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Unresolved Buyer Beware! Never received item from UK Seller Dawn Shaw>>> - UNRESOLVED

May 23, 2006

    1. maybe also known as Zoe Kilminster (per Paypal account). Purchased a Luts Soony and paid for item on March 30th. Received e-mail on April 18th stating they shipped item via Parcel post to save shipping costs...have e-mailed them since (3 times) and no answer. Doll has yet to arrive. Placed claim with Paypal. If doll ever arrives, I'd be more than happy to reverse this feedback. Until then, buyer beware. I accidently erased the P-mails on DOA, therefor I do not recall their DOA ID name.
    2. Is it possible that she sent it surface mail? That can take 6-8 weeks. By any other route, you should have the doll by now ?
    3. I've had large packages sent surface to and from England take over 2 months to get delivered. If she really was shipped mid-April, it's likely she's still en route, and she may not arrive until mid-June or even later. Better to be safe than sorry, though ... if and when she does arrive (here's to hope), you can square the transaction then.

      best of luck!!
    4. the fact is, parcel post could be an excuse to extend the period a person will wait. if it indeed takes 2 months, it would be too late to file a charge back and the seller could have very well run off with the money.
    5. I have dealt with Zoe Kilminster in the past, although I do not know her well. I would be surprised if she were to run off with her money, because she seemed like a perfectly honest customer. But again - I do now know her well. I thought some positive feedback about her might cheer you though and soothe your nerves.
    6. Yep ... that's the 'better safe than sorry' part ... and nothing is lost if, when the doll arrives, pepstar reprocesses the payment.

    7. I always try to think the best of everyone and would still like to think the seller is honest. I would feel better of course, if she would just answer my e-mails.

    8. As I stated in the original message, I would be more than happy to reverse this feedback if the doll did arrive. It could be delayed due to surface mail. At this point Paypal can not recover the charges because there are no funds in the account. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. If the seller had just answered my e-mails, I would have thought twice about placing the feedback...and I used two different e-mail addys for her). To think all of this could have been avoided had she contacted me before hand. I would never have had this box shipped surface mail (if that is what happened). Thanks, guys!
    9. Yeah, surface mail is a total bitch.
      And it costs a LOT for tracking in the UK, seeing as EMS/whatever US sellers use stops at the border, and its Parcelforce from there on in.
      She will have used Parcelforce to deliver-but it doesnt work the other way round, they dont hand off to EMS, it ends up being regular surface mail.

      Hopefully you'l see your doll soon, or get a note from customs (ack!) but please remember the British Postal Service sucks for International items.
    10. I know :( Also, I've never dealt with her as a seller. Just as a buyer, with some fashion doll stuff a few years back, and possibly some eyes recently.

      I hope things work out for you Lisa!!!
    11. As a person from the UK, I can tell you the cheaper option is definatly not Parcel Force! However, I recently send a doll with them and I think it took 2 and a half, almost 3 weeks to get to its destination in the US.

      They are reeeeally slow and increadibly over priced! If we want to send a doll to the US here we can expect to pay double the price of having one shipped to the UK. ^^;;
    12. Agreed. Im amazed it only takes days for you guys to ship stuff between states! I only used Parcelforce once and it WAS expensive-I prefer Royal Mail but getting tracking etc is way expensive.
      We can expect to pay up to double to ship to the US what Americans spend to ship to us. Its unfair and a little outrageous...

      It could feasibly take up to six weeks for your doll to arrive, but dont fret. Paypal gives you forty days to file a retrieval, and thats almost eight weeks so dont worry too much.
      Its end of term here for College and some Uni students, and Summer into the bargain so the seller could be on holiday, moving house to go to Uni etc...as she's sent the parcel a while back she has no reason to worry about it.
      Keep PMing her, though. Just to be sure:)
    13. Yeah, royal mail tracking is expensive, and they have a limit of weight which dolls usually just go over. If I wanted to send a doll somewhere I just couldn't ask for the full price of shipping from a buyer, I'd feel so bad! D: I spent £75 shipping a doll once! Thats like $140! Ah not to mention those custom charges. £100 a doll!

      Pepstar, if she does get back to you soon, I recommend asking for a copy of the receipt. Parcel Force gives a sheet (much like a EMS form you get on a package) attatched to the receipt which is used for claims...get her to scan it for you or take a picture. If she can't do that, then I'd be pretty suspcious!
    14. All I can do is wait from this point on and hope she arrives some time in June. If not, bye bye $$$$!! Thanks everyone for your advice!!!

    15. As other UK residents have mentioned, tracked shipping for parcels over 3KG have to go through Parcelforce (that's the Royal Mail's bigger, scarier cousin) and it costs an absolute fortune. When I was going to send Moridin off before he broke his leg, the quoted price was £75. So unless you forked out $140+ for shipping, then I really think posting a potential scam warning was a little hasty.
    16. going to use. We could have worked a deal out with the shipping costs to send EMS. I'm used to paying for EMS charges. I would never have agreed to surface mail. Communication is key and I am only posting a possible scam notice because the seller is not responding to E-mails.

    17. Ah, but there is no EMS service in the UK. Its just Parcelforce International Standard, which is basically just airmail with tracking. Anything higher then that would be way way out of the question price wise. I used it for the doll I mentioned that cost me &#163;75 for shipping. >__<
    18. Like I said, EMS STOPS at British borders. It hands over to Parcel Force, who will continue to let you track the item, but EMS will say its been delivered.
      And it DOESNT work backwards-Parcel Force does not hand off to EMS at all, its standard surface mail all the way. Once you Parcelforce out of the UK, its the same all over unless you choose a super-expensive shipping method.
      Which the seller kindly did not charge you for, instead saving you &#163;140 by sending it surface delivery.
    19. I sent a doll from the UK it was a MSD size and sent it via Royal Mail airsure its up to 2kg I think for this service.. and it arrived I think if memory serves me bout 10 days later... and had tracking number and insurance up to &#163;500 ... cant remember cost but know it was cheaper than parcel force.. who I used one to send a AR doll.. and sh%t it was pricey... Airsure is a very good option if u are below their weight rate...

      I hope this all works out for you.. fingers crossed....

      Hugs Maz x
    20. the doll. A new learning experience for me! Still crossing my fingers she will show up. Thanks for your information!!!