Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. I'm dying to see them completely ;___; I have an OC that I've wanted to shell as an unoa but I never imagined purple would ever be available.
    2. Same same jirachi, i'd love to see the purple and blue to see if they're like a light pastel or darker like avatar blue and such~
    3. You can find them on the Unoa alchemy Instagram and Facebook group, they are not crazy saturated but not very pastel, either. I think the purple looks similar to Pipos' Cranberry from the one picture that's available (pleeease correct me if im wrong lmao)
    4. omg thank you for telling me. and yeees I love it. It's a perfect in-between from the usual pastel colors and deep colors. I really like the in-between ;u;
    5. I'm so excited, my paradise Roron arrived today! :D
      I absolutely love her but I'm gonna have to scramble to find clothes for her because mostly all I have is standard MSD and it's... a little baggy on her. :sweat
      [​IMG]IMG_20170905_210952_063 by thebodyvolcanic, on Flickr
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    6. Congrats!

      Have fun clothes hunting.

    7. What a cutie!!! MNF m-line clothes fit them fine!
    8. AHHH the new Chibi Unoa in purple and blue are so freaking cute! I definitely think I'm going to have to enter for a blue Roron with a few faceplates (I definitely need the Lilin Roar). Probably going to have to use the credit card for this one but a Chibi Unoa Roron with a few extra faceplates in Fairy Skin has been a grail of mine for a while... but BLUE. Oh my gosh BLUE.
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    9. Yes, the new chibis have a mini gallery of images floating around their official sites and omg I am in love with both colors completely now. The chibis always seemed so impish to me and now there's these cute little mystical skin tones that reflect that <3
    10. Thank you!! :3nodding:

      I had heard that but I wasn't sure if they would be a little too big, thank you for confirming they fit! Maybe now I can get some of the MNF clothes I love on etsy that none of my "chubby" MSDs will fit into... :lol:
    11. @KittyFields haha! I so hear you on the BLUE! I had to put in my request to join the lottery for a Roron in blue, standard face. I'd love that Lilin Roar plate too, but there's no mixing the sculpts and faceplates. But, there was something about possibly getting to go for any leftover faceplates after the lottery, and then it won't be a problem of mixing sculpts. ^_^
    12. awh, yeah hopefully one day they'll allow for that. I really love the roron sculpt but want some of the lilin faceplates so dillemma city for me. Do I want the face or the body more hmm...
    13. Body. Easier and cheaper to get just faceplates later on. ;)
    14. I can't believe I haven't shared my little Violet here!
      I'm still experimenting with wigs and eyes, but I'm so smitten with her. She's my second lilin (my other is a minifee hybrid) so I'm thinking if I get another chibi it should really be a roron at this point :lol:
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    15. Oh she's darling!
    16. Anyone else get a winning email for the Halloween chibis? I did!:dance I asked for a blue Roron with the extra faceplates. I was humming and hawing a bit between the two colors, but in the end the blue Roron kept catching my eye. I think I'm also more interested in trying a faceup on the blue resin.
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    17. I did! I also asked for a blue Roron with as many extra faceplates as I can get (I want one of each faceplate if I can!) Haven't heard back yet; hope they still have Roron left in blue!
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    18. @KittyFields I haven't heard back either. I'm guessing they may be waiting to hear from everyone, and then they'll either send out invoices to those who asked for a certain combo first and follow-up emails to those who got in a little too late for their preferred combo. I duffed up my order a bit - I asked to add the Roron extra faceplates, then realized the faceplate I actually wanted was part of the Lilin set (though, I personally think it suits Roron more)! So, in total, I've sent them, like, three consecutive emails with order clarifications/changes.:frownyblush: Haha, I was just so concerned about securing the Chibi in the color I wanted that I didn't take the extra time to make sure I was asking for what I actually wanted.:sweat
    19. Oh, is it the Roar faceplate? Because if so I totally agree; it suits Roron more and I too thought it was part of the Roron set ^_^;
    20. Haha, yep!:lol: