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BJD con in Europe?

Nov 8, 2006

  1. HELL YES!!! No matter how far i'd have to travel.

  2. If it were close to where i live, yes.

  3. If the Entrance ticket/accomedations arent to expensive, yes.

  4. Maybe, it depends on if i have the money to go.

  5. Maybe, if its easy to get to.

  6. No, I'm not interested in a convention of that kind.

  7. No, I don't have the money.

  8. No, I rather spend my money on a doll/clothing for my doll.

  9. I duno, depends on who's going to be there.

  10. I'm a poll-addict. I vote because I have to. (I don't live in Europe.)

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    1. Ok, i duno if there is a con for BJD's in Europe.
      But as far as I can tell there isn't.

      So I'm wondering...

      If there was a BJD con or resin con here in Europe.
      Would you go?
    2. For those of you who voted "If it were close to where i live, yes. "
      Please post what you consider close.
    3. I'd go if it was in London/Uk >___<
    4. I wouldn't leave England for one, to be honest. Time and travel-costs would also be a big factor for me at the moment: I'm a student without the time or the means to go to an event too far away right now. Once I have a little more time, I'd probably consider travelling a little further within England to go to a large convention, but I wouldn't go to one in mainland Europe, for example.
    5. I'd go if it wasn't too far and I live in London. As long as I could go and get back quickly I'd go.
    6. *double post*
    7. I dont have much money to spend on long trips and all but I guess I could manage to get to it if it's not all too far away. I live in Sweden so I think the longest I would go to get there would be germany or england.. But it would sort of depend on if I had someone to go with too.
    8. My gf and I are going to be in London for 3 months (April-June), but I would go just about anywhere (while over there) in the name of a convention! :)
    9. I would go if:
      - it's easy to reach(meaning: by train, not nececary to go by plane)
      - it's not to pricey
      - nice things to do
      - preferebly a country with euro as correcny, because converting money is a hassle(so basically that would rule out england, sorry but pounds are expensive)
      - I know a long time before(so that I have at least half a year to a year to save up)
    10. I consider close: the Netherlands (live there), Belgium and the western part of Germany. However if I manage to get a job and then some vacation days, I could combine it with a vacation. Then I'd be willing to travel a bit farther. However, I guess my boyfriend wouldn't want me to go on vacation without him and I'm not quite sure if he wants to look at "a bunch of girly dolls" as he calls them.
    11. Id definitely go to a meet in the netherlands/north belgium/west of germany ^o^ as I missed the last one! ;.;
    12. Scandinavia (sp?)

      Right now I don't have the money to travel far...But if I knew of it in advance
      say...6 months-a year....I could save to travel further...
      (heck, I considered to go to the one in usa...:sweat )
    13. Yes if its in paris :)
    14. London would be fine for me it's only 30 minutes flying from amsterdam and the ticket isn't that expensive.
      Iff the entrance ticket isn't expensive than it's not too bad.
      Another pluspoint with London is that everybody speaks english and in my experience french or Walonian belgiums rather not wanna speak english.
      Which can be a problem since my french is terrible!!
    15. I would go if it was a big event and it was in England...I wouldn't go abroad for it though...
    16. Thats an awefull lot of votes for London there.
      Second comes the Dutch/german speaking area.
      After that the rest.

      I agree English being the easiest language to use on the con.
      But I also agree on the Euro part.
      (Sorry, but more European countries use that than the english pound.)
    17. I'd also vote for London-most European owners live in England, and it's not that far away, plus, I love London :D The currency thing is a bit annoying, but not enough to stop me from going there ^_^
    18. London would indeed be wonderful~ Would be a reason to go to England as well ^___^ I love the UK, and London and Scotland most of it... so my vote is for London~!
    19. London wouldn&#180;t be too bad, tho I&#180;m not UK-based ^-^&#180;.
    20. I'd go to London I think, if I knew a long time before. London is close for me, and hell, I'd even go to Paris and Germany. But it all depends on the time before the Con, because I have to save up money first.