Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. New thread!

      It looks like there is gonna be a new Chibi Unoa lottery. The new special edition in Fairy Skin (pinky white) is called "Bear Bear".

      Image from Alchemic Labo's Twitter:

      I'm not sure about the dates or other details. For more info visit AL's Twitter (@alchemiclabo) or their website.
    2. Ohhhh my gosh!!!! I must admit I would love to "upgrade" my girl to white skin but I would have to buy 2 dolls to fullfill that dream so I will just have to be happy with what I have. They look so adorable in white skin though.
    3. I think it's an event only for Japan:

      Original info:
    4. Ahhh well, that just makes it easier for me not to despair over not being able to have the dream doll ;)
    5. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! if it is on the japanese website, i could ordering the both ^___^
    6. Oh, I just adore the wigs on the Bear Bear girls... but I'm more than happy with mine, and don't feel the need to "update" her. Outside of trying to get my hands on one of the wigs. XD
    7. I had the same thought! Love those wigs. I use one very similar on my Roron Bunsuko face but would adore one in blonde.

      Oooooo! The page doesn't load for me but if I can just buy the wig some day I'll be happy.
    8. New thread! I love vampire diaries here is my Elena/Catherine...[​IMG]
      Outfit by spampy face by Mee*
    9. New thread pic spam time XD
      Just to share my little one ~
      The chibis are so adorable!
      Now there's yet another fairy skin preorder to tempt me into getting another ><
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    10. luv*it: You know I only watched one episode but even I can tell the resemblance. Love her dress!

      cherishe: Ohhh my gosh I am getting such a naughty wibe off her. She looks like she just ate the whole cookie jar and got away with it without anyone noticing! :whee: So cute!
    11. I found a comparison of AL's skin tones. They are only reference colours but it's something at least:


      About the difference between "normal skin" and "fresh skin": Almost does not change hue. (Sense of transparency has increased slightly)

      And a new pic of the "Bear Bear" edition:

    12. Just wanted to share a picture of my girl since I haven't had the time for the last year to play and do the things I wanted to do.
      Everything she is wearing has also been made by me, not the best but working on refining the patterns :)

      DSC00794 by Lady White Raven, on Flickr

      And in case you were wondering, this was taken only 10minutes ago at 23:20. We really do have midnight sun here.
    13. I picked up some AWESOME shoes at a doll meet this weekend, and they fit my Lilin so well that it's amazing. The gal who sold them to me said she got them off of ebay (I'll ask her for the seller), but that they'd been marked as YoSD sized....
    14. Most of my Ynja's shoes are YoSD sized. The problem is its such a hit and a miss if they fit or not. I have quite a couple of pairs that also really don't fit. Neither of my dollheart YoSD shoes fit.
      Which is why I don't buy shoes for her unless I can see the inside measurement. 4,5cm is her foot, so anything bigger will fit.
    15. Wow I like the chibi :3 ! is it a pre order ?
    16. Nahhh its an original, it was just so bright still that my camera over exposed the picture, but I kinda liked it that way.
      I really should read the manual for the camera at some point, I think I pressed something at some point because all my pictures recently have been coming out over exposed. That is ofcourse if you were reffering to my picture. :kitty2
    17. Hi, I really like Chibi Unoa and I would love to get a face plate, but I'm finding it a little hard to understand how to get one from AL's webpage. I'm really interested in the "pout" face but I'm open to any ^^. Can anyone direct me to the right place or give me any info?