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Black Lily Dolls! REFUNDS! Please look!

Aug 27, 2006

    1. UPDATE 10/15 at the bottom ^-^~♥

      Thats right...Im finally able to start refunds. I've already sent one tonight!

      To explain all that's happened and my reasons why wouldn't help those of you who are angry with me. I now am able to slowly start refunding those of you who bought items from me before the crisis. I can't begin to tell you all how sorry I am about all this and I realize I've given myself a bad name and lost trust...but some events happen and can't be helped. I will tell you all that I am honest enough that now that I have things calmed a bit I will be able to return money to the people who are owed. It may take some time as Ive got divorce/hospital bills beyond belief but I plan to pay a couple people each paycheck (every two weeks). If it was a larger purchase it may take a bit longer to get to you but I will.

      To recieve your refund PLEASE email your name, email address, and the amount you sent (also whether it was paypal or MO). Send them to orders@blacklilydolls.com .

      I will type a list of who is owed and mark them off here as they are complete to show that I am indeed doing so.

      I dont know that this will save face or allow me to return to my selling but I hope that when I am finished refunding Nozomi, Juyoku and I can at least continue to be apart of a wonderful community.

      Thank You,


      Completed Refunds:

      Refund in progress:

      Needs Refund:
    2. Bump to make sure this is seen! Please PLEASE send the emails or I can't off the refunds. I haven't recieved any as of yet :(
    3. bump for SoleilCamui!
    4. Aw!
      I'm really sorry to hear about your difficulties..!
    5. Thank you. Im sure things will be alright in the end but right now my focus is resolving matters with good customers ^ - ^ Please spread the word if you see someone who never recieved their items from me!
    6. *bumps for you*

      hope all's starting to turn well soon, if not already^^
    7. Thank you! Another bump
    8. Bump for more ^^~♪
    9. daily bump ~♥
    10. Just wanted to let you guys know my paycheck had issues. They wouldnt cash it AND it was shorted. I called and got it cleared up but it will probably be next pay check before I get what I was shorted back (nearly $100) so I'll be late making my refund payments to the two on my list ;o; SO Sorry about that! Kim! I am sending your outfit out this week though! Ill let you know when I have updates!
    11. Bump~

      Ahh, so sorry about your situation >.< I hope everyone will understand that rough stuff happens sometimes. Hope you get back on your feet soon^^ I hope you do come back to selling too, I love your stuff!

      Much love! <3
    12. Whew finally an update! I sent a couple payments to people today ^-^~ Yay for accomplishing a little! Im thinking of selling a few items at a time that are READY made so there is no reason for them not being shipped to help speed this along. Im just not making enough at work...I hope that's a good idea! Thank you all for your kind words and the PMs!
    13. Ok sooo Im jobless at the moment as my temp remodel job finished D: So those who were expecting a refund payment, my apologies. So here is what Im going to do. Im going to redo my whole shop and open up. All the money I make will go towards paying off those I owe. No profit for me until Im finished! Please, if you havent gotten with me about needing a refund let me know! Thank you guys and sorry again for another delay.
    14. Aww, bump for you! I'm so sorry you're having such difficulties.. it sounds like you're doing everything you can, though! I wish you lots of luck, and I hope you don't get a bad reputation for something that wasn't your fault! <333