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Can't contact user Zully Quirke - RESOLVED

Jan 3, 2011

    1. Trying to reach user Zully Quirke

      I still haven't received the Chalco mask that was sent out to me in September.
      I did request that the package was insured, so I hope that it was. :|

      She's not responding to any of the messages that I've sent to her and it's too late for a Paypal claim :(
    2. Zully Quirke was last on the forum in July. She is now Being Paged. How have you contacted her in the past?
    3. Through DOA PM and previously when she hasn't answered my PMs I'd managed to reach her through her paypal email address from the payment receipt.

      But she seems to be completely uncontactable now :/
    4. Possible resolution. :D

      She replied to my message today saying that she will claim on the insurance and send me a refund :)

      I'll update here again when the refund goes through.
    5. Refund received :)