BJD Artists Day is November 18!

Nov 15, 2018

    1. BJD Artist's Day is a day to celebrate the artists who are so important to us. Artists and companies make our hobby what it is โ€“ without them we would have no hobby.

      Check out the recast information page in our wiki to learn more about being pro artist and hear what BJD artists have to say about recasts.

      Feel free to use this banner to show your support for BJD artists. You may link this URL:
      Our BJD-making section is open!
      Stop by if you'd like to learn how to become a BJD artist or just want some insight into the creation process. Read this announcement to learn more.

      Get 10% off when you advertise on DoA
      We're offering 10% off to all advertisers who place an ad through Sunday, 18 November. Once you've paid for your ad, please post in Ask the Moderators for confirmation.

      Feel free to use this thread to share your own thoughts on artists, or share your artist BJDs!
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    2. Showing our support.
      [​IMG]Pro Bjd Artists Day by Flitter337, on Flickr

      My dolls have brought me such joy over the years. Love to all the doll makers and hobbyists who make this community wonderful. :hug:
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