Bobobie and Resinsoul Large Size Dolls Discussion - Part 11!!

Dec 2, 2016

    1. She is so beautiful! I love how long these dolls last, with good care. I recently got my first BJD after ages of wanting one and also picked up a few practice heads and face-up supplies so I could paint her face when she came. My Resinsoul Sophia is here, wired, face-uped and body blushed!


      Her name is Lavinia...with this wig, anyway. I'm so excited! I'm thinking that I'm probably going to have to restring her because she's so kicky, but I'm going to try sueding her, first. I've gotten way too many outfits and tiny accessories for her...lots of books, especially, but lots of tiny foodstuffs and today, at last, some furniture for her, so she doesn't have to sit on the filing cabinet and can instead have a little "room" in one of the shelves of my hutch! She was always pretty to begin with, but I feel even my amateur face-up has really made her shine.
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    2. Can anyone tell me what size eye Dai takes? I'm hoping to order her soon.

      @Alchemicat - Love her beauty marks. ^_^
    3. @Alchemicat She is very pretty! I love the way you've styled her.
    4. @AlisonVonderland I am so sorry for taking so long to get back to you! 16mm and 18mm both seem to work well Pandora
    5. Does anyone know whether Bobobie still produces Charisma? She's not on their site, and they do not answer my e-mails.
      I've seen her on Denver Doll, but as I'm in Europe, I'd rather get her directly from China.

      Also, I wonder whether her head would look better on a bigger body? Like a RS 68 cm? She seems to have a big head on the BBB body.
      I wish it was possible to order BBB through RS, it would make communication a lot easier!
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    6. I'm so excited. I just ordered a dark tan Dai! She'll be my first (of, hopefully, several) Resinsoul doll. :celebrate I wanted to get her specific eyes and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what size fit her.
    7. Congratulations!! Dai is sooo pretty. I don't personally own her but from everything I've read, Dai takes 16-18mm eyes. If you want a wider-eyed, more innocent/softer look, go 18; for realism, 16, or 18 with a small pupil. In general I like to size down my ResinSoul dolls' eyes because they have kinda thick eye-wells and I like the look of the eye close to the opening instead of set way back inside the head. I've found d there's a good amount of flexibility with eye sizes.

      Has anyone else seen that ResinSoul is having an event? Free jointed hands with any doll over 40cm!
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    8. Hmm... I had wanted her to have a large looking iris to match a certain character, but I don't like when eyes sit too far back in the eyewell. I'll have to think about that. Thanks for the info!

      Yes, I saw the event! That's why I finally took the plunge and ordered her, since I want her to have jointed hands anyway.
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    9. That's awesome. RS hardly ever does events so that timing worked out great!

      You might want to look into Eyeco eyes then, if you haven't. I only just discovered them so I haven't tried them yet but apparently they look like glass but are... Squishy? Haha I don't know if I'm describing that right. But apparently they can conform better to the eye-wells so maybe that would solve the problem. I really want to try them, they're just a skosh out of my budget at the moment.

      If you haven't yet checked them out, here's a link: Eyeco - Polyglass Eyes, Soft Glass Eyes
    10. That's cool, thanks! They are really pretty. They have a color that's really close to what I want, but I need it to be pupil-less which they don't seem to have. The ones I have in mind are these ones from Dollmore. I think I'll probably just wait until she arrives and test out some 16mm an 18mm before ordering eyes.
    11. Does anyone here have Resinsoul Ke? I haven't been able to find many owner pics of her since she's so new. I love her!
    12. @Alchemicat She's so pretty! I love the elegance of the Sophia day I'd be getting her or Ke in dark tan.

      @Fairy Milliner Contact Denverdoll and see if they have better luck. Some companies keep the older molds around but don't show them on the website but will still do orders for those sculpts. Impldoll does this and possibly Resinsoul might have that mold or be more open to answering your questions.
    13. Thank you guys for your praise! I am happier with my doll every time I look at her. It is surprising to me she was so inexpensive compared to other dolls, because I find her as or more beautiful.
    14. Actually, @Girrl - that's what I ended up doing, in a last-ditch effort. I asked Sun at RS for a RS larger body, with Chrisma's head and hands. I'm not sure about the hands, they might end up too small, but I always found Charisma's head a bit large, especially for a girl.
      Sun at RS said he would try arrange it for me, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :-)
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    15. Fingers crossed that works out (and so nice of Sun to try to get that sorted for you! RS really does have the best customer service in the hobby)
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    16. Yes, Sun is wonderful to deal with. I've ordered dolls from a few companies, but RS does have the best service.
      I'd love to have a big girl - I have six boys in the 60 to 70 cm range, and no girls at all. I'm not sure what it says about me, though, that I have six boys, and then the first girl I order is a demon??? :aeyepop:
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    17. Anybody ordering a Resinsoul Yang?
    18. you guys I'm flippin out! reason ; the new rs doll Heng!
      his face up is really good and he's just:love:whee::D:drool
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