Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. Hahaha! Add me to the list of folks requesting a blue Roron! Not enough $$ to get any extra faceplates, though yes, I would love to get the roar faceplate (that totally does suit Roron so well). Too bad they don't consider it a plate for both sculpts.
    2. @aernath I hope we all can get a blue Roron~ It's always so much fun seeing what different folks do with the same sculpt and resin combo. I want to make mine a toothy little Elf boy (which is why I'm pining for the Roar plate!).

      I'm hoping since their email said we could purchase both faceplate sets that means we can purchase either Lilin or Roron set regardless of what base doll we chose. I don't mind dealing with the extra Lilin faceplates if it means I can get that adorable Roar plate that really sealed the Chibi Unoa a spot on my wishlist!:eusa_pray
    3. The way I understand it, if you buy Roron, you can add the Roron extra plates, or both Roron and Lilith plates, but not just the Lilith plates.
      Too much expense for me, when all I want is the Roar one. And yes, totally toothy boy! (I don't really collect girls.) The regular Roron I have is a boy. ^_^
    4. Hmmm, I interpreted the "cannot mix and match" language as meaning you can't ask for two of the Roron extra faceplates and two of the Lilin extra faceplates. That you had to purchase all four of a specific set. Well, hopefully I will find out tomorrow!
    5. I'm in the same boat! I got a winning lottery email and asked for a blue Roron and a "roar" face. I kinda want to make her a Midna from LoZ Twilight Princess. If that doesn't work out though, I've got second, third, and fourth choices from all the color and face combos. :love
    6. I hope they don't have to run a secondary lottery for all the blue Roron requests!:lol:
    7. Out of curiosity, how often does Unoalchemy run orders for fresh or normal skin chibis?

      edit: I was told October and January are the next ordering periods, but not November and December. Just an FYI for anyone passing through.
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    8. @PrincessEv I'm not sure. Probably more straightforward to shoot them an email, yeah?

      Looks like the holdup on the Halloween Chibis is on AL's end! I did send a follow-up inquiry to Unoalchemy regarding ordering the Lilin plates with the Roron since I haven't heard back from them. Wonder if it got lost in all the other requests?
    9. I received my invoice today and an answer to my faceplate set question! Apparently they had sent a response to my original inquiry, but it appears to have gotten lost in the ether - not in my original email chain with them or my spam folder. Maybe they accidentally replied to the wrong person (fairly easy to do when you have a lot of people replying to the same email) or someone else had the same question? Either way, I will be getting my Roron doll and the Lilin faceplates!:3nodding: I assume I'm getting my choice of blue, too, since I wasn't asked what my second pick would be. Anyone else receive their invoice?
    10. I got my invoice too but instead of charging me for a Roron blue, Roron faceplate set in blue, Lilin faceplate set in blue, and Lilin default plate (not included in the Lilin faceplate set) they missed the Lilin Faceplate set entirely and only charged me for Lilin Default. I'm not sure if they're sold out of the Lilin faceplate set or if they just misunderstood what I wanted? Either way I sent them a frantic email asking them to bill me for it if it's not sold out or, at the very least, if I could have the Lilin Roar faceplate added.

      Not going to pay my invoice till I hear back from them. Wish me luck guys. T_T Maybe I could find a Lilin Roar plate in Fairy Skin and dye it blue if it's sold out?
    11. @KittyFields oh dear, I hope things work out!:sorry In their reply to me, they did say things had been quite hectic, so hopefully it was just an oversight.
    12. I also went with a blue Roron! With the proper faceplate though. Those lips just get me. And I got my invoice today as well :D
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    13. @KittyFields were you able to get your order sorted with Unoalchemy?

      @zombiemon the Roron proper is adorable! All the Roron plates are adorable, actually.xD

      Sooo, I was thinking lately about what I want to do with my boy. I like the idea of him being a little pill - the kind that gets into places and things he's not supposed to. I imagined he'd always look a bit disheveled the way a rowdy child would and would tromp around in overalls with one strap always off. I want to take advantage of his crazy resin color, so I was thinking of using crazy bright colors for scuff marks and mud smears all over him. Like he fell into a fingerpainting.xD Also, because the Roar plate wasn't already adorable enough, I'm probably going to mod his eyes open a bit like below (base photo not mine, I just snagged it off Google to do a quick PS):

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    14. I just got an email from them today saying they had missed the Lilin plates in my order somehow (somehow they didn't make it onto the list they had of my order) and they were reasoanbly sure they still had the set in stock and would get in touch with Alchemic Labo to reinvoice me. Yay!
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    15. Hi guys! I'm new to this thread and a bit of a DoA lurker in general, but I just wanted to say congrats to everyone who snagged a halloween Unoa! I'm getting a Roron in the purple with the default and proper faceplates!
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    16. Looks like the rest of us are getting blue, so I hope you share lots of pictures with us! I would love to see owner pics of the purple!
    17. I'm glad there are going to be lots of blue out there, it was a really tough decision to make between the two :lol:
      I will definitely try and share lots of photos of the purple! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the blue!
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    18. Purple Roron was my favorite, so I look forward to seeing yours! :)

      I messaged UnoAlchemy a few days back about a fresh skin Roron, so fingers crossed I can snag one of those.
    19. Anyone get any word from Unoalchemy about their Halloween chibi? From their Insta post it sounded like they were getting them packed up, but maybe they just meant they were squaring everything away with AL (who I believe is the where they will ship from)?