Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. I am trying to order a fresh skin chibi faceplate from UnoAlchemy, but haven't heard anything since the 7th. I'm just guessing they're busy with orders like you were saying, but I don't know. :sweat
    2. Hmmm, okay, guess I'll just continue to be patient! Hope you hear back from them soon, @PrincessEv .
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    3. I emailed them again today, @Kimchi , and they responded back. I too hope you hear from them soon. :)
    4. I just got shipping notice through PayPal! Yay! Blue chibi Roron incoming! :dance
      Let the influx begin!
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    5. I got my shipping notice too! :celebrate
    6. Me too! And funnily enough, I also just got a shipping notice for one of his outfit pieces.:XD:
    7. Yay, my girl is shipping too! Brign on the blue Chibi Unoas!
    8. Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine looks like it's due to arrive tomorrow, I can't wait to see the spam of everyone's blue and purple cuties! :kitty1
    9. My tracking # doesn't work - I think they must have mistyped it when they sent it to me.>.< I'm just making sure to check my mailbox everyday.
    10. My blue chibi shipped and has reached my state, ny, today woohoo! Hopefully she will arrive tomorrow too.

      @Kimchi what tracking service are you using? I use 17track to track any packages from Asia.
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    11. @zombiemon I've tried several reputable tracking sites, and all say the number is invalid, etc. At this point, not really worth following up with Unoalchemy to send the correct # since the package will likely arrive before they get it to me. If I don't have the package this week, though, I'll shoot them an email.
    12. Mine still hasn't left Japan from the tracking, so probably later this week for me...
    13. Looks like mine should be here today! It's in town!

      @Hyperion Hopefully it's just that the tracking hasn't updated, but the package is almost there!
    14. @aernath ooh that's awesome! I hope they arrive soon for you!!

      @Kimchi oh no! Hopefully it is just a mistype and you get your parcel this week.

      Mine has hit customs, so I'm probably looking at two to three days from today depending on how the timing all works out
    15. My roron just arrived! :D I haven't had the chance to open her yet, but I'll post photos as soon as I can.
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    16. Congrats @zombiemon !

      Looks like the issue with my tracking # was that the package wasn't actually dropped off at the PO yet.:sweat I guess Unoalchemy generated all the tracking #'s and put them into Paypal, but posted the packages in batches. So, mine has just gotten into the air, which means I won't see him until late this week/early next week.>.<
    17. Awwww, poo, @Kimchi Sorry to hear that! But at least you were able to find out what was happening.

      In the meantime, here's my little cold, blue fella.
      I was surprised, I thought "kit" meant I would have to string him together, but he came assembled with eyes in and wig on! Cool!
      Came with an extra pair of glass eyes, but they don't fit all that well. They look like little spaceships from the side. lol HIGH dome!
      And the teeth parts came in both blue and natural/normal resin! Nice surprise!
      Anyway, here's my nameless guy. Hopefully he'll get some clothes and at least warm up soon! ;)

      [​IMG]Unoa chibi Roron in blue! by aernath, on Flickr
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    18. @Kimchi that sucks! I hope it errors on the side of sooner rather than later for you.

      The violet is such a strange colour! It looks almost identical to the blue in person (I wasn't certain I'd gotten the right colour at first), but photographs as the purple colour. It's definitely going to be an interesting face-up challenge.
      I haven't decided what to call them yet, but I'm leaning towards Char (or Charm) which definitely has no connection to a certain first gen pokemon that I tend to mispronounce a colour changing reptile as :D

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    19. It is very unusual! This is the first time I've ever seen such an interesting girl
    20. Oooo! I wish I could see that purple in person! Sounds fascinating!