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Bishonenhouse V2 discussion

Apr 24, 2007

    1. News thread here.

      I'm really excited about the new body in the works. anyone else?
    2. I will be interested to see his new doll. I have been following his thread in the doll-making section of the forum since he began making the first doll and have found it fun and informative.
    3. He is very very talented. I'm really interested in seeing what he has to offer! A realistically sculped body I'm sure will be fantastic!

      I remember seeing his dolls in person at Otakon (i felt so bad, I couldn't talk to him because I had my tonsils removed- I used a dry erase board to talk to him XD), and they looked really fabulous!
    4. Very neat! I can't wait to see! He is very talented, and a more realistic sculpt would be right up my ally. Maybe I too can finally consider getting a 'Gambit' doll. *fingers crossed*:aheartbea
    5. I"m also doubly excited not just to see the new sculpt, but also because he mentioned in his journal on deviant art that he will be posting step-by-step (I assume) info that he'll be providing at this anime convention.
      Can't wait to see that!
    6. I want to see it too, although I liked the old bodies. I own one I got on Marketplace and have been on the queue for a second one for a while...still a new body is always nice, different bodies make the dolls seem more like real people to me rather than Barbies with identical bodies and different heads.
    7. That's exciting! I'm... not so fond of the more stylistic sculpts in general, so as nice as his work is, body #1 wasn't quite so much to my liking. Nooo! And yet another reason I should go to Otakon. It's a shame I'll be out on the west coast then. :( I remember seeing him and his dolls at Otakon... two years ago, I think? That was the last time I went. The work was lovely.
    8. I am INCREDIBLY interested in this new scuplt!!! I want to commission him to make a doll of my character, and the body will need to be bigger and more buff!!! So....hopefully I will like the new body and get that commission!!! :D
    9. NEW SCULPT IS EXCITING! I like him so far, though he looks a little hunched.
    10. damn I'm almost tempted to make him make a Ace II LOL ssssh you didn't hear me dear. The new sculpt looks so real it feels like he's going to move on its own!
    11. WHOA....just saw pics of the new body and hawt damn!!!!! Its so great to see a muscully, realistic body out there!!!!! *must buy*
    12. Oo0oh.

      So nice and muscely. *drool*
    13. No liken the way that head sits on the neck. The face look really real but that neck eating bothers me! Body is nice tho!:)
    14. he looks awesome! :D I love his face!
    15. Wow Donn!:D He looks gorgeous! I love how real he looks and yet, he still retains your initial style (like that smile, no one can copy that smile). I cant wait to see him finished!

      I like that wig too!
    16. love it- I love his dolls, one day I will get one!
    17. Awesome, Donn. You have been emailed. ^-^
    18. really interesting. I wonder if it's because i'm used to the more stylised dolls that the neck on this one seems too short/thick? I know it's still a proto ... really nice sculpt though.
    19. Oh My God!!! *_______*
      Is impresionant!!
      He is THE MAN XDDDDD
    20. I'm excited about the faceplate option ^_^ Maybe gambit could have that classic smirk and a more neutral face without Photoshop after all!

      The body is absolutely great ^_^