Bobobie and Resinsoul Large Size Dolls Discussion - Part 11!!

Dec 2, 2016

    1. Heng looks fantastic! He reminds me a little of the main character from the Witcher video game.
    2. That beard tho, lol! I don't know how I feel!:sweat I do really like his face tho.

      But yay new guy and jointed hands for 72cm!!! :kitty2
    3. I can't tell if Heng has human or fantasy ears :(

      I adore his cheekbones though, good lord!
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    4. I'm hopping on the Heng hype train. He looks so manly and rugged!

      Though I would like to see his head blank. Or at least without the beard. I want to see what his mouth really looks like...
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    5. Looks like they added a photo of Heng without the faceup. He's super handsome!
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    6. ieeeeeeh he is even more handsome without the beard:love:wiggle:drool
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    7. I am joining the Heng hype train! He's such a handsome sculpt, and I love the 72cm Yi SD body. Can't wait to see owner pictures of him!
    8. Ohhhh nooooooooo. Now I'm going to have to have him. :love All I have are msds and he's such a big boy! This is going to be quite the change!

      Now how am I going to work him into my budget?
    9. I recently got my first Bobobie doll (Pandora) and now that she's all painted I wanted to share her.


      I actually can't believe it took me so long to get a Bobobie doll considering I've always tried to be thrifty in this hobby. I can't express how impressed I am with her though. Her color is beautiful and she has no seamlines at all. Just a fantastic doll. :D
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    10. @AlisonVonderland She's beautiful and I love her faceup! It's great to see another Pandora:)
    11. @AlisonVonderland What a gorgeous paint job! She's beautiful.

      I also like the new Heng. Not sure about the beard, so I'm glad they included an unpainted head.
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    12. @AlisonVonderland She's absolutely lovely. Her tattoos are amazing, and I'm always a sucker for tanned dolls.
    13. @Thymeseer Thank you! I'm really happy with how the forearm tattoos came out.
      Tanned dolls are gorgeous, and I don't have enough of them. :XD:
    14. @AlisonVonderland She's beautiful and I love how you have styled her compliments Bobobie's style - her face up is gorgeous!
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    15. Thank you @ella_tron I really need to take her outside for some pictures in better light but I'm so lazy. :XD:
    16. I just noticed Mu, and that he's pretty dang close to perfect for one of my characters (needs a squarer jaw but I can hide it with a beard!). And I can get him in red! When I was trying to concept him in other dolls, I was grumbling about having to dye him, but now I won't have to! I will have to trim those ears by a lot and mod his face a bit, but he's really close.

      I keep making grabby hands at all the dolls but I have no money! Maybe I'll order him at Christmas, or cross my fingers for some kind of event...
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    17. I don't think Resinsoul has many events with lowered prices - they're pretty low already, compared to most other dolls of that size.

      I just got a shipping notice from Resinsoul, so I'm waiting anxiously for my box to clear customs. (I know it ended up there, so I know I will end up getting a ransom note from the post office...)
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    18. I'm hoping they'll do the free jointed hands again. I won't wait forever, but I already have a layaway for another company that I have to complete first so I can just hope.

      Congrats on the shipping notice! I hope the ransom isn't too exorbitant.
    19. The ransom was very reasonable. The note came this morning, and I decided to be late for work to get the package.
      I'm now at my desk playing with my new Charisma. I love that Mona Lisa smile of hers.

      I didn't ask RS about the event, but both my Charisma and my mini Zhen came with free jointed hands. Charisma also came with her grabby hands and the original hands for the 68 cm body.
      I'm so happy that Resinsoul allowed me to order her this way - I know Bobobie is allowed to sell Resinsoul, but it's great to know that it can work the other way around, too.

      Her head is a teensy bit small for the 68 cm body, but nothing that a nice wig won't compensate for. Actually, she has almost perfect human proportions - which means slightly small for doll proportions. LOL!!
      The neck size for Ling and Charisma both was 7 cm, so that isn't an issue. And it's so cool to have thee pairs of hands!

      I'll take pictures when I'm home.
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