Charges Pressed Against X_KAZAKAI_X

Sep 26, 2007

    1. The girl known as Kazakai talked me into sending them one complete doll, and two heads for free customization. I was going out of the country and she would be done while I was gone.

      I sent the dolls out June 25th, one complete Luts El dressed, one Volks School Head A head and a Luts Dreaming Vampire Shiwoo head along with a bunch of clothing and accessories totaling $1500 in value. The original deal was that Kazakai would provide pictures of their dolls and mine as well while I was on vacation.

      It took me until August 23rd to have the money to ship them home. I paypalled $45 then - $5 more than what it cost me to ship them. On top of that I had to start stalking Kazakai to try and find out about my dolls. As soon as I mailed the Paypal money, she became very unresponsive. I had to ask her room mate Celebare to even see what Kazakai had painted my El like!

      My dolls still not have arrived after about 3 supposed shipping dates have come and past. Kazakai claims to have been sick and in the hospital, but it has past the point where I can be sympathetic anymore. It does not take this long to send dolls out.

      Now Kazakai is not answering my attempts to contact her. It took me threatening police action Thursday 9/20/07 to even get them to call me in real life to discuss what has happened. When they called, Kazakai was VERY abusive and called me a b*tch and a fuzzy peach and a whole slew of horrible things. She screamed over me and did not let me get one word in. She made excuses and tried to snowball me into accepting that it was not her fault that my dolls had yet to arrive. Kazakai even tried to hint that were I not in Texas and she in Ohio, she would have attacked me physically by now for "starting drama." Oh top of that, she admitted to loosing my dressed doll's wig, an eye out of one of my heads and some other clothing (though she would not admit what) all of this after telling me this stuff was missing two weeks ago and never once attempting to locate any of it.

      I have filed a police report and am waiting to hear back from them. This has gone beyond the realm of the internet and working with people, and I am taking legal action to either get back my dolls or their worth. I would prefer my dolls. I'll take what I can get though. I refuse to be used. The case will stay open until all of my dolls and accessories have been returned - that or I get their worth in cash.

      I just wanted to let this out into the Internet what I have been experiencing. Kazakai has threatened me and have been very abusive. No one deserves to be bullied and have their most PRIZED possessions stolen.

      A picture of the whole doll (the chap in white) and one of the missing heads. I miss them so. :(

      The Police report was filed 9/22 and of 9/26 my dolls still have not arrived home.

      EDIT: If YOU hae been scammed by Kazakai please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to pass your information on. Shoot, you might even get your stuff/money back.

    2. *HUGS* I hope they come home soon hun!
    3. oh my word.. that is terrible. I am so sorry this happened to you. I truly hope you get them back. *hugs*
    4. Wait, I thought Kazakai had already been banned business practices?
    5. Being banned doesn't stop you from scamming on other sites, or hanging onto dolls for months, Stoner Kitty.
    6. I was told that felony charges can be pressed if the items involved are worth over $1000. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
    7. Oh, I didn't know that this started on another site. :sweat
    8. It didn't, I don't think. But I believe we have been told previously that Kazakai is active on other sites.
    9. Branchuchan had considered Kai a friend and they've known each other for a while now. They had been communicating through other sites, DOA, AIM, and the phone. She trusted Kai because she thought she was a friend, but ended up getting messed over.

      Branchuchan is a very good friend of mine, and it hurts me to see her hurt. Plus I miss the dolls too. Rainier, Jean Paul, and Kaz are very dear to me as well.
    10. OMG, your poor El! :O I hope you get everything back soon...that's atrocious.
    11. Even though she was banned from here, she still seems to be causing a lot of trouble. :\ I really hope you get your dolls back - while this may be a trite comment, this is probably the first time someone's taking action against Kazakai, and I commend you for it. :3
    12. Oh man, I'm so sorry that happened to you BCC..I hope you get some compensation and your dolls back. *huggles*
    13. You really have my sympathy and good wishes. That is just a horrible story.
    14. Eeeps. I hope you would be able to get you precious back ^:D
    15. When will people realize that this Kazakai chick is nobody's friend? I've never talked to her myself, so maybe I have no right to say anything, but there are so many threads just like this about her out there, and all of them say "I thought we were friends..."
      She doesn't have friends; she has people she keeps close until she can find a way to scam and rob them.

      Anyway. The situation sucks, and I hope everyone's dolls, and more, is returned to them soon.
    16. Personally I think she's entirely dumb for scamming people out of such valuable items when the very people she scams know her address. Unless I had a P.O. Box, I'd be looking over my shoulder every day...never know when you might scam the wrong person.

      I really hope you get your poor guy back!!
    17. i hope everything will go well for you! really hope you get them back!
    18. Thank you all for your kind words. I'll keep you all posted on what transpires. I'm hoping that she will return my stuff before she gets thrown in jail or charged with a felony.
    19. I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this, but glad you're taking the appropriate action against her. I hope everything is returned to to soon!
    20. What about going to a small claims court? She has scammed a lot of people including bullying a girl and taking her doll (which I had customized for the girl). I think it is about time that legal action should be taken against her. I wish you luck and hope that your boys return to you.