Buyer Beware- Bad transaction with BloomLikeWinter

Aug 26, 2006

    1. I ordered a pair of boots from Bloomlikewinter and never recieved them. I have a paypal claim in the works to get my money back since she all but dissapeared off the face of the planet. She was apperantly leaving the doll fandom, so she's deleted all her contact spots like LJ and her website, sold her dolls, etc... Shes pretty much erased herself from the internet.

      I paid her on August 2nd.

      On the 9th I asked her if shed sent the boots yet.

      She said "no, tomorrow"

      Later, on the 9th she emailed me saying I never paid.

      I showed her a screencap from paypal showing i DID pay and then she found it and appologized.

      Boots were supposed to be sent out the next day.

      I found out they werent sent about a week later when I talked to her through an instant messenger.

      She never gave me ANY update on anything until i tracked her down and asked her. Which i finally had to resort to adding her to my AIM flist and waiting to talk to her there, which i dont like to do to people.

      She said after that chat they would be out the next day. Still dont have my item.

      She was very VERY un-buisness like with me. Like when i double checked to make sure she was sending the boots out on the 10th after a round of PMing about payment..her only reply was a random "JA! :)" and thats it. Its a small detail, but its fairly tacky if you ask me.

      Ive also talked to other people who bought things from her, and it turns out they were in similar situations, and had to make a paypal claim to get their money back from her.

      I havent heard a word from her this entire time unless i went to find her. I think its a safe bet that buyers should beware of Bloomlikewinter. Its a shame things didnt work out though. Apperantly she hasnt ALWAYS had problems like this. Too bad its come to a paypal claim and bad feedback.
    2. ~UPDATE~

      Lo and behold! I have actually recieved my item. I canceled my paypal claim against her (with like, 2 days to spare *_*)

      Still havent heard a single word from her about absoloutly anything however. Not even a note in the package o.O