Carrying bag/case

Jul 17, 2019

    1. I saw an old thread for this(09) but have decided to see if anyone had any more ideas on this topic! I want to bring my newest baby everywhere with me(that I can I mean) but have no bag/case to transport her in. Any ideas or brands you would recommend? I’ll even take DIY ideas too!
    2. I bought a bag for an airsoft gun ages ago and after quitting that hobby just kept using the bag as a doll bag! It's been great, especially for the taller dolls. It can fit 2-3 70cm dolls quite comfortably and has extra pockets for all the other things I might want to carry around if I have dolls with me (like a brush, or extra clothes, or my camera....)

      I have extra padding around the dolls, but aside from a bag with wheels it's seemed the best solution thus far. Especially if I only want to have a few dolls with me, and not the entire crew.
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    3. Some people use yoga bags, light equipment bag, gun case with the mold foam, or type long bag and long duffel bag in Google search. My friend has a fancy long duffel bag for cheap and 2 pretty yoga bags. Pillows make yoga bags more firm.
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    4. My boyfriend suggested the gun case idea but I wasn’t sure how reliable it was, thank you for the tip!

      I’ll have to see about getting one then! I only have one babe I’d take places with me(my other one is to fragile) but she’s only 40cms, thank you for the tip!
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    5. Yeah my friend wanted to take her grail out but wanted the 70 cm doll extremely protected so she purchased a rifle case and replacement foam so it can fit the doll exact and cut sections to hold his wigs and clothes. Or you can use the gun cases with the generic foam that just snuggly molds around the doll and stuff you put in it. I used that before and it was great. I have sold the case so I don't have it anymore. Oh yeah there are also high density nylon rifle gun case bags if you don't like the hard case idea. Some very cheap in aliexpress too.
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    6. Thank you so much for this! I will definitely be on the look out for a case I can use!
    7. The last time I went to see my dollie friend, I used my makeup train case. (This isn't the exact one I have, but it's basically the same) I have a leather one that you can take the drawers out of. So it ends up being a re rectangular bag that the dolls can sit up in. I fit 5 mnfs and a hdf plus had space for accessories and maintenance supplies.
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    8. Gun/rifle cases are good. Especially the soft ones since they have straps. I also use a small yoga bag I got from Walmart for like $8-12. I added some Velcro straps on the inside and put some doll pillows in-between.
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    9. I think I might actually just buy this case!! It’s so cute!

      Thank you everyone for the tips so far! ❤️
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    10. For 1/4 or 40cm sized dolls, I actually have leather bag made for carrying knives that I got at the thrift store. It has a shoulder strap and a stiff bottom. I just put the doll's pillow in there. Camera tripod bags are also a good size.
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    11. I have almost all SD, and I use a doll bag I got from Spiritdoll. It's made for one doll, but I can fit two (and a few tinies) into it easily, and I line it with the doll pillow/blankets that come in their shipping boxes. It has a shoulder strap which makes carrying easy, it's pretty sturdy without being a bulky hard case, and it has a few little pocket pouches inside to organize things.

      For the teeny tinies, I've read that a lot of people use eyeglass cases!
    12. the babe is MSD so i think the bag will be just fine for her! thank you for the link!

      i will so have to check second hand stores!
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    13. In a pinch, I've used mass-market reusable shopping bags (like you get in craft stores, or even in supermarkets (now that my county is phasing out single-use plastic bags). A piece of cardboard on the bottom, pillows on bottom and sides, and it's convenient for carrying doll and camera (if you're not using phone camera), and whipping things out fast to take some impulse photos while its straps are still slung over your shoulder. And of course a small square of fleece or other soft material for on top, so nobody can look in at other times and see a doll! (That's also a reason to think about where you'll be before using expensive-looking cases like big camera equipment cases - thieves will grab something unattended if the case looks like it might have something expensive inside.)
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    14. Before you get a nice case you can use a baby blanket and a ribbon! Keeps them safe. <3
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    15. At the moment she’s wrapped in her sister’s travel cushion because sister never leaves home haha
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    16. That works! Haha :) why not have her on display at your house though?
    17. Oh wow, thanks for this thread! I noticed cases on BJD sites are terribly expensive for some reason. I guess the only drawback here is that some of the alternatives don’t have the dimensions I need to least without pesky conversions LOL.

      Even so, all my dolls are different sizes...UGH.
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    18. I would but my boyfriend who I live with doesn’t like dolls so they both stay tucked away

      I’m glad it’s helping more than just me! Haha
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    19. I've got a mobile painting stand. It's bag is long enough to put a 70cm doll in it. I cover him with his own pillow for safety.
    20. I love how resourceful the people in this hobby are