BJD Society at Uni?

Jun 17, 2019

    1. I was wondering if anyone had done something similar, or if anyone had any feedback, but I was considering in September to start a society at my university for bjds.

      I know a couple people here who like bjds and are interested in them, and I think it could encourage any other people to come forward and meet like-minded collectors!
      However there's just as much a chance as there being no people, and our SU requires any potential societies to have at least 5 people (I believe) express interest before a society can be formed.

      Because of this I was maybe thinking of expanding it so it isnt exclusively bjds, but similar collectibles/dolls/action figures, as i think that would have a higher likelihood of getting interest (and again I know some people who do collect things and may be interested).

      I was wondering if anyone has done something similar or had experience trying something like this? Or if anyone thinks this is a good/bad/dumb idea? I have some ideas on what meets could be about and like the idea of people discussing their collectibles, and i could introduce bjds in a controlled environment :)
    2. I think expanding it to include other dolls and collectables is a great way to get more people involved! If you know people who already have an interest that's a great start, but you know it's always harder to get people committed to a regular club or event. That said, you might be surprised by the amount of people open to the idea. Best of luck!
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    3. I think the biggest concern would be just finding enough people to keep your club together. It's kind of a niche hobby. I know maybe 3 people irl that collect dolls of any type so it might just be my own biased experience talking, though. If you're willing to put in the work to make a club and you think you can get enough people to regularly attend meetings, I'd say go for it! It seems like it'd be really fun to have a group of people irl to enthuse about dolls with. :)
      If your uni has an well established clubs for things like D&D, sewing, anime etc you might want to join those because it's likely that the types of people who would already be in those clubs would possibly be the types that'd have an interest in yours. You could make more friends and use your connections to help get your own club going! Also it really helps to have someone who is familiar with running a club help you set things up because it's a LOT of work.
    4. I'm in a fb group for bjd's around the cities in the state I'm in and we meet once a month and it's really fun!! I hope you are able to start/find a group of people to do this with