has disappeared?

Dec 17, 2019

    1. Hi,

      I don't know where to ask the question.
      Did anybody have problems in getting to the BJD Collectasy website?
      I've typed the web address and a weird page telling me the site is up for sale/renewal from 12 Dec 2019 appeared.
      Has the bjdcollectasy team decided to close it?

    2. It sure looks like it to me too! I hadn’t heard anywhere that they were planning it.
    3. Well the Facebook page updated 20hrs ago makes me think they are closing down, I suspect it was an error in paying for the domain. Clerical, human, electronic? I don’t know hopefully they’ll get it sorted out soon.
    4. I didn't know they had a facebook page.
      Thanks for mentioning it.
      I hope they sort it out, I enjoy surfing their site.

      I thought I had a computer problem on my hands, I am pleased this is not the case. Thanks for answering my thread.
    5. Server issues, perhaps. I'll be very surprised if they decided to end the site without saying anything first.
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    6. Hourray! :sumomo: