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Big fellas..carrier bag for 70cm dolls?

Jul 29, 2007

    1. Hi , im planning on showing my Wing off at a doll meet in a few weeks but i dont have a ruck sack big enough to put him in..unless i just plain carry him in my arms the whole train journey and bus journey does anyone have any ideas how to carry him? xx
    2. Well, you could buy a doll carrier ^_^ Most companies sell them <3 If not, I've seen people use violin/guitar cases and such...
    3. I got a tool bag from screwfix thats just the right size for my Lilith (E-an). It cost about £30 i think. Its nice and heavy duty, i put a small pillow in the bottom of it to pad it out a bit, but it works great for me. (its also next day delivery so it will get to you really fast).
      Some people get yoga mat bags for their dolls.

      Heres the link to the bag i got


      Hope that helps.
    4. I actually just bought a doll carrier bag from Soom. Because I am not too good with sewing and whatnot, I didn't want to go through buying a duffel bag of some sort and then modifying it. The super cheap solution is just lining a duffel bag with blankets or small pillows and folding your dolly into the bag. It's not permanent, but it's easy enough. :)
    5. I did want a propper carrier but getting one shipped to the uk is rather expensive id asked a couple of companies how much it would cost. Too much for my liking but the tool bag works great for me, its just the right size for a big doll and there will probably be plenty of room for another big doll or 2.
    6. A camera tripod bag will work for dolls that size. and can be had for not alot of money.

      I have a spare Dollshe bag you could buy, but it would probably cost me a fortune to ship it to you there.
    7. thank you so much...ill try the tool bag idea first and see how i get on.. thanks Gayle for the offer as well thats really kind but your right the shipping would be silly money..probably half the price of a whole new doll lol
    8. If you're not looking for armor-plated bags like Pelican (lol my dad suggested this) and would rather something easy to carry, I'd suggest a yoga-mat bag. Seriously, they have some that are thin round shaped made out of very sturdy material like canvas and/or leather (all of mine and my friends' ones are the floppy plain cloth kind) and there's just enough space to put in a pillow or two and your doll. If you'd prefer more space, just get the floppy cloth ones. They're usually very cheap... Um, but I don't know how common yoga gear is in your local sports stores and health centres? I live in yoga central lol;
      Hope that was somewhat helpful ^^;
    9. I've been able to fit my dollshe boy into a regular ol' backpack. Have to kinda curl him up a bit, but it works.

    10. Very helpful thank you..im off now to look up yoga mats and bags in the ?Argos book!!!!

      and honest he wont fit ion my ruck sack he ends up too crunched up in a very weird fetal position...my hearrt cant take it lol lol
    11. hm some people transport in those wheeled luggages :) they're pretty hand and I use that when I'm taking more than just one. If you're really afraid try a hard case one. It actually is pretty handy since you're not really carrying them so they don't seem so heavy
    12. Well, I use a duffel bag. But my guys are pretty little. :sweat
      You could prolly fold him so his legs and arms are bent so he's shorter and fit him in a padded backpack or duffel bag. :)
    13. Hes 70cms in bare feet but with his shoes hes 74cms!!!!

      Heres him pictured against the fire in my lounge...

    14. Yeah rolling suitcase is a good way to go. then you can pack him in with pillows, face protector and other things you need or want to bring. They come in a lot of sizes too.

      Otherwise I believe DollZone has big hardcase doll carriers for $40 or so.
    15. The Dollzone case is lovely and well worth getting. It's stiff, has a shoulder strap, and a nice big zipper pocket for stuff.
    16. I use my old school(shoulder)bag.
      It is really big because of the books I had to take with me in the first year of High School, but now I don't need it anymore.
      It's the perfect bag now for a SD sized doll!
      It's from the brand "Kipling"
    17. http://cgi.ebay.com/Dollzone-Doll-C...5304798QQihZ018QQcategoryZ84635QQcmdZViewItem

      you can buy dollzone carry bags from moggie I noticed it the other week and I am looking into getting one after I get a bigger doll.. it looks pretty good except you would have to wait a month or something before you get it..

      you could always convert an old bag and add some straps to it? I have no idea hopefully that is helpful:sweat
    18. I use an ATV rack bag of all things, it's just the perfect size for my Unidoll Jace Kazimir, I just put in two pillows. There is a zipper all around the inside that lets me put an additional strip of foam, and soft velcro strips so I can have two big elastic bands to hold him down, and it's waterproof. It has a nice handle although a shoulder strap would not be a bad idea to sew onto it.

    19. The Dollzone bag is very nice! It is hardish on the outside, and padded on the inside. There are straps to hold the doll in. I use my pillows that came with my Yuu to hold him in place with better protection. I also use a DZ face protector just in case...

      The case perfectly fits the 70cm Dollzone boys. I do however, recommend taking off the shoes if they add height, otherwise he won't fit without bending his legs awkwardly.

      You can order the Dollzone bag from a number of places. I got mine from Junkyspot for a VERY reasonable price.

      My only complaint wit the bag is that one of the hooks broke off when I snagged the strap on a park bench. I would recommend adding double ended dog leash hooks to the bag so that it has better strength.