Bjd Ozcon

Mar 20, 2009

    1. i do not know if this is in the right place mods please move if not.
      i was meant to be going to BJD OZCON last year but it got cancelled for some reason and i was assured that i would get my money back. it has been a very long time and i have been emailing the person responsible constantly with no response. does anyone know how i can get in contact with them? their screen name was Chief Alchemist. if anyone can help please do as i would really like my money back.
    2. koolcat_23 ~ We need more information regarding this transaction. Is it something that you paid through DoA? Was it advertised here?
    3. i cant remember if it was advertised here or not but i know that a fair few people from here were going and i was hoping they might have an idea of how to get in contact with the organiser.
    4. I'm sorry to tell you that we don't have a place on the forum for this sort of issue. :(
      Best of luck.