I wanted in the end, which makes me so relieved, but I don't think I'll be doing another trade with her again ^^;;
      Thank you to everyone who helped me in this situation, all the support I got was what kept me persisting and eventually lead to me getting the body. I appreciate that beyond anything ^___^