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cherishdoll - "cone head" unicorn/demon!

Jan 26, 2007

    1. Im not a huge fan of horns ...halos etc on heads or anything else ..they bug me when Im getting the wigs on

      but OMG ...these are so CUTE ...and were the horns are placed they wouldn't interfere with the wigs

      that little devil one would look stunning with a red blush and a red wild wig
      and the other could be a delicate pale unicorn ....I do I like them
      different ...but so cute
    2. I`m in looooove with the little Unicorn girl ;.;
      I have to go check on their message board if they are limited or they will offer them for a long time.
    3. =D Those horns are darling. They're dead on. Adorable.
    4. I...I think I need one. *__*
    5. Ack, I've been able to resist Chubby as he just doesn't fit in with my doll plans, but lookit the little devil horns!! I still have no room for him, but... but...
    6. Gah! Looks almost like a little summoner :D
      I may have to at least buy a uni-head :lol:
      the tinies have somehow gotten hold of me lately *_*
    7. Heheheheh "cone head"... xDD;; *gets mauled*
      I honestly can't decide which I like better! I like Unicorns, but I think Chubby is just cuter in general. But they're both making me SO. COVETOUS. *screeches and goes crazy*
    8. I *love* the blushing on the little horns -- I'm in a state of squee!!

      -- A :D
    9. aaaaw so temped to go the option way andget myself a boy unicorn..
    10. Me too! Oh Noes!!!

      I loves the wee demon and Cherishdolls have been tempting me already! >_<

    11. Omg, I have to have a little unicorn girl!!!!!!!!! That's it, I'm doomed. First the Bambicrony girls and now this. I was looking at the Cherish dolls anyway, this just seals the deal. Gah! :)
    12. The face is adorable and the horns complement them

      I have to say I'm a bigger fan of magnetic accessories. I often times wish my wishel's halo was a magnetic so you could see it on top of the wig.

      Tinybear is right at least the placement of the horns wouldn't interfere with a wig.

      They look like they would make good satry and unicorn themed dolls.
    13. Oh I think they are soooo cute!! I do like unicorns better then the demon horns. I have a Chubby already and he is fantastic!! I love him to death but it would have been cool to get him with a unicorn horn!! Its good that that one is only for the girl!! :) ;)

    14. and they they get hold ...and they are like Chocolate ...you can just have one ...you got to have the whole box

      ...and then there is more than on in the house ......and then they take over

      manic laugh ..tinys take over the world LOL

    15. :lol: I know I am planning to get two already and my fiance' is having a fit cause I told him I want a uni-boy :sweat

    16. Don't get that picture in my head. I already have visions of chocolate themed winged tinies and the possibilities stuck in my head for a week. Last thing I need is wanting an 11lb box of them.

      i make fancy chocolates so I buy Belgian chocolate in 5kg bars (11lbs)
    17. I love them both, Chubby is such a sweet boy, but the unicorn girl must come first! I am so doomed! :)
    18. I could make a tiny unicorn girl! :love
    19. I really adore that little unicorn! I know who will be the next member of my tiny army.