Beware this person ~ jgodel77

Dec 8, 2005

    1. Beware this fraudulent person who even has deregistered himself off ebay because of a dozen scams at once. In the month of September this person managed to make posts of items for sale on multiple boards as well as ebay. He claims not to have paypal and wants to be sent money via money order and many people have not received their goods including me. Please beware anyone by the following names I am also including the address in case he changes his name. He has several very expensive BJD dolls he is trying to sell and this is just too much money to shrug off as a loss.
      Jaden Godel
      Joey Gomez
      Cullen Cowan

    2. Can you post the eBay ID? Even if it's no longer registered, the feedback and recent auctions records would still be there. That way we can tell if this is someone new, or someone we already know about.
    3. That person is also here on DOA...
      I did a trade with him once, and it went fine....
      Last I heard he was selling his BJDs off for "medical expenses", but was also interested in other collectible dolls as trades...
      Good luck to all involved!
    4. He's been in a group order i've held and everything went fine. i heard he has had some medical problems. i hope it hasn't come down to him scamming people. I know the mods can't get involved anymore, but will they still ban people for scamming on DOA.
    5. I apologise for editting your initial post, but it would probably be better not to include his mailing address at this point.

      Also, could you please post a more descriptive account of what actually happened - what you posted is a bit vague. I think it might be more helpful to others to know what specifically what happened, what the ebay account was, and what behaviors they might need to watch out for. :daisy

    6. I purchased 5 wigs from this person. After a long wait, I finally only received 3.
      Joey said he had forgotten to put the other 2 in the package, and they had been shipped seperately. Well, I'm still waiting!
      After pm'ing a couple of people, I found out that someone else has purchased one of the same wigs that I did.
      My question is, how many other people have purchased from Joey and not received their goods?
    7. ........... :(
    8. yeah, I bought a wig from this Joey and have never recived it.

      Im now going to do a paypal chargback.

      Sorry to all who have not recived items form this person.
    9. Even when he was on DoA, he promised me a payment for an item, but a few days later, I received a message, "Oh, I sent out payment, but to another person." Apparently, he mixed up my sale with another post, so I was stuck with an item that was specifically on hold for him. >:O

      Suffice it to say, that left an impression on me, and I can't imagine wanting to trade with him ever again in the future.
    10. I don't like to get involved in these sort of things, but I once tried to purchase a doll directly from this person on July 22, 2005. The transaction only lasted one afternoon, and it went like this:
      I had contacted Joey about an ad I saw here on DoA, we exchanged emails about the price and shipping charges. Within an hour we confirmed that I was going to buy the doll from him. He got back to me stating the doll had just been sold to some one else and that the other person had already paid. Later that very evening Joey emailed me again saying that the transaction fell through with the other person (but haven't they already paid?), and once again offered the doll to me. By this time I had purchased a simular doll from another member, so I told them the truth, that I am sorry but am no longer interested.

      It's horrible to hear others have had bad transactions with this person, I'm glad I found another doll to purchase, and by doing so I probably avoided adding another bad transaction to this list. Just a quick heads up though, Joey/Jadens eBay user ID is jgodel77, it is no longer registered (but he could possibly have a new one).

    11. I have to say that I know Joey and have had dealings with him. I also know that he has had some very hard luck recently and he has health and financial issues. He says in his post that his computer crashed and he hasn't had the money to get it fixed so that he can contact his buyers.

      I purchased a doll from Joey back in August and it was a lovely transaction. About a month ago, I sent him a personal check for $200 and Joey promptly shipped the items, which I am very happy with.

      As far as his "aliases", the first two are simply different e-mail account IDs, both of which I have received e-mails under. The third is a friend of his, Cullen, who I also met, and whose account Joey was probably using at the time.

      I am hoping to assure those of you who sent him money and are still waiting for your items. You have every reason to be concerned, but perhaps my endorsement of my own dealings with him will assuage some of those concerns. Joey says his computer will be fixed within the next couple of days and he will, hopefully, be contacting you.
    12. I'm very suprised to see this about Joey. I've also met him before and he seemed very nice.
      I also heard about his having money issues as he was selling several of his boys the past month or so.
      I do hope everything is ok with him and that everyone gets their goods.
    13. Thanks for the re-assuring post. I have been waiting for quite a while and understand when problems arrise. Been there myself but made a point to get to a computer to keep up my end.

      I do not think not having a computer should stop anyone from shipping out items that have been long paid for. Plus sent shipping funds too. The library has computers that can be used for free. Also the colleges do and some internet cafes if you buy a cup of coffee or something. And you can always access your emails new or old to get addresses so as to ship out items to those that paid for their items. I think on spendy items it should be priority to get the items shipped out. Well actually any items that have been paid for..

      I hope to hear some good news soon.

    14. Gloria,

      You are absolutely right. And, it appears that Joey did send through a post via an internet cafe computer. It appears that his computer completely crashed and all the information he had stored regarding who ordered what was inaccessible. Just a conjecture, mind you, but since I know Joey to be a very nice person and since I've had nothing but pleasant dealings with him, I thought I'd post. I hope everything is okay with Joey and that you and everyone else get your items very soon.

      Take care,
    15. hi, I purchased the 2 chiwoo heads from Joey - was very hopeful of receiving them - but its been a couple of months now and still haven't. If anyone happens to communicate with him, they might mention that his old pm's are probably still in his account here on Den of Angels - and he might be able to get all the addresses for folk that he lost in his computer crash that way ----

      continuing to hope that Joey is ok, and that we'll see the chiwoo heads soon
    16. Hi Everyone.....I just wanted to say that there is no excuse for my having taken this long to mail out your items. However if it makes everyone feel better I am going to be mailing out the items asap tommorrow. If you have purchased something from me and sent your payment please email me here and send me your address...I will make certain to send it out accordingly....(please make sure to include item description) I did get a few payments with no mention of what the money was for....also....just FYI. I am doing better now...thanks
    17. Eeee *edit* nevermind
    18. Has anybody received any of their stuff since we all started posting about this?

      I still have heard nothing, and still have no wig.

      I understand that Joey is going through alot, but after his last update from the computer cafe, I thought for SURE he was going to get on this and mail our stuff out.

      Has anyone heard ANYTHING new?
    19. well i can join over here?? i am waiting for my shirts... yup oh well let see how it goes... :D
    20. hey everyone -
      my bw chiwoo heads arrived today and are absolutely perfect - we are thrilled -and my daughter has already turned the open eyed Chiwoo head into Sly Cooper and is happily taking pictures ...

      hopefully everyone else's purchases will be arriving asap - Joey is definitely sending things out now.

      take care